Monday, April 27, 2009

I love this dude!

NSFW! MANY!! F-Bombs

With the left all up in arms about how cruel and mean our military is, watch for this dude to be eviscerated by them.
It won't surprise me if the TOTUS brings him up on charges.
Poow wittle Iwaqi powice had eye boo-boos after that mean ole' American hurt their pwecious ittle feelings.


CharlieDelta said...

"either man up or shut the fuck up!"

Badass dude!

LisaKay said...

I'm in love l-u-v!

labcat said...

bwaaaaa!!!! he is dead on! do they even have an iraqi word for most of the shit he just said??? ha! they need that kind of a pep talk every damn day.

red collar said...

I'm wondering how many people give their 100% at work when you live in a dictatorship.

Awsome video though.

Deadman said...

LOVE IT but I hope that guy doesn't get fragged by a towel head.

PeggyU said...

Should get my baby brudder to weigh in here. He was training some of the Iraqi police in northern Iraq. This sounds pretty much like some of what I heard come out of him.

Dan O. said...

Give that soldier a battlefield promotion to General and put him in fucking charge!