Friday, April 17, 2009

Farewell John Madden

John Madden has always been and always will be my favorite NFL sportsman. And all you football fans know now that he announced his retirement yesterday. This sucks. Now me and the guys have no one to poke fun at during football games. After about two quarters of beer chugging, we get our Madden impersonations on and you'll leave the house hurting from laughter. But, of course, Frank Caliendo does the absolute best Madden impersonation. Anyway, Madden was a legend, and he'll be missed. Happy retirement ye ol' fart!!

I know this is bad, but whenever I think of John Madden, the first thing that pops into mind is Frank Caliendo's impersonation of John Madden on MAD TV. The popcorn popper commercial! For those of you who haven't seen this, put yer beers down. Or! How 'bout Madden's accidental dick diagram on national TV!


Happy retirement, John Madden!


CharlieDelta said...

Dude, you're fucking killing me over here. Me and my buddies always made fun of him too. I had never seen the dick diagram. Fucking hilarious!

I think he was sucking down whiskey when he announced games. Something about the slur in his speech.

Take it easy Madden!

Hammer said...

He will be missed. Yeah that's a great skit. lol