Monday, April 6, 2009

The Double-Deuce Ditched Today...

As should any red-blooded American kid! He's gonna remember this for the rest of his life! Granted the yo-yo Dodgers shut us down in our own hood, but Grandpa took him to the Home Opener today. Hotdogs, soda's, nacho's, cotton candy and the whole sha-bang!

How stoked is this kid?


My Dad used to give my cousin and me tickets to the noon games at Jack Murphy when we were in jr. high and highschool and he'd also give us a pass to bail 3rd Period for the rest of the day. Thanks for being a Dad, Dad... Those memories will stick!

Home Game Opener! Perfect day for it huh?


PeggyU said...

Ah, but the Mariners won. That is something. :)

CharlieDelta said...

PeggyU, I'll leave it up to you to tell Nicholas that... :-)

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Damn glad it's baseball season again. To bad the Astros lost their first one. Oh well still got 155 more games to go.