Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Al Pope I

I made this for Denny a few years back and I forgot I had it until I went over to the GOC and read his post.
Have you noticed that Al Pope has been strangely absent from the idiot box these days?
That can't be good.
When Al Gore doesn't have it big fat mug on the television it means it is behind closed doors with politicians and that folks means we are fucked.
I bet he is negotiating with McSame on cap and trade legislation right now. Hello $1000 electric bills and $4.00 a gallon gas. Then they will use the same arguments they did with AIG and the banks with the oil companies. They are ripping people off and need to be regulated by the government even more. Hello U.S. Government Oil and Gas Co. Don't think they won't at least try?

Hide and watch.


Hammer said...

Even when people start using electric cars, solar panels and wind mills to save energy and money, the government starts taxing that shit to death too.

CharlieDelta said...

Dude, the coiley light bulbs in his hands are a nice touch. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

red collar said...

Al Gore has his second book out, or just about to be released into the waves of adoring fans.

No, I offer no links. No, I won't be reading it.

Screw David Suzuki!!!

STOP RECYCLING (unless it's glass or aluminum)

Jackie D said...

Maybe he's just been slippin' it to Tipper more.

Deadman said...

Maybe he's just been slippin' it to Tipper more.

Naw. I heard she has a locked box...

labcat said...

it doesn't matter. no one will be able to afford "green" purchases.
ya we're all fucked.