Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I would have killed them.

It is a good thing Marcus is a trained Navy SEAL and can show restraint under stress. I don't know if I could have done what he did. I think I would have killed them.


Hammer said...

He probably would have been justified.

CharlieDelta said...

I definately would've killed them! Fucking punk bastards!

LisaKay said...

Self Defense all the way

red collar said...

Glenn has three videos up on YT on that subject.

I sympathise with anyone who loses a pet.

HOWEVER: The point in all this should not be to defend a war hero. The point is to apply the law to the letter, and since "we" were lucky enough to have a private citizen courageous enough to go after the fuckers and have them arrested and NOT kill them, it's gonna happen.

I think it's important to have these guys punished to the full extent of the law (2 years ain't enough, but that's the law).

I think Glenn is milking this way too much, but then again, I'd probably do whatever I can to help Marcus out. He's the best. Glenn just happens to have a tv show.

Rayvet said...

I agree with red collar. After reading this article yesterday, I got teary eyed for what this fellow has been through and then had to go through again with this dog incident. The article I read said the morons started talking "smack" to him when he confronted them. Can I accurately guess the pigment of their skin by this comment? Let me know. Although not killing them was smart/right etc. I think he'd have been hard pressed to find a jury that would convict him if he had just beat the living shit out of them. I truly believe living with some sort of permanent disability placed on you by a mad SOB that you have wronged is a much better "lesson learned" than some time spent in country club.....I mean prison.

red collar said...

Right on, Rayvet.

I'm just wondering how high in the jail hierarchy do you get when you kill dogs? Are you below pimps and dealers, just above pedophiles?

How does that work? Do they keep you in solitary just so the other inmates don't laugh you to death?

"In here for killing DOGZ?!!!"
"Heyyyy, Killaaaah! Hahahahaha..."
"Arf, arf, arf, arf..."
" 'sup, Dawg?"

RiverBravo said...

My dogs are my boys. I would take a bullet for both of them. Marcus is one brave badass dude and my hat is off to him. I have been looking forward to picking up Lone Survivor... Just as soon as I finish my chores.