Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Message to England... English have a voting record just as deplorable as ours!

I used to have a lot of pride in England. I was feeling very patriotic during the Bush years while our American and British brothers & sisters were fighting side by side in Iraq and Afghanistan. After the subway attacks in London, I knew England would finally grow a set of balls.

WRONG!!!!! Those poor wankers have lost their souls just like roughly half of all Americans. And the Aussies aren't that far behind, either. It all started after World War II when the Brits let their government take their guns. But that's nothing compared to today. They have been sitting back on their drunk asses allowing immigrant Muslims terrorists to completely take over their culture, political power, and laws. The Brits replaced Tony Blair, a decent and honorable human being, with this piece of shit Gordon Brown. What a fucking loser. This guy is bent on creating a global New Deal as has been all over the news these last few days. This guy is part of the Labour Party and what does he do? He raises the income tax on just about the whole country, which directly impacts the lower income households that got him elected! BWAHAHAHA!!!!! Got buyer's remorse over there across the Atlantic?

And what is so ironic is how "poorly" Brown was treated in Washington, DC considering that he and Obama should be BFFs. After all, they're both Communists and arrogant assclowns. Apparently, Hussein didn't roll out the red carpet for Gordon Brown and so now Brown's feelings are hurt and he's embarrassed. Oh fucking please. Isn't he just getting a taste of his own medicine?

Hey Gordon! You're in good company with fellow Comrades so grow some thick skin ya prick. And one more thing, you can take your global New Deal and shove it!

For how much longer are the brave, freedom loving patriots of America and England gonna sit back and allow these Serpents of Satan to continue ripping our cultures to shreds? What's it going to take to rise up and fight tyranny once again? Do we still have it in us or are they simply pumping too many hormones into the meat we cook? England and America are failures in democracy. A sad state of affairs we find in our two countries.

Hope. Change. Communism.


CharlieDelta said...

It's gonna get worse before it gets better! I hope you liberal assholes are happy with the "change" you voted for...

kerrcarto said...

You heard that after 9/11 Tony Blair gave GW a bust of Winston Churchill that resided in the Oval Office until the Chocolate Jebus got in there and did not want it in the oval office (he'd probably rather have a bust of Karl Marx) sent it back to The Brits. Un-asked. Fucking Asshole.

red collar said...

I just mentioned this visit from Brown on my blog today.

I basically whitewashed all the issues I have against Brown and the people who voted him into office.

And this does pose the question: Why are these two socialist not getting along better?

I expected Obama to get an EU membership card from Brown.

If the UN doesn't get what it wants from Obama, if the EU doesn't get what it wants, if Al Gore doesn't get what he wants, if the Peace Movement/Environomentalist Movement don't get what they want...

...they'll empeach Obama themselves.

Beware the irate lefties...