Monday, April 20, 2009

Made It Back Alive

Damn, what a fun trip!

I left my place at 6:30 Friday and still had to gas up before I was oficially "on the road". Traffic was pretty smooth heading North on I-15 and even on I-215 but once I hit SR 60 East it got fucked. Bunch of fucking morons who don't know how to drive were all over the place! I was itching to get there, but I took a deep breath, tured up the tunes, fired up a smoke and dealt with the bullshit traffic for about 30minutes until I hit I-10. Once on I-10 the throttle was wide open. I definately made up for the lost time in the shitty traffic on the 60. I don't think I was ever going slower than 85mph once on the 10. Hell for a while I was doing 98 on cruise control. My kind of freeway speed!

I arrived in Twentynine Palms about 9:30, gassed up again, grabbed a six pack for the road and headed up the 62 towards the turn off. My cousin has the coordinates locked in his GPS and he had called me on my way out and told me the mileage from the liquor store to the dirt road. BOOM! Right on the money. I hit the dirt put my truck in 4wd, loaded my sidearm, threw in Physical Graffiti and cracked another beer. Damn, that five mile drive back into the spot brought back a lot of bitchen memories for me. I was back 'home' again.

I rolled into camp just after 10pm and saw the raging fire going and I was officially there. Fired up and ready to camp! My brother, cousin and a buddy from highschool were already good and buzzed so I had to catch up to their level. No problem. Before I knew it we were barking at the moon and chucking log after log on the fire. When I'm out there the adrenalin is pumping and I just don't want to go to bed. I think I finally passed out around 2am in the cab of my truck. I could've passed out in a bed of rattlesnakes and slept right through it.


I was the first one up in the morning and this was the view from my cab. Nothing had changed since the last time I had been there. The view was just as beautiful if not more. Everything was a lot greener than I had remembered it. I threw on some music and took care of the first order of business.

After everyone else got up, we sat around and bullshitted for a while. Then it was time for some breakfast. Breakfast burritos was on the menu and that was just what the doctor ordered. My brother has mad camping breakfast skills and as usual he did not disappoint. There's something about breakfast cooked on a skillet over a smokey campfire that just brings it all together. Yum!

After breakfast it was time to break out some weapons and exercise our 2nd Amendment rights and do some plinkin'.

Disclaimer: No laws were broken and no one was killed during this exercise. Just four dudes in the desert harming no one. Well, we may have harmed a bbq propane tank and some clay pigeons but those are inantimate objects that don't feel pain. And for the record, we hauled our trash out of there. Saturday went by way too fast. I had to take a spin around our old stomping grounds just because it had been so long. The road to nowhere and everywhere: We got back to camp with a couple hours of sunlight left and threw some horse shoes. I kicked everyone's ass at the pits! I got some great pictures, but some didn't want their pictures posted so I have to respect that. Like kerrcarto's fish, you'll just have to take my word for it, and I have witnesses too! BWAHAHAHAHA! Saturday was a log chuckin' free for all on the fire. We had to get this fucker crankin and burn up the wood. This one's dedicated to you Pope Algore:

The road out Sunday... One last stop to take a piss before breakfast in town.

Rollin' through town this douchebag stopped at the traffic signal and was bumpin' some Mexi-tunes with his fine ass automobile so I had to snap a pic. Traffic was pretty smooth through town until we hit I-10 westbound and it was a cluster of fucks! It was hot as hell and 5mph for about 4 miles. The snow-capped mountain in the backgroun is San Jacinto. We had impatient assholes passing on the right shoulder and fucking things up more than they already were but I just let it go. I was dehydrated, tired and ready to get home. Some of these assholes after passing on the shoulder were a mile or so up pulled over from overheating. BWAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHA! Serves you cocksuckers right!

This was the last picture I took. It took about 20 minutes to actually get to the Whitewater exit. After that it broke wide open and traffic was back up to speed but that was a hellacious 40 minutes stuck in bullshit Riverside County traffic.

I got home around 7pm last night, unloaded my gear, cleaned my weapons, took a shower and hit the sheets around 10. I was completely burned out and useless today at work. Luckily for me the boss was gone most of the day and I'm almost fully recovered.

Tomorrow more rest and I should be 100% by Wednesday.

Good times!


kerrcarto said...

Sounds like a blast! And my fish story stands as is!

When I worked as a contractor for TxDot I would spot those assholes passing in the shoulder in my rearview and flip my lights on and pull into the shoulder. Ruined their shortcut and made them wait for traffic to clear. I have no patience for assholes like that!

Claudia said...

Glad you had a good time. Glad you're home safe. Thanks for the pics.

H2o said...

And you didn't drop the ice chest...I'm glad you had a good time.

Deadman said...

What a blast!

Love the Mojave. Especially at sdunrise. I was born there...

Old Soldier said...

Damn, I got tired just reading this. I enjoyed your good time as much as you did. If only if could happen everyday.

PeggyU said...

Your breakfast does look good.