Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh No!! Not Again!!

Well, well, well. It just gets better and better every day. Shock: Yet another cabinet appointment is having tax problems. How many is that now? Let's recap both nominees and those confirmed:

1) Sec. of Treasury: Tim "TurboTax Cheat" Geithner caught with $34,000 unpaid.

2) Health Secretary: Tom Daschle withdrew because he was caught with $140,000 unpaid. Wow.

3) U.S. Trade Rep.: Ron Kirk caught with $10,000 unpaid.

4) Chief Performance Officer: Nancy Killefer withdrew. Undisclosed amount but we do know of a $946 tax lien on her DC home. There's probably lots more somewhere. Bitch.

And now we have a new one! drum roll

5) Health Secretary (redux): Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius nominated but now caught with $8,000 unpaid due to "unintentional errors." Mmmmhmmm.

What is it about Health Secretary nominees and back taxes? Hussein wants to nationalize health care under the direction of Democrats who either refuse to pay their own taxes until caught or are too incompetent to calculate them! I don't want these people anywhere near my health care. Those of you who support the notion of universal health care are seriously out of your fucking minds!

Democrats make me sick. Hussein's lies while he was a candidate from transparent government to banning lobbyists to a new "era of responsibility" are ever so apparent now. And most Americans along with the media just give him a free pass. I don't blame the media because we already know what these losers are all about, but you Americans who live in blind ignorance on a daily basis...Shame on you! I don't give this Administration or any government bureaucrat a pass. I fucking hate these people, and my eyes are wide open.

Would all you Democrat bureaucrats and politicians who correctly pay your taxes please shout out? Oh! The silence is deafening.


kerrcarto said...

I am in tax hell right now with H&R Block fucking tax return won't print it gets to the Schedule SE form then it hangs up. I was on hold for over an hour. Finally got a lady on the phone and started to explain my problem she asked me all the typical questions then I told her I was on a Mac, total silence, than she referred me to the higher ups. I am on hold with them right now. Now I am going to have to go through all the stupid questions with them. I guess I will just have to tell them that I am a mac trouble shooter and it is not on my end. It is their software.

Paul said...

Why don't you just tell them that you are an Obama cabinet nominee? That should fix the problem.

PeggyU said...

I guess maybe I shouldn't be, but I am really surprised at how fucking hard it seems to be for this administration to find someone with a clean tax history. Every year we pay our taxes dutifully, though grudgingly, because it's the law. This circus just makes me sick to the teeth that we have been toeing the line all these years.

Hammer said...

Jail for the Tax cheats!Oh wait that might shift the balance of congress..can't have that...

Jackie D said...

"H&R Block tax professionals found errors in more than 87 percent of returns reviewed for clients last year as part of the company’s Second Look review service. On average, those who expected a refund and re-filed their returns with H&R Block received an additional $1,300."

So, the average American usually makes mistakes on their taxes that cost them money, but politicians always seem to be owing money to the IRS. Priceless.

CharlieDelta said...

H&R Block fucking sucks ass almost as much as liberal democrats suck ass.

Hypocrits, all of 'em...