Saturday, April 11, 2009

Four Days to Tea Party

The organizers of the Tea Party I'm attending in Olympia sent me an email with sign suggestions. Some of them are silly but I thought I'd pass them along anyway. I also read this morning that a lot of people attending these national Tea Parties are attending their first political march. That would include me. Honestly, protests annoy me, but it is time I stand up for what is right. We are the silent majority no longer. God bless America.

Party Like its 1773 (Boston Tea Party)
The Taxes Are Coming! The Taxes Are Coming!
The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy
Don’t tread on my paycheck
Excessive Taxes are NOT Patriotic
De-fund PORK
We need a president who doesn’t bow to the Saudis
Quit badmouthing America
Don't tax my home away
Oink Now, Pay Later. Does NOT work
NO to Socialism
We are marching for our kids future
Socialists hurt the poor
Tax Cuts Actually Work
Recall Congress NOW
Oink for Nancy
At least the war on the middle-class is going well
Say NO! to Pelosi Pork Politics
Joe the Plumber was right!
Remember Joe the Plumber
When it worked they quit calling it Reaganomics

I'd like to add one:


LisaKay said...

Don't Tax Me Bro!

Read my Telepromter-No More

If Your Reps vote Tax and Spend vote 'em out in 20 10!

I'm not your ATM!

Obamunism is UnAmerican!

labcat said...

protests...they're not just for hippies anymore.

Anna said...

Where's the info Paul... Maybe I can make it

red collar said...

"I'd pork Palin-No pork for Pelosi"

Shit, if there ever was a time when
"DON'T TREAD ON ME" was relevant...