Monday, April 20, 2009


Well here we are again. What has/is the TOTUS fucking up now.
He chummed it up with The head asshole of Venezuela (see below).
He still won't let the banks pay back the TARP funds and now wants to take a majority share in them.
He sits there for 50 minutes while the Peeresident of Niggeragua (sp?) Daniel Ortega pretty much blamed America for everything wrong under the sun. Then when asked for his thoughts on the speech said "It was 50 minutes long. That's what I thought."
Biden was right this dude has a spine of steel.
But there is one thing that I have to praise him for. He is going to take the budget by the nuts and cut it by 1/35,000th. Because that is the kind of responsible spending the American people expect!
Way to tighten up the belt there Bammers. You da man!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. Happy April 20th! Slackers.


red collar said...

Years ago, President Nixon was the perfect person to go to China because he was obviously not a communist.

Today, Chavez, Ortega and all leaders of dissident nations around the world will all be getting a fist-bump by Obama...because he's the "perfect person" for the job. He's obviously sympathetic to their causes.

But there is a fine line between empathy and treason, just like there's a fine line between Jane Fonda and Jimmy Carter.

I think Jimmy Carter's second mandate is going well.

PeggyU said...

Happy FOD! It truly has been a fucked up day too!

H2o said...

PeggyU, I have to agree...Shoot me someone!

Claudia said...

Nearly winter here. Happy FOD!

CharlieDelta said...

Sorry I'm late here, but Happy FUCK OBAMMA DAY! I threw a few one-fingered salutes towards DC while I was away.

What a pile of shit!