Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Night Anarchy!!

ANGST! That pretty much describes my mood this week. From Hussein's bow to Saudi Arabia to Hillary's evil Morocco cackle, I've pretty much had it up to here with these people.

I've been a Tool fan since the early 1990s (seen them live twice), and Keenan's side project A Perfect Circle is just as challenging and worthy in my opinion. I know how liberal Keenan is but don't much give a damn because I have always kept my politics far away from the music I love. But I do take issue with Judith which, ironically, is one of my favorite Perfect Circle songs. This song is some seriously sacrilegious shit. But turn the tables and aim this fucker directly at Hussein and his minions of mindless zombies. Not so bad now is it? Cheers, and happy Friday!


CharlieDelta said...

Fuck yeah Paul. I saw Tool the last time they came to town for their 10,000 Days tour and it had to be the best show I can remember seeing in years. Maybe because they weren't serving beer is why I remember the show, but they fucking rocked! Hard, loud and fast!

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah CD! I had a feeling you were into Tool. I didn't see the 10,000 tour, but I saw their Undertow and Aenima tours from way back. Not for the weak that's for sure, right?

CharlieDelta said...

You got that right dude. I think I'm gonna pop some Tool in my truck for the drive home tonight. It's been a while...

LisaKay said...

Everytime my son wore his tool t-shirt I'd point and laugh ;)

Deadman said...

You're such an inspiration for the ways
That I'll never ever choose to be
Oh so many ways for me to show you
How the savior has abandoned you
Fuck your Obama
Your President and your Mullah
He did this
Took all you had and
Left you this way
Still you pray, you never stray
Never taste of the fruit
You never thought to question why

Yeah, perfect!