Sunday, May 31, 2009

The new Star Trek is awesome!!

The new Star Trek is awesome!!! I took the kids to see it today, and I tell you what, I haven't been this pumped up over a science fiction thriller since Aliens. The cast is phenomenal. Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Scotty are spot on!!! The script is smart. Captain Nero is one evil fuck. You'll love how they fit Leonard Nimoy into the film. And the special effects will blow minds!! What a great movie that was. A must see. And if you don't like Star Trek, you certainly will after you see this masterpiece. What an awesome film and great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Five enthusiastic stars!!! Go see it. There's a reason why this movie is getting such great reviews. It rocks!!

Hey Kim Dong Dildo...

You gonna launch another one? I know our Secretary of State (S.O.S.) is a lame fucking duck, so why not launch multiple ICBM's? We have a de-balled clown in charge of our National Security so have at it!. Why you weren't bombed on the launchin pad is a fucking mystery to me. WTF!

Hillary, you dumbass...

...when are your balls gonna drop?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome Comrade

Lets see.
Take over banks. Check
Take over car companies. Check
Dictate advertising spending for said car companies. Check.
Fire CEO's. Check
Spread the wealth. Check.
Fix healthcare. Coming
Cap and Trade. Coming
Appoint a radical Supreme Court Justice. Check.

Looks like he has everything covered.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Lessons Of Nancy Drew...

I was ready for bed until I came across this abortion of an article...

Writen by another puppet who this time is named Fran Wood.

This particular puppet Fran Wood is apparently blown away by marbles, cardboard boxes and kitty litter because she has to be one of the biggest blowhard's I have ever come across in a long time. Someone please waterboard me!

To my mind, two of the most interesting facts about Sonia Sotomayor, President Obama's nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, are that her childhood and adolescent heroes included Nancy Drew and Perry Mason.

Those are two most interesting facts about Sotomayor that you can find? Her adolescent "heroes" included Nancy Drew and Perry Mason? WOW! WOW! Damn, now that's pretty fucking interesting! Let's nominate her to the U.S. Supreme Court! Afterall, she's earned it right? Nancy Drew. Perry Mason. Fuck, she's automatically qualified I guess...

Clearly, we forget sometimes just how mainstream mainstream culture is.

Wrong! You constantly forget just how mainstream mainstream culture is. You throw in this bullshit feel-good mentality without even considering what this country was founded upon.

The Constitution!

Did you forget about that one? Read it sometime and you might finally wake up.

In many ways, that's the whole idea behind America - that, given equal opportunity, all people will respond in certain universal ways. If they have an opportunity, they'll take advantage of it.

No shit! But they will also respond to the better of the country instead of trying to bait races, classes and demographics. People like you will do what you can to bait everyone against another. You are nothing but another whore.

I suspect that's a good part of what Obama was talking about when he outlined what he was looking for in a Supreme Court nominee.


You are looking to divide rather than unite and you only fool the fools that suck and swallow your load. Your belly must be full by now.

Some ridiculed him when he said he was looking for empathy. But empathy is not a bad thing to look for in a judge on the high court.

Actually, you're wrong yet again. We The People are looking for someone who represents THE PEOPLE, not an agenda. Someone who upholds and defends The Constitution of The United States. Not someone who reinterprets or redefines it.

If you were pleading a case before the Court, wouldn't you like to have some reassurance that the people you're trying to convince are not coming to your case with a preconceived conclusion and rigid ideological strictures, but with minds sufficiently open that they'll listen and try to understand your position, your point of view, your interpretation of a particular aspect of the Constitution?

That's where you're yet wrong again! The Constitution only serves you well until your ideological BS doesn't suit you? Are you accusing the courts of having preconceived conclusions when it doesn't work in your favor? That's what it sounds like to me. The United States Constitution is solid gold and is a document that has sustained this country longer than any other country on this earth. Now you want to change it because it doesn't suit your needs?

Then Charles Krauthammer, on Fox News, said that her "concern for certain ethnicities overrides justice."

Yeah, that's cute. Way to throw Fox News in there like it doesn't counter your LSM rhetoric, Frannie.

That's pretty nasty stuff to throw at someone like Sotomayor, whose life story would seem far more to support the notion that when America is at its best, ethnicity does not matter.

Well, it seems to me like you liberals are the only ones making this about race. Can you counter my accusation? No? You liberals are the only ones making politics about race. Prove me wrong. I dare you! Isn't your entire speal about race? How Sotomayor is much better qualified because she's not a white person, much more not a white male? Prove me wrong. I dare you. Your hypocricy speaks loud and clear and it's becoming crystal clear. When Conservatives finally wake up and call you on it, I'll be the one doing back-flips in the background because I am sick and tired of your rhetorical bullshit! I can't wait 'till you get called out on the mat!

The rest of this op-ed is the usual crap like "risen above", "divisive and dismissive", "inspiration she found from role models in popular culture", "icons" and whatever else the libs can find to make you feel guilty for doing the best that you can because you happen to be caucasian. I'll spare you the rest of her bullshit.

This is a blanket attack on conservatives for being conservative. This is a story of Sotomayor's life because she was anything but white and/or an American. As if our lives, our parent's lives and our grandparent's lives were much different. Somehow this turned into Sotomayor, the greatest Supreme Court (in)Justice to walk on water next to The Messiah, the Magical Negro, The One...

Speaking of arguing, friends and a former professor of Sotomayor have said she loves to argue. That strikes me as another good judicial trait. At the most basic level, it indicates a willingness to think and analyze, to look at things from different points of view.

How 'bout Constitutional view? Ya know? The Constitution? Not some pompus Supreme Court (in)Justice who want's to re-write The Constitution, but one who would like to actually enforce it? I guess that's out of the question with this administration. Too much to ask.

But Sotomayor's journey would suggest that a smart person, even very young, can find value in it and learn from it.

I bet if that was "pale face" you would be on the opposite of the coin wouldn't you Fran? Of course you would...

Your time is gonna come...


Your time is gonna come.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Insanity From The NAACP

I've been sick in bed sleeping for the last couple days and haven't really caught up much on the news. When I checked in today this is the first thing I read:

NAACP Branch Readies for Confederate Flag Fight

Members of the Miami-Dade branch of the NAACP want the Confederate flag banned from the Homestead-Miami Motor Speedway, and they will meet Thursday to decide whether to boycott a NASCAR race slated there for November.

What the fuck! I guess the NAACP has never heard of the First Amendment. They want it banned? Who the fuck do they think they are? The Confederate Flag has been a part of NASCAR since I can remember first seeing it. I don't even watch NASCAR and this shit pisses me off. I've been to a couple races at the California Speedway and I don't remember them having seperate bathrooms for "colored people". I don't remember any segregation in the stands. I don't remember "colored people" having to sit in the back of the bleachers. Isn't white a color? Aren't you assholes going to stick up for the white color too? No? When I was there everyone was pretty much treated equal. Hell, if anything, I was discriminated against because I didn't have any NASCAR gear on or a Dale Earnhart sticker on the back of my truck. Big fucking deal! You NAACP assholes are going to boycot the upcoming November race? BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHA! How many of you pricks even go to the races anyways? Yeah, that's really gonna hurt ticket sales. Do you assholes know how big NASCAR is? Do you realize that a few pussies missing from your little turd of a group isn't going to do shit!

"The concern is there," Toomer said of Confederate flags. She declined to comment further before the meeting.

The concern of what? People proud of displaying the Confederate Flag? People exercising their rights of freedom of speech and expression? You mean that concern?

But officials at NASCAR and the raceway say there's little they can do to prevent spectators from displaying or waving the Confederate flag.

No shit! As it should be! Try banning fans from displaying their flags and then you'll know what a boycott is all about! You wanna lose some real money? Ban that and you'll see what happens.

Homestead-Miami Motor Speedway President Curtis Gray said spectators are not permitted to wave large flags of any sort in the stands because of safety concerns, and to prevent them from obstructing the view.

He said Confederate flag items are not sold or officially displayed throughout the 65,000-seat raceway, but there's no official ban on spectators bringing miniature flags to the track, or wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the symbol.

"... we don't regulate the lawful behavior of our fans or prohibit free speech and expression of our guests," Gray told "We can't tell people what to wear. Where do you start? Where does it end, as far as individual expression?"

Let's hear it for Curtis Gray! Curtis, this beer is for you!

Brandon Hensler, a spokesman for American Civil Liberties Union's Florida chapter, said bringing a Confederate flag to the race or any public event would be protected speech.

WTF? Did I just read that right? The ACLU finally got something right? Am I dreaming?

Meanwhile, Rosemary Fuller, a member of the NAACP's Miami-Dade branch, said the civil rights group began drafting a letter last week to NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France to seek help in banning the controversial flag from the raceway.

Well shit! I guess I spoke too soon! I guess because something might be "controversial" it should be banned, right? Right!

The potential flag flap at Homestead would not be the first racial discrimination protest at the 65,000-seat raceway. A group called the National Association for Minority Race Fans reportedly held a two-hour protest prior to a race in 2004. Seeking to provide a safe and equal environment for minority motor sports fans, members of the group offered an American flag to anyone who relinquished a Confederate flag, The Miami Herald reported.

The National Association for Minority Race Fans? Is there a National Association for My Balls Itching too? Seeking to provide a safe and equal environment for minority motor sports fans? Why? What brought this on? Were there mass lynchings in the 2003 races? Was there wide spread cross burnings? No? I didn't think so. Just another group who doesn't like someone else exercising their rights as Americans to display a flag that they hold true. Deal with it assholes!

"Any time somebody starts talking about that, of course there's cause for concern," McMichael told "The bottom line is I don't think they should ban [Confederate flags] because there's nothing wrong with them. It's just people showing pride in their heritage."

Fucking "A" Chuck McMichael! That's all you need to say!

Oh, and maybe FUCK YOU NAACP!

The Original Shamwow

Monday, May 25, 2009


I guess Kim Jong Il "The Pot Bellied Dog Eater" is in on FOD also. Since he just sent as major FUCK YOU to Obama.
Now let's see that spine of steel that Biden bragged so much about. Spaghetti is prolly more like it.
Fuck You Obama. Let's see what kind of balls ya got!
Here I will help you out with your decision.

First Punk Show

I don't even remember how old I was when I first saw Agent Orange but I do remember the black eye I got two seconds after I entered the pit. Holy shit! It was the first punk show I ever went to and some skinhead clocked my ass with a right hook. Knocked my ass on the ground but as always, the moshers pick ya up right off the floor. My head hurt and I still had a bitchen time!

Ever since then, I've been a punk. Just ask anyone...

Those were some good times. Hot damn! What I wouldn't give for a DeLorean and a flux capacitor right about now.

Those were the days when I thought I was cool and wanted to be Tony Hawk...

Okay, I still do...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hot Dogs with Dad

We are off to dad's for Hot Dogs, Beer, possibly Margaritas or Mojitos (depending on what my sister wants) and just general relaxation. Enjoy your weekend folks and if you are one of those poor souls that has to work tomorrow. Sucks to be you don't it?

But let's not forget why we are off tomorrow. If you see a member of the military this weekend. Go over and shake their hand. Just let them know that we appreciate them and all that came before them.

Damn. That kid always gets me.

CampinWith Dad

The countdown has begun. Fuck yeah! I've been looking forward to this trip for a few months. How could I forget? Dad calls me every Sunday to remind me. Seriously. This trip can't come quick enough. I'm gonna start calling him on Saturday's just to get him pumped. This is gonna be a bitchen trip with pops! I guess I'll have to call him Sunday and get him fired upp! Ya know, that return-fire pumped-ness?

It's just around the corner and I haven't done shit! It's time to step up to the plate. Well, lemme tell ya, I stepped up to the plate today and cranked a Grand Slam...

Dad's rifle?


Sister-in-law's truck?

Beer with my brother?

You tell me...

What's for dinner you may ask? Rainbow trout is for dinner. Fresh Rainbows to be exact. Lot's o' butter and lemon too! There will be some fat steaks grillin, but there's nothing like fresh Sierra Rainbow Trout out of the Lower Owens to grind that beef into the ground. Don't get me wrong, I love ground beef but it's gonna haffa take the back seat on this one.

Sorra Rosa...

Stream fishin' with Dad has to be one of my fondest memories with him when I was a little shit growing up and castin' with the Zebco. What the fuck am I sayin'? They're still the fondest memories but I've upgraded from the Zebco to the spinner.

This trip is gonna be so badass! It can't come quick enogh...

Thanks Dad! Thank you for teaching me about survival and carrying my own weight while these turds look for someone to carry the weight for them! Thank you for teaching me to take care of myself. Thank you for the Zebco. Thank you for teaching me how to to work on my car. Thank you for teaching me what is right and what is wrong. Thank you for teaching me firearm safety. Thank you for the direction that you pointed me in...

Most important, when you're out and about this Memorial Day weekend, thank someone who has served and thank someone who is serving!

I threw this in here just because....

Because Rush fucking ROCKS!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sneak Peek

This is the only sneak peek you will get of the Blog accomodations. This is the view from the back porch/pool area. It was kinda rainy today but you get the picture. All I can say is this years meet is going to blow last years away!

Ok I lied. One more.

No Shit?


Hey genius!

What? Did you run out of printer ink? Or are you now facing reality? We got bitch slapped last week when China and Brazil started making plans to decouple from the US dollar. More economies will follow suit. You borrowed trillions from other societies and now you can't pay it back.

Arrogance. Greed. Filth. These are synonymous with the Democrat Party and its minions of mindless followers. You fucking buffoons.

I have stated this on several occasions since we started this blog last summer; the US dollar will decline dramatically. Inflation will rise. Unemployment will rise. Interest rates have only one direction now and that is up. Because the US government believes that it can manipulate the laws of economics. Every sensible action that should be taken to revive our economy and poise it for long-term sustainability and growth, our government performs the exact opposite. From 2000 to present, across two Administrations, we are living in the most incompetent era of government in the history of our country. And while significant blame rests on the shoulders of Bush, never forget that the Democrats took control of the House and Senate in 2006. There's plenty of blame to go around, but Obama owns this bitch now. After he signed into law the $800 billion 1,000 page Crapulus bill that no one read, he pretty much took ownership of this. You fucked up, dude.

The dollar plunged yesterday against the Euro, continuing its downward march and there's still lots of room to slide. Bond and treasury yields are surging because no one in their right mind will buy our shitty government debt!!! Great Britain's national debt now equates their GDP. Our national debt is pretty close at $11.3 trillion versus $13.8 trillion 2008 GDP. Stop the madness!!

Two weeks ago I said that the next asset bubble is government. It is starting to pop as it should. The tax revolt has already commenced in California. The revolt will spread like wildfire, and I anticipate massive shakeup at all levels of government in 2010. The people are awake. I sure the fuck am.

Weekend Ear Worm

I woke up this morning with this song stuck in my head. I don't know why, maybe I heard it on the radio during the night. Yea I sleep with music on. It drives the wife nuts sometimes, but I have slept listening to music since I can't remember when. The earliest memory I have is of a Radio Shack transistor AM radio. I kept it under my pillow and usually fell asleep listening to 1230 KERV here in Kerrville. On good nights you could pick up 1200 WOAI out of San Antonio. Damn I must have been 3 or 4 years old. Ever since then I can't fall asleep without either the radio or T.V. on. No wonder I have some fucking weird dreams.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Great Start To The Weekend

I Showed up to work this morning and the boss was already gone, I got to fuck around a little on the computer, I won a couple decent bids that I submitted with good money on them (aka made the boss some money) and the day went by fast! Usually Friday's go by so damn slow even if I'm slammed with work all day. Not today.

Today was a damn good day! Not sure if you remember but my folk's house was burgularized last year and Dad's Henry rifle's were stolen. I'm still pissed at myself that I didn't buy him a safe for Father's Day a few years ago. These were rifles that were bought at Sears Roebuck by his Dad and handed down to him. My Dad learned on that rifle. My older brother learned on that rifle. I learned on that rifle.

Fuck, I'm still pissed at myself for not being there!

Father's Day is coming around real soon and my brother and I are going to buy him one of these.

The .22 LR. The .22 Magnum rounds are ridiculous! $20 for 50? Are you fucking kidding me? I gots me some barter...

We wanted to buy him an El Camino for old times sake, but Dad rejected that silly notion. He has no fucking idea what he's getting for Father's Day and we're camping in the Sierra's in June when we present him with his replacement rifle. I can't wait! I was going to pass on the range while they shoot but I gotta get some pics of Pops on the rifle. After Dad cap's some turds, I'm gonna kidnap him and we're gonna fish for a few hours. Period.

Can't wait Dad!

Bitchen! I got home from work tonight and that was in my mailbox calling me out. I can guarantee I pissed off some neighbors tonihght with the bass. Awesome Paul! Thanks for the cd bro!

Thanks man. PAW made my Friday a good one at that.

If you want some Friday Ancharchy turn this shit up!

Hi neighbors, and Fuck YOU Kalifornia!

Friday Night Anarchy!!

Here's some Anarchy from Labcat. Fuck Yeah!!!

Hard Lesson: An hour late is too late!

There's a lot of fuss today over this story. Even Rush hammered this one earlier today.

I'm going to take a very unpopular position here. CD and kerrcarto can kick my ass at the party. But let's consider a couple of things. First, the tour group says that they arrived ten minutes late and, therefore, the White House canceled the tour. Doesn't this strike anybody as a little harsh? It's almost too harsh to actually believe. Now, here is what the White House had to say.

The White House tells a slightly different story. A spokesperson said the group was actually supposed to be there at 9:30, but they held the gates for the group until 10:30, 15 minutes longer than they told the group, but when they still hadn't arrived, they had to draw the line.

Seriously, I'm inclined to believe the White House because their response actually sounds reasonable and passes the reality test. I mean, come on. An hour late? You have to draw the line somewhere. Now I know this is a PR nightmare for the White House due to the kid factor but admit it, you cannot be an hour late to an event like this and expect them to hold the gates open for you.

But this story gets better. A good PR disaster is never complete without some good old fashioned class warfare. One of the teachers or parents (article does not clarify; stupid fucking journalists) threw this gem onto the floor.

"Here we have President Obama and his administration saying, 'Here we are for the common, middle class people,' and here he is not letting 150 5- and 6-year-olds into the White House because he’s throwing a lunch for a bunch of grown millionaires."

BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! Oh man that's awesome. And the bitch who said that probably voted for this asshole.

Now if this story has any legs, a good journalist will seek the truth and have the school provide a confirmation with the time on it. That'll clear this up real fast, but in the meantime...Hey teachers and parents!! Show up or shut up!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memorial Day Celebration/The girls play

A local bank here in Kerrville has a Memorial Day Celebration every year. They set up tents and chairs out in the parking lot, serve hotdogs, hamburgers and sodas. Members of the military of all ages as well as members of the community show up. The celebration commences with a fly-by of F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jets from the 182nd Fighter Squadron based at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas and it just so happens their flight pattern takes them right over our house.

Last year it had slipped my mind and I was sitting in the kitchen when the house started to shake I ran outside just in time for those birds to pass over head. It scared the shit out of me.

The best part is when they reach the bank they turn straight up and hit the afterburners. LOUD!! After that it is social BS'ing until the fireworks at 8:30. The girl has a play at school tonight so we will see the F-16's fly over the house, go to her play, then go watch the fireworks. Hopefully I can get some video of the F-16's. They come in pretty damn low.

UPDATE: You asked.

Next year I want to be at the bank. When they turn straight up and light the afterburners it shakes shit for blocks around.

Sound Familiar

ABC better watch it. The Obama FCC is not going to like the rip-off of his hope and change slogans.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All Thumbs

Since Harry "The Fairy" Reid has divebombed Obamas plan to shut down GITMO it got me thinking. What would you do with the guys that are being held there? Life in prison? Military Tribunals? Send them home? Execution? Medical Experiments? Trans-gender Plastic Surgeon training patients? Barry Manilow roadies? I mean the possibilities are endless.

I'll tell you what I would do to them and it does not involve torture, well not really. I would have them sedated. Then have their thumbs and large toes surgically removed completely. Then I would send them back to their country of origin.

What say y'all?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fuck You Schwarzenegger

C'mon Arnie, I'll actually take what you have to say serious when you strap on the weapons, stop taking roids and let yer balls grow again and be a fucking man! Maybe close the border with Mehico? Stop climbing under the U.N. desk and suckin' like you're apparently good at? Until you do that you can go fuck yourself RINO! Gray Davis was a fucking asshole. No question about it! He was recalled for obvious reasons and you should be recalled for obvious reasons too. Some of us pay attention. Others don't. I do.

You were a good actor in those badass movies, but you suck as a Governor! You have no fucking idea what yer doing to the people that fuel this Country! The people that are the FUEL of this Country! Wake up if you can!

How not to take a sobriety test.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tactical Weapons Cleaning

Bunker has to be one of the coolest cats I've come across since Soupie went on to bigger and better things. She's like Soupie toned down a notch. Bunker loves to hang out and she follows me around wherever I go. The only difference between the two is that Soupie was indoor/outdoor (hence her short life) and Bunker is indoor only. I feel bad about keeping Bunker in the house because she loves to hunt. I've never seen a cat retrieve some fowl, but if it's ever been done, I guarantee Bunks can compete! People constantly haul ass up my street and I hear the Coyotes almost nightly so there will be no convienence door for the little shit. When I move I'll still have the cars bookin' but not the Coyote issue. Since I'm going to finally have a yard, I'll prolly build the two little shits something that they can roll around in the grass and party in some green. I don't know what their situation was before I got 'em from the Shelter, but since then their paws haven't touched grass since I've got 'em and that's just not right.

Yeah I know I'm rambling again...

Bunker put a smile on my face tonight when I sat down at the keyboard and she raced up to her weekly new "bed". For some reason she's really into the water bottle boxes, and if that's all it takes for her to hang out I'm cool with that. I should put this shit on Pay-Per-View! I know this picture isn't too clear because she's pretty fast when it comes to cleaning her weapons before she scraps with her sister and if I use the flash the picture is like taking a picture into the sun. Scrapper! Bunks!

Bunker wants to rock the fuck out for a while in the box so that's what's gonna happen. I've lost enough blood for the night...

Yeah I know this video sucks ass but the song is pretty fuggin' good. I dig the tune. The pickin' is pretty fuggin good if you ask me...

Turn the monitor off and leave the speakers on. The video sucks ass! I thought I was watchin' American-Idol or something...

No wait! I didn't think that. I don't watch that stupid shit because it's left for the Magical Minions to watch. Ya know, those dumbasses who's lives are so pathetic that they are rendered completely useless? Yeah...them.

Whoops, forgot the clip...

She's ready to rock the fuck out! Can you tell?

That's Just Joe.

I read that the Vice-Nimrod claims the undisclosed location that Cheney was kept in during the 911 attacks is under the Old U.S. Naval Observatory which is where the V.P. LIVES!!

Now I'm not a war strategist, but I would think that you would not put a super-secret location meant to keep the second most powerful man in the world safe during an attack on his home country AT HIS FUCKING HOUSE. But I guess we will find out now won't we. It will either be a mistake and is just an old bunker that is now the basement of the house. Which will show how much of a liar and story teller he has to be to make himself look important. Or our Vice-Dumbass just let the enemy know where to ram a plane into if they want to kill the VP. Either way it is fucking pathetic.

Thanks America you really came through with this last election. Do we really have three and a half more years of these clowns? Can't it just be 2012 already and Fred Thompson and Sara Palin are at the helm. Not Obama and this moron.

Annie Wersching finale tonight

There's only one reason why I watch 24. Annie Wersching, the hottest most beautiful woman in America!

She's got it all. She's smart. She loves Irish music. She has long, dark hair. She's got great voluptuous tits, and a tight ass. Her eyes are piercing. It's like she's staring straight into your soul. Her aura is one of kindness and complete coolness ad infinitum.

I know that I will never meet this woman, and she is most likely well out of my league, but I do admit that I think she is one smokin' hot babe!! Oh what I would do for just one date with Annie Wersching. Be still my heart.

Anyway, two-hour Annie Wersching...I mean 24 finale tonight. Don't miss it. And you dudes out there who don't think Annie is hot, I've got some bad news: You're Gay!!!


Kerrcarto and I are on the same page today; we both have issues with Obama commencement activities over the weekend. While kerrcarto's got Hussein covered, my FOD is for Michelle "My Belle."

First Ladies are typically off limits because they rarely throw themselves into the political foray. Take Laura Bush for example. She was quiet during the Bush years and spent most of her time working with children and promoting education, especially literature. You never heard her say shit like, "America is a down right mean country" or "For the first time in my life I am truly proud of my country" or, more recently and this one is a whopper, "I have what most families don't have -- tons of support all around, not just my mother, but staff and administration. I have a chief of staff and a personal assistant, and everyone needs that." Wow, Michelle. You arrogant, entitled bitch. You're a product of affirmative action, and we know all about how that cushy $300,000 hospital admin job your husband created for you was axed after you moved to DC. The people who worship you are ignorant buffoons.

But the above quotes are nothing really. They just illustrate this woman's derangement. Here is what sent me over the cliff this past weekend.

"Remember that in exchange for those blessings, you must give something back. You must reach back and pull someone up. You must bend down and let someone else stand on your shoulders so that they can see a brighter future."

What a bunch of populist bullshit. Let me sum up one of the fundamental differences between liberal whack nuts and logical conservative ideology. Liberal nut jobs believe that most poor people are poor because they are victims of society and the EVIL rich man, whereas conservatives realize that most poor people are poor by choice. So when Michelle rips off retarded rhetoric like that, you know exactly what she is referring to; our society must sacrifice more and more of its productivity and wealth and hand it over to government because that is the only way to "bend down and let someone else stand..." blah blah.

Make no mistake UC Merced students, this woman hates your freedom. You want to really help society? Vote for freedom, not Democrat Socialists. Vote for freedom at all levels of government: federal, state, and local. Freedom has always been the solution. While government is a necessary evil that should keep freedom in check through national defense and smart regulation, our government today has become intrusive, excessive, and corrupt. And its because of people like Michelle Obama who only seek to grow it at the expense of society's freedom and wealth. Sick sick sick!!!

This woman has the audacity to make such a statement while she sits in her castle with personal assistants caring for her every need all while her husband and his minions of bureaucrat zombies tax and spend society into the fucking dirt. You make me fucking sick, Michelle. You and your husband can both FUCK OFF!

Here is some more Michelle lunacy. I lifted this from Anna's blog.

"We've got trash in the White House." No shit, Tammy.

Guess what day it is.

It's here again, another Monday and I'm am in a really shitty mood, I'm tired, sore and just plain worn out after this weekends kitchen festivities so on that note I say today we fly the finger to Obama, Washington D.C. and politicians in general.

So here is a video for Claudia of a pro-life protester at Obama's speech reading to Notre Dame and a picture from RiverRat.

It is not in this clip but in his speech reading he called for less abortions.
Why should we want less abortions if there is nothing wrong with them Mr. Peeresident. Hmmmmm?
No answer for that one huh? You can't answer it because you and the people in your party know it is an abomination but you use it for your own political gain. You are fucking disgusting.

Happy Fuck Obama Day everybody.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Ringage!


Yeah that sound was crankin all day today. Ringing' from the Green team! The rivalry was full blast and competetive and we had the upper edge. Kirk and I kicked some major ass on the pit's today! We ran the show and brought some eye-wipes to those of them that thouht they could compete. Kelly should've brought his violin... to play for himself.....BWAHAHAHAHA!

We ruled the pits today! No, I'm not shy. I threw a few of these in a matter of minutes...

Bring it on!

I have to give Kirk some props for playin' DJ. The tunes are always a factor whether you like it or not. It's about the tunes...

Sunday Boobage

Here is an unbelievable photo of a woman with the two biggest boobs I have ever seen.

From JackieD

Saturday, May 16, 2009

No Apology

I know I post this one a lot but I'm still fuckin pissed! You should be too.

Turn it up! Never forget! Stay pissed! Stay pissed!

Stay pissed!

Just a statement

FUCK YOU KITCHEN FOOR!!! Sticky fucking asshole. If I ever find out who glued this tile down I am going to kill you.

More on this subject later. Now it is back to taking up about 10sq ft an hour.

UPDATE: Almost done I just have a few more hours of work left. Not tonight though. I'm pooped and the Shiners are cold.

Friday Night, Crank It!

I almost missed the deadline. At least on the left fucking coast I did...

Turn it up!

I don't know why but Paul's Sevendust post made me think of this kickass band. If you're not afraid, turn it up. Fucking crank it!

Wimmin jammin! That just rules!

This was meant to be played LOUD! Don't disappoint me...

Motivation Where Art Thou?

It's been M.I.A. lately, but I'm ready to motivationally explode with the force of Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris. The motivation is coming back for some reason and I don't know why.

I don't know why, but I feel like I'm on top of the world right now. I haven't felt this good in a while. My job sucks, my TOTUS sucks, my Governor sucks, my Mayor sucks, Kalifornia sucks....

Am I going crazy? I don't know why I feel so good right now.

Fortunately I'm building motivation that of Bruce Lee. Chuck, you let me down this time dude...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Night Life Lesson

I gotta add one.

One more.

I loves me some Spring!

I thought I'd share these pics with you. The people who lived here before me obviously loved this property. I bought this place at the end of last summer, just a few weeks after Blownstar 2008 (what a fucking party! I can't wait for this year!). Anyway, I had no idea what this place would look like in Spring, but now I do. Nice. I don't know what any of this stuff is, and there's a lot of it. But I've been doing an OK job at taking care of it. PeggyU can probably tell me what some of this is since she just lives a couple of hours to the north. I have noticed a patch of hydrangeas in the front and there are lots of rose bushes, which I did prune correctly this last winter. And the red trees in front are red maples, which really ticks off mom down in Dallas because she's been bugging dad to plant some red maples.

Birds and rabbits galore. It's like I'm living in a freakin' Disney movie. I told the kids to not be surprised if a rabbit ends up on the dinner table. Cora burst out in tears so I don't think I'll pull that joke again. Whoops.

Party on! Happy weekend.

Friday Night Anarchy!!

LYING BITCH!! This song is for you!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Grillin', Take Two

Okay, so I stopped off at the grocery store after work and grabbed a nice tender Tri-tip steak and I'm going to try this shit again. This time I will be supervising it's cooking instead of writing and forgetting all about it and letting it turn into a fucking hockey puck.

Tonight's menu is steak, beer, baked potato, beer, corn on the cob, beer and more beer.

When I was grillin', one of my neighbors stopped by and asked me why I never come to the Pole Vault meets with him. He volunteers for the SDSU Pole Vault team and tells me that it's better than being at the Olympics. I've never been to one so I can't verify that, but he tells me that these college kids are the up-an-coming ones.

I wasn't interested because I assumed it was just a bunch of dudes in too-small shorts grabbing onto a stick and flashin' balls. I only got an "F" on "a.)" & "d.)".

I guess that's what I get for assuming...

a.) I assumed it was a bunch of dudes
b.) It's not football
c.) It's not baseball
d.) It's not entertaining
e.) All the above

Wrong! Athletic college chicks.... Oh my. I've been bailing out on the invites and using the "working on the house" excuse for a few years now, but I think I'm gonna have to make some time to "support" this team. Whatta ya think? I could pass for 26 right? Even with my "crow's feet"? BWAAAAHAHHAHAHAHA!

Where's my time machine and flux capacitor? I wish I was back in college.

I hope you dads out there with daughters are armed!

Just sayin'!

What was driving that Boston trolley?

The transgender was texting "his girlfriend" and.....crashed the trolley. WTF! What are we dealing with here? The news articles refer to it as a "him." So, is it a chick with a dick and no tits? Or is it a dude chick with a dick and two tits? What the fuck is a transgender anyway? Is it a "he" by birth or a "he" after surgery? Can we even put a dick on a chick? Maybe. Just sow one on! Can we give a dude a pussy? I would think not. I mean, the vagina and company are some seriously complex machines! You can't just stuff one in! And what about the tits? No problem. Just stuff in some silicon and call it a day. So we're probably dealing with a dude chick with a dick and two tits.

Now! What about the girlfriend? What woman in her right mind would date an IT? Unless, the girlfriend is also an IT! So are we dealing with two chicks with dicks and no tits? Or two dude chicks with dicks and four tits? Or a chick with a dick and no tits with a dude chick with a dick and two tits? My God!! What was driving that trolley??!! The girlfriend or the him?!

More proof that society should never, never issue a drivers license to a transgender because these people are SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP!!!

Update: Hammer found the pic of this...well, I guess it's safe to say that we're dealing with a dude chick with a dick and looks like no tits!!! Unfuckingbelievable. Stay away from public transportation.

Peter Schiff "End the Fed" Rally in New York 04/25/09

As if this picture doesn't say it all. Here are the videos I talked about a couple of days ago. There are four parts totaling about 40 minutes. This is really good information about the history of the Federal Reserve and how it has been increasingly abusing its power since it was chartered in 1913. This is the kind of information Americans really need to know in order to truly understand the sick fucking mess we are in today. Put yer thinking caps on and prepare to learn sumpin.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 Pay real close attention to this one.

And to top it off, here is a good article published in the Washington Post this morning about the corrupted lawlessness of the Hussein Administration.

Hey, I know this shit is boring but we really need to help arm our citizens with the truth.

That Bastard Is Dead And Gone...

I know the bomb didn't kill the Sodomite, but this song tells the tale and makes me smile because he got the rope as he should've and the fuggin' bastard is dead and gone.

That bastard is dead and gone...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hot damn! I love this time of year. I can't even remember the last time I fired up the grill. It prolly was a month ago and that's just too damn long. I've been getting lazy in my years; buying pot pies, frozen pizzas and TV dinners. I came home tonight and needed to wind down a little.

Grillin'. Yup, that's the ticket!

Yeah I know, you're gonna call me a lazy fuck, but I work my ass off during the week and try to have fun on my weekends. When I get home from work, I don't want to do a fucking thing! Especially prep dinner. Being single has it's advantages, but it fucking sucks sometimes too. I guess it all depends on which side of the fence I'm on at the time...

Boxin' all my shit up and being burned out from the daily grind has made me lazy lately. I have that 'fuck it' attitude and that's new to me. My motivation has gone to shit! Eh, fuck it!

Well tonight is my night off from the same bland bullshit. Beef slathered in teriyaki, mashed taters and corn is on the menu tonight. I'm not even very hungry, but just the act of grillin' holds it's weight in gold. I miss grillin'.

Well shit. I guess I got ahead of myself. While I was braggin' about grillin' I forgot to turn the flame off and it's pretty much beef-fucking-jerky right now. Maybe I'll just burn one and order a pizza. Fuck it!

This is what that piece of beef looked like before I fucked it up. Dammit, I can't fucking wait to move and get my ducks in a row again...

I don't care.

My sister sent this to me today. I took some grammatical liberty with it and changed some of the wording.
Can you guess what I changed?

Are we fighting a war on terror or aren't we? Was it or was it not started by Islamic terrorists who brought it to our shores on September 11, 2001?
Were people from all over the world, mostly Americans, not brutally murdered that day, in downtown Manhattan, across the Potomac from our nation's capitol and in a field in Pennsylvania?
Did nearly three thousand men, women and children die a horrible, burning or crushing death that day, or didn't they?
And I'm supposed to give a fuck that a copy of the  Koran  was 'desecrated' when an overworked American soldier kicked it or got it wet?...Well, I don't. I don't give a fuck at all.
I'll start giving a fuck when Osama bin Laden turns himself in and repents for incinerating all those innocent people on 9/11.
I'll give a fuck about the Koran when the fanatics in the Middle East start caring about the Holy Bible, the mere possession of which is a crime in Saudi Arabia
I'll give a fuck when these thugs tell the world they are sorry for chopping off Nick Berg's head while Berg screamed through his gurgling slashed throat.
I'll give a fuck when the cowardly so-called 'insurgents' in Iraq come out and fight like men instead of disrespecting their own religion by hiding in mosques.
I'll give a fuck when the mindless zealots who blow themselves up in search of nirvana give a fuck about the innocent children within range of their suicide.
I'll give a fuck when the American media stops pretending that their First Amendment liberties are somehow derived from international law instead of the United States Constitution’s Bill of Rights.
In the meantime, when I hear a story about a brave marine roughing up an Iraqi terrorist to obtain information, know this: I don't give a fuck.
When I see a fuzzy photo of a pile of naked Iraqi prisoners who have been humiliated in what amounts to a college-hazing incident, rest assured: I don't give a fuck.
When I see a wounded terrorist get shot in the head when he is told not to move because he might be booby-trapped, you can take it to the bank: I don't give a fuck.
When I hear that a prisoner, who was issued a Koran and a prayer mat, and fed 'special' food that is paid for by my tax dollars, is complaining that his holy book is being 'mishandled,' you can absolutely believe in your heart of hearts: I don't give a fuck.
And oh, by the way, I've noticed that sometimes it's spelled 'Koran' and other times 'Quran.' Well, Jimmy Crack Corn and-you guessed it-I don't give a fuck!!
So to all you anti-American progressive/liberal fucktards, when you get blown the fuck up because of your stupid touchy feely national defense policies, guess what.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Peter Schiff update

I know I've talked about this economist before, and I'm going to keep doing so from time to time. Peter Schiff correctly predicted the financial crisis as early as 2006, which should tell you something about his level of knowledge and analytical ability. While I was not a Ron Paul supporter because of his stance on several issues which I won't go into here, I was totally in his camp economically. Now I know why. I learned recently that Peter Schiff was one of his campaign advisers. Bingo.

The average American is clueless when it comes to economics and how government taxation and spending truly impacts our lives. The government depends on society's ignorance, and this is one of the fundamental reasons why the Communist Democrat Party is so powerful.

I am doing what I believe is my patriotic duty to at least distribute information I think is important to us. If you don't give a fuck, well, then I guess you don't give a fuck. But remember, if you want to fight for "real" change, you need to first arm yourself with knowledge. I realize most of our readers here are much smarter than I am, but I know that there are passer byes and regulars who need this kind of information. This stuff is for you. Also tune in tomorrow or Thursday because I'm going to post a series of Peter Schiff videos recorded very recently in New York where he provides a simple-to-understand history of the Federal Reserve, how currency works, the gold standard, inflation, and what the fuck happened to our dollar. The videos will total about 1 hour. Bring your brain, and put down your beers. Knowledge is real power. Word.

It's Fixed

I don't know if my drunk ass did it, but we had some technical difficulties here at GGDF. The problem is solved. No more of that comment moderation bullshit.

Comment at will...

Just a thought

Since I am better at putting it into a picture than I am words...


This the coolest dog I have ever met in my life. He definately plays the "shepperd" part perfectly. Good to see ya buddy!

Mom claims that she doesn't want a dog because if they went on vacation, they "wouldn't know what to do with it". You have two sons folks! Yer gettin' a dog whether you like it or not...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Fuck Obama Day!

Seriously, FUCK OBAMA!!! This fucking pig becomes more dishonorable and despicable by the day. Perusing through the news the last few days we find out that the health care industry is kowtowing in fear to King Hussein to the tune of $2 trillion in concessions to open the door for nationalized health care. After watching this fucking freak take over banking and automotive, I guess the health care industry got the message. It also looks like the UAW will get a huge chunk of Chrysler. That's pretty amazing. Turn the company over to the very organization that brought it to its knees in the first place. Preferred stock holders be damned. Chrysler should have been shut down for good back in the 1970s when it went bankrupt the first time. I will never buy a Chrysler or another GM for that matter.

What else? Oh yeah. He wants a "review" of NASA operations. That's code for shut it down. I guess intellectual capital means nothing to this fuck. Space operations represent huge intellectual capital and a source of pride, at least to me. But apparently Obama wants all of America to dumb down to those people who voted for this fucking piece of shit trash. You ever see that movie called Ideocracy? Check it. Because that shit's coming to a neighborhood near you.

Obama laughed hard at that cunt's joke against Limbaugh Saturday night at the Communist gala in DC. Just shows how fucking low and nasty this Kenyan native is.

And to top it off, it is being reported that the federal government is having to borrow print half of the money it spends. Folks, this government is out of control. I'm just gonna sit back and watch this ship sink. Maybe, one day, America will wake up. In the meantime, FUCK OBAMA!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Happy mothers day to my wife, Supergurl, H2o, Leslis, LisaKay, Claudia and Vicki, and all the kickass Mom's out there. Yer everwhere kickass Mom's!

As mothers I don't think you know how special you really are.
I hope you have a wonderful day.

Don't worry CD I fixed it. Drunk Ass. ;~)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

This One's For Ray...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Whoopi Fucking Doo!!

Taxpayers paid over $300,000 for this crap??!! Not only that the incident freaked out an entire city!!! And the picture background is under-exposed to boot!! LAAAAMMMME!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mexican Shooting Range

I've heard about this new shooting range up in Compton that I'm considering checking out this weekend. It's called Puto Pedro's Driveby's and Chit. I hear they serve free tacos when you hit unintended innocent targets.


A Thank You

I would like to take the time to chastise than thank some people.

My Opa will turn 89 years old this year. He still lives alone and is a very independent man and tries to do as much as he still can. Still he cannot get around as well as he used to and the other day he took a pretty good spill. He was going out to check his mail. He tripped on the driveway curb at the street, fell and was laying half in the driveway half in the street. He smacked his head and scraped his knees and head up pretty good.

I went over to mow his yard today and he was recalling the events to me. He told me that three cars cars drove by and did not stop. To you people I have something to say.

If you just happened to drive by and not see an older man laying half in and out of the street, apparently hurt and in need of help. I guess you just can't see that well anymore. But if you drove by and laid eyes on him and kept driving this is what I have to say to you.

People like you are what is wrong with this country. No morals, no respect for your fellow man, no compassion, just cold-hearted assholes. I hope I never run into you personally. We won't get along.
But if I ever see your grandparent lying hurt in the road, I WILL help them, seeing as you are apparently incapable of it.

To the gracious neighbor that came over to make sure he was alright. You and your husband have my thanks. It is good to know that there are still folks that look out for their neighbors. In this me,me,me world we live in, you are a breath of fresh air.

My sincerest thanks.

ACORN Asshole

Glenn handed an ACORN hierarchy buttplug his ass last night then kicked him off his set when the dude called him a racist. Beck has balls man and he ain't afraid to call a spade a spade. Damn now I'm a racist.

Here is the end.

Save Free Speech

Go here and sign the petition.

Hey Hussein! We're not Stuck on Stupid!!

From the Washington Post on May 7, 2009. "Obama Releases $3.4 Trillion Budget Plan"

The Obama administration today unveiled details of a $3.4 trillion federal budget for the fiscal year beginning in October, a proposal that includes substantial increases for a number of domestic priorities as well as a plan to trim or eliminate 121 programs at a savings of $17 billion.

What savings are you talking about? Instead of raping our country for $3.417 trillion in 2010, you're raping us for $3.4 trillion! The so-called "savings" amount to 0.5% of the original budget. Ooohhhhhh!! Such courage!! That's not savings. That's a reduction from the original budget of 0.5%! In order to call anything a savings, you would have to spend $17 billion less than the 2009 budget, which is estimated at $3.1 trillion. So the 2010 budget would have to be estimated at $3.083 trillion in order to give your pathetic $17 billions any "savings" credibility. And you would actually have to live by the budget. Good luck with that. This is called Business 101, something you have no knowledge of whatsoever, Hussein!!

It gets better you Democrat assholes!! Fiscal year 2009 government revenue is projected at $2.67 trillion. Good luck with that, too! That's a deficit estimate for 2009 of nearly $430 billion! When these numbers were reported, the US national debt amount was $10.2 trillion!!! As of this writing, the US national debt is $11.2 trillion. What are you people smoking? The current and proposed budgets are UNSUSTAINABLE! You have bankrupted this nation you arrogant assholes!

Want some more you Stuck on Stupid assholes? The 2009 national debt day was April 25, which means that starting on April 26, you fucks ran out of operating money to support the 2009 budget. You are now having to print and borrow money to feed your greedy out-of-control operations. Hello inflation!! It may not be rearing its ugly head today, but when the global commodity markets recover, costs of materials will skyrocket. When the labor market improves, labor costs will skyrocket. Which means that the costs of everything we purchase will explode! Oil is already starting its march. It's the Jimmy Carter administration all over again. What a vicious circle!!

We're not stuck on stupid Washington, DC. We know exactly what is going to happen. You're raising taxes next year. You're printing fake money, thereby advancing the debasement of our currency. You are creating a welfare state that will be completely unsustainable. You are redistributing our scarce resources into completely uneconomical and inefficient means, and you are providing absolutely 0 incentive for anybody to invest anything in our country. It looks like you will be getting your wish; cut America down to size. From the .com bubble to the real estate bubble, it looks like the next bubble is government, and this one is going to POP! like a nasty infested zit. You people are barbaric, soulless, greedy buffoons. You make Wall Street look like angels. And we here on Main Street will suffer indefinitely. Fuck you!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I don't know how long I've been waitin for it to be on TCM but tonight was the night. I would've missed it if it weren't for Dad calling me when I got home from work tonight and told me it was on. Boom! It's about time TC-fucking-M! Thanks Dad! Great memories!

This brings back a shitload of memories eating popcorn and watching Eastwood movies with my Dad and my brother on a Friday night in front of the TV. This is my all time favorite! I think Ten Bears and I could sit down with a couple beers and settle things out between a doob and some CCR...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm on this Train. All Aboard.

And Alex Jones is not bullshitting about federalizing the police. Arizona just did it. You can look it up yourself. Is that not the most fucked up shit you've ever heard?

The Electric Fence Sucks!

This is about how my week has started. The fence is my employer and I am the pig.

That fucking fence is always ruining a good thing and keeping me from a good time!

Or I guess the fence could be the gummint, but they're also a bunch of fucking pigs too!

Fuck you fence!

You paid for it but you can't see it.

This asshole flies his personnel airplane over NY scaring the ever loving shit out of people and he has the audacity to declare the photos classified? I am not believing this shit that he didn't know anything about it either. I guarandamnty you he knew about it, because if one AFO is gone he can't fly in the other. They always fly together for securities sake. That means it had to be planned and signed off on by the White House. This is just another blatant lie from this administration.

But what more would you expect from the most incompetent buttplugs to sit in power in the history of this nation.

I guess he wants people to forget about it just like he wants people to forget 9/11. Asshole! I hope FOX gets them released through the freedom of information act. I want to see what a $300,000 some odd dollar picture looks like.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Tales from the Swine N1H1 Flu

BWAHAHAH!!! I love it.

Fuck Arlen Specter!!

Fuck Arlen Specter! I never considered Arlen a Republican to begin with. His switch to the Communist Party only proved my suspicion of him all along. As if he wasn't already a dickhead enough with his bullshit comments about the Republican Party last week, he fired off this ripper earlier today:

If we had pursued what President Nixon declared in 1970 as the war on cancer, we would have cured many strains. I think Jack Kemp would be alive today. And that research has saved or prolonged many lives, including mine. Article here.

You arrogant cock sucking maggot. Wow!! How dare you politicize a deceased man who probably hated your guts and was twice the man you'll ever be. How dare you politicize his death. Don't you understand that America absolutely hates this kind of shit? Do you not remember the fall-out from the Wellstone funeral in Minnesota? Speaking of Minnesota, it looks like Franken's gonna pull off the Senate election he stole. You Minnesota people are fucking whack!! My God!!

But I digress. I need to do some homework, but I'm pretty sure we spend billions on medical research each year. BILLIONS!! with a fucking "B" Arlen you pussy. In fact, I did a quick Internet search only to discover that medical research data will take some time to put together, but I did see a whopper written back in 1998. Go here. It looks like one of the reasons cancer research is a hot button is the fag lobby, which sucks up a lot of the funds for AIDS research, a disease that kills far fewer people than cancer, yet receives a disproportionately greater chunk of the research money. You wouldn't know anything about this would you, Arlen? BTW, medical research topped $13 billion in 1998.

Now I want all y'all to go back and read his sentence once more. Notice how Arlen contradicts himself between the third and fourth sentences. You're something else, Arlen. I guess that funding was good enough for you. Nothing pisses me off more than a politician politicizing a death.

There is no way Pennsylvania is reelecting this man. No fucking way. Then again, look at Minnesota.

Fuck Obama, too!!!! There's another dickweed I haven't written about in a while.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Good Day

Woke up early, blasted a few rounds, got home at a descent hour and still had time to have a few beers with my good buddy K. Today was a good day!

8 am in Ocotillo. One of these fucking days I'm gonna move to Ocotillo!

It was a little windy but for the most part the weather coudn't 've been better.

My buddy J just built a Kalifornia Legal rifle and wanted to take it for a spin so we shot down to Ocotillo and practiced for a few hours:

It was a beautiful day in the desert.

Comin' back home some dude was hauling of these badass mobiles..

I want one!

Twist One...

Dim the lights and turn it up... You're wecome!