Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Texican Whopper

I showed up to work this morning feeling kinda groggy and hung over and with an empty stomach. I had an early dinner last night and lot's o' beers until midnight watching Caddyshack. I couldn't stop thinking about getting something to eat and then I happened upon this headline that read, "Burger King 'Little Mexican' Ad Slammed in Spain".

Of course I had to click on it and check out what the Mexicants were "offended" over. I found the story quite amusing, and on top of that, it made my stomach growl even more. This sounds like a pretty damn good burger! Maybe they can bring that burger here and call it the Mexifornia Whopper. Hell, there's more Messicans in California than there are in Mexico.

An advertisement for a new burger has caused offense after Mexicans claimed it insulted them and their national cuisine.

Caused offense? Insulted them and their national cuisine? I've got something to offend you and your cuisine you fucking pussies. BEANer!

The television ad aired in Spain, described the Texican as "the taste of Texas with a little spicy Mexican."

Okay, I'm still waiting for the "offense" and the "insult"... Oh wait, here it comes...

It depicted a tall Texan cowboy living with a vertically challenged Mexican wrestler.

BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Now that's just fucking funny shit right there. What's so offensive about a Mexican midget and a Texas beaner except that the editor of this article used "vertically challenged" instead of "midget"? Now that is offensive! "vertically challenged?" GMAFB!

The print edition of the commercial further angered Mexicans by showing the wrestler wearing what appears to be a Mexican flag as a cloak.

I am angered as well! It should've shown the Texan cowboy burning the Mexican flag and then pissing all over it! What were they thinking?

Mexicans and other Hispanics in the U.S. objected to a Taco Bell ad in the 1990s that featured a pint-sized talking Chihuahua speaking with a Mexican accent.

Yo quiero Taco Bell! Yeah, that's real offensive. How about you fucking Mexicans grow a pair and grow the fuck up already? "Stereotypical" is borne out of something "typical." I am sick and fucking tired of people being "offended" by trivial shit like this. Go fuck yourselves Mexicans! No wonder you never get any respect. You are a de-balled nation of whiny little bitches! Btw, if you live here LEGALLY, you should consider yourselves Americans before you consider yourselves Mexicans. Yeah, I know... I'm not holding my breath.

Update. Here is the reported "offensive" television ad that has the Messicans up in arms...err, I mean up in tacos. What. The. Fuck? How is this offensive to Mexicans or Mexican "cuisine?" There is no "stereotypes" unless you want to stereotype all Texans as wearing cowboy hats, etc. as well. Of course you racist Mexicans don't really care about "stereotypes" unless they pertain to you stereotypical assholes. I have always heard that "raza" meant "race", but now I know what it really means; "whiny little pussies!" La Raza? Yeah, that sounds about right.

The whiny little Mexican pussies! Fuck off will ya?

This ice-cold one goes out to Burger King for trying to market a burger that sounds pretty damn good while "offending" PC liberal turds like Jorge Zermeño . Hopefully they'll have the balls like Subway did and not buckle to the PC bullshit that continues to infest this country. Burger King, bring the Mexifornia Whopper to Mexifornia and I'll check it out. While you're at it, give your marketing dude a raise for having the balls to "offend" "la raza" with something as trivial as this crock of race baiting bullshit. That's worth at least a taco plate or tres...

Jorge Zermeño, it's about time you grew a pair of cajones and grew the fuck up bendejo. It's time to take responsibility for yourself instead of always blaming the gringo for your fucked up situation. Stop with this bullshit "offensive" rhetoric. "Your people" are here (a lot of them ILLEGALLY). You put the type in 'stereotype' puto, and you do it because like Al fucking Sharpton and Jesse fucking Jackoff, you know there's dinero in it for you as long as you can blame whitey! Well, we're on to you puta! No mas!

Time to get a real job Oaxaco!


kerrcarto said...

They should have called it "The Big Texican"

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Well said. I liked the advert, and would like to try one, they can keep the little mexican shit though. Were covered up in Houston to cans, that is mexiCans, afriCans, and any other can you can think of, fuck that sounds like a poem.

Hammer said...

Regular beaners don't give a shit. It's the La Raza faggot race baiter jizz guzzlers that are making the stink.

I thought the commercial was funny as hell.

Topeka Troll said...

Well, if the only english you spoke was "Senior, would you like to fooock my seester?" You'd be kinda sensative too.