Sunday, April 5, 2009

Havana to soon be open for business?

Saw this story on Drudge today. So Hussein is gonna lift the travel and some monetary bans to Cuba for Americans with Cuban families. And this lift in restrictions may lead to future relaxations. If you can fucking believe it, this is an issue I can agree with Hussein on but likely for completely different reasons. Without dwelling into the historicals surrounding this matter, I have long believed that the Cuban trade embargo has been completely and utterly ridiculous. It's hard to take the embargo seriously after considering the trillions of dollars in business we do with China. Catchin' my drift here?

And while I think the embargo is ridiculous based on logical grounds, I'm sure Hussein views it as a legal barrier preventing the orgasmic marriage between Communist Cuba and Communist Washington, DC.

As far as the general travel ban goes, everybody knows that Americans can fly to Cuba from any airport outside of the United States, so the travel ban is unenforceable. A good buddy of mine traveled to Cuba about 15 years ago to play with the lolitas and smoke cigars. All he had to do was fly from Seattle to Mexico City and so forth. I myself have been a fan of Cuban cigars after smoking my first one in Vancouver about 10 years ago. And every once in a while I'll venture over to Victoria for R&R and sneak a few back for me and my pals. They're fantastic cigars, although quality control is questionable as it is not uncommon to buy a plugged one from time to time, which sucks considering how much we have to pay for these bastards in Canada. There are also some cigar retailers that will ship Cubans into the US, guaranteed, but they charge you a hefty premium due to risk.

And all for what, to protect our conscience because Cuba is Communist with shitty human rights? If we embargo based on that reasoning then why the hell do we do so much business with China and other heinous places around the earth? I guess those other economies are just "too big to fail." Fucking please. So the logic fails completely. Lift all restrictions to Cuba. Legalize Cuban cigars! And legalize pot while you're at it! Have a nice day.

Update: In the comments, Hammer clarified, "The main reason for the trade embargo is that Castro nationalized all American owned land and business in Cuba."


ravyet said...

Paul, good post. I too have wondered for decades (God I'm getting old), why we could have free and open trade with China, and not Cuba. Talk about double standards and special considerations....and to this day, NO ONE has ever explained it to me. Also, if one "shares" the capitalist experience (No, not capitalism now, but capitalism say...12 months ago), it would probably convince the subjects held hostage by communism to stand up and revolt. So doing business with Cuba might actually have a positive effect. AAAH, Fuck it. Thanks to this New World Order the magical negroe is trying to have us become part of, all of these discussions are really just a waste of our time.

Hammer said...

Bush tightened down on the cuba travel, if they saw it stamped on the passport when someone came back they were fined $500.

The main reason for the trade embargo is that Castro nationalized all American owned land and business in Cuba.

Still, the embargo hasn't done much to stop communism.

CharlieDelta said...

Fuck Cuba, and fuck those who idolize that greasey piece of shit!

If you wanna visit Coooobah, I say you stay there and stew in their misery with 'em...

Graumagus said...

Probably why Comrade Obamavich wants to relax the embargo. He wants to nationalize all American land and businesses HERE.

Assholes of a feather, and all that.