Monday, April 6, 2009


Well let's see what we have to work with today.
The Pot-bellied dog eater launched a ballistic missle Sunday and the nutless wonder didn't shoot it down.
Italy was just ravaged by an earthquake and he has said nothing.
He bowed to the king of Suadi Arabia defaming the office of the president.
He will not take repayment of TARP money from the banks so he can continue to control them
And apparently had a secret meeting with Osama Bin Laden during his trip overseas last week.

I would say Fuck You Obama but a picture is worth a thousand words.
I guess a movie would be worth a billion or so.


RiverRat said...

You can add this also, he was in Europe did he stop by Lanstule and say hey to some of the troops in Hospital? Fuck no !!! rot in hell cocksucker.

Claudia said...

How about his Afghan plan? He'll concentrate there, trying to involve other countries heavily, thinking that the Talibans are run by Bin Laden. Too stupid to know that there are different groups of terrorists. Not one obey the other. Even I know that!

What will he do when Iran invades Iraq after he cuts down American Forces there? I'm appalled by his ignorance and his lack of foresight, in all areas.

Happy FOD....for as long as we can say the word 'happy'.

Anonymous said...

Happy FOD! I saw Idiocracy for the first time a few weeks ago, and your post hits the money on the mark!

kerrcarto said...

Is that movie not funny/scary as shit.

LisaKay said...


CharlieDelta said...

Happy FOD you twisted fucks!

H2o said...

Thank you for the link and I love being a twisted fuck CD.

PeggyU said...

Lisa Kay!!! (That was awesome)