Friday, May 1, 2009

CD here you go!

You can take the Tweekers out in silence.

To cool!


LisaKay said...

Ooh! My birfday's coming up! That would work on the neighbors pit bulls!

CharlieDelta said...

Kerrcarto, SCORE! That's the ticket right there! Stealth.

Lisakay, bite yer malevolent tongue! Take out your neighbors, not the pit bulls!

kerrcarto said...

I am surrounded by pits. Our dog Lucy has whooped the neighbors on several occasions. They can't keep time with her she's to quick. But I have told them in no uncertain terms if their pits come within 20ft of my kids in a threatening stance. Dead dog.

It is either going to the pound or in the ground. Period.

LisaKay said...

Yep, I'll drop one of those dogs no problemo. I'm kinda sorta secretly hoping to actually, they're only an extension of their scumbag owners. I think it would send a message to my city council who claim this to be a dog loving community, which is code for let the scumbags live by me and not up in the new developements.