Tuesday, June 30, 2009

C'mon Campers

Removing Human Bot Fly From Dudes Back - Watch more Funny Videos

Don't worry blownstar is botfly free. But Damn!

Father's Day Fishing- Day Four, Saturday 6/20

I was sloshed and out early Friday night, so I was up pretty early on Saturday (early for me). When I went to grab a beer my ice had melted and the beer was less than ice cold. My drunkass left my cooler on the East side of my truck so it got sun and heat from the get-go Saturday morning. It was already getting warm at 10:00 and my brother and Dad were still fucking around with their morning ritual/constitution, so I decided to take the dirt road to the gas station for more ice. I had to stop and take a leak so I took a pic. After I got back Dad and my brother were ready for a trip down stream and some 4-wheelin'/beer drinkin'. So was I.

Drivin' down dirt roads and/and exploring new fishing spots and/or camping spots has to be one of my favorite past times. I don't know how to describe the fun! It just is. Especially with my dad and brother...

We mostly drove around all day stopping for beers and piss breaks and checking out the scenery over a few beers. We did make it down to the Lower Owens again so Dad could fish a few spots. He was getting his shit together While I was going for a couple beers. I sent these pics to my good buddy Z and he instantly floated this one back to me. I couldn't stop laughing. He knows how we roll...

Dad ended up with a nice Brown at the Lower Owens after 5 minutes and then another one seconds later. I was grabbing a beer so I didn't get the shot of Dad landing the second one. After that the bite was gone. I was just stoked to see Dad catching fish like he always does!

This was the last "fun" picture before we headed back to camp.

I think we three had occupied minds about having to load up and make the long drive home instead of enjoying the time we still had. There's something that really sucks about having to come back home. I never want the fun to end.

We got up Sunday and were out of there a little after noon. It was a long drive home, but I love driving so it was actually pretty cool. We had CB's and that always makes the drive go faster.

My Dad told me about Manzanar when he first started taking me to Bishop in my early teens. Of course I didn't pay any attention or really give a shit about some place five hours out of town called, "Manzanar". WTF did I care? I didn't even see it on the way out, but on the way back I had to snap a pic on the fly...

I'm gonna tour that place the next time we make the trip! I'll take a few extra days off to make sure I tour Manzanar. That was when The United States wanted to stay united...

Hell, I'd love to open my new place and call it Manzagitmo. Is Manzafghanistan more PC for you liberal turds? Is it already taken? Until the stinkbeards wanna play nice, they should be spanked into submission. SPANKED!

This dude came up on us in a matter of seconds. He was haulin' ass. Prolly headed to Vegas. By the time I got my camera out he had alrady blew by me.

I zero'd my odometer when I left my place Wednesday morning. This was the total mileage from start to finish.

This was the best trip I have ever spent with my dad.

***drunken drivel done***

Monday, June 29, 2009

Smokin Beer

I had to run to the grocery store to get some assundries for fajitas tonight (the kids have swim team practice and that means I get the house to myself for an hour tonight. I usually pound a couple beers and grill something so when they get home supper is ready) when I made it to the beer isle this was staring me in the face.

Mesquite smoked beer?
If it is any good (I haven't had a shiner product yet that I don't like) I will pick up a case and have my buddy at the liquor store hold it for me in his cooler along with the Shiner keg(s) for Blownstar.

I will advise.

UPDATE: It is very good. It is a Helles style lager with just a hint of Mesquite at the finish. It will go perfect with a smoked brisket. But what beer doesn't?


Sorry FOD is so late folks my internet provider has been having problems all weekend and into today. I would switch but they are the only guys I can get. Anyway. Let's see what happened today.

Obama's pick for the Supreme Court was just overturned by the very court she is supposed to sit on.

Honduras is on fire (politically that is).

Norf Korea is still kicking dirt in his face.

And I think he had Billy Mayes killed. He is a major capitalist, and we know what Obama thinks of capitalism.

Well that's it for today. Since it has taken me over two hours to get this post up. Fuck You Suddenlink Communications.

And Double Fuck you Obama. You big government progressive!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Beer Report and an Earworm

My buddy Eric came by today (y'all will meet him at blownstar, he's gonna bring out some jams) and brought 2 beers with him. All I can say is DAMN that is definitely the devils beer. Potent! One beer and you got a good ole buzz going, no shit.

I will stick to my Shiner Bock thank you very much.

Don't get me wrong. It is a good beer, VERY strong in taste and alcohol. But damn. If I drank six of those I would be one fucked up puppy, but if you have $15 bucks burning a hole in your pocket and want a good beer to spring on your buddies. Try this one. The dark overlord insists...No not Obama.

BTW: Did you know that the tax code that started in 1913 as fourteen pages now exceeds sixty-seven thousand? Mill that one in your head for a while.

Barn Swallows

We've got a nest of barn swallows under the front porch eave. It looks like there are three babies. They hatched about two weeks ago and are maybe pretty close to the leap of faith. Hurry up already so I can clean this shit off the house!!

Saturday Funnies

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Friday!

Blackberry camera quality still leaves much to be desired. But, you get the idea. It was a beautiful day up here in the Pacific Northwest. I slept in today, then met a client up on Capital Hill shortly after lunch hour and then met up with a friend at Anthony's on Pier 66 for beers and seafood. Afterwards I headed over to Silver Platters, the most bad-ass record shop in the universe, and splurged on four CDs including yet another James McMurtry album. Damn I love that mother fucker!!!

My kids left for Utah for the summer last week so it has been real quiet around here. I need the break, but it does get lonely without the rugrats. I've been very productive workwise though and extremely productive with beer consumption and tune cranking. Ahhh yeah!!!! So, happy Friday! I'm on my way over to a buddy's house for more beer consumption. Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn I'm headed to the Tacoma Narrows for some salt water fly fishing. I finally caught my first fish on the fly (a 13" rainbow) a few weeks ago on the Yakima River. That was an exciting moment! It has taken me almost six months to finally catch a fish on the fly rod. And while we were drifting the Yakima, I decided to switch hands after about five hours of casting. I started casting with my left and stripping with my right and....boom....FISH!!! So, I'm anxious to get out again tomorrow to try my new technique. If I catch, I'll post a picture (CharlieDelta bitched me out a few weeks ago for not sending him a picture of my first fish).

Just a couple of weeks till Blownstar!! I can't wait to see all you guys and gals coming this year!

Father's Day Fishing- Day Three, Friday 6/19

Friday morning I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs on the campfire grill and was ready for one of my brother's specialty breakfast burritos and a few beers. Damn that burrito just set my ass straight! I was low on ice and headed into town via back roads. Damn I love driving those dirt roads!

My brother's buddies were leaving Friday around noon so they headed up to fish Pleasant Valley Reservoir. I had been wanting to use my 4x and climb some hills, so my brother and I hopped in the truck with a few beers to see if we could get some cool shots of them from up above. We reached the mesa and they were already back at their truck headin' out. So me and my bro cruised around for a little while more and headed back to camp to see those fuckers off. I fucking love 4-wheelin'. Maybe at Blownstar I can show kerrcarto how it's done. BWAHAHAHAHA!

After they bailed it was time to hit up E Line Road and let Dad pop the cherry on his new rifle. This thing was factory sighted at 100 yds. and it was on target every shot. I'm gonna have to throw one of these on my Visa for myself and real soon! The action was smooth and I've always wanted a lever action rifle. I will own a Golden Boy one of these days.

The rim fire is cool for a while, but I like to hear a boom every once in a while so I broke out the Mini 30 and let my brother have at it. I love that rifle...

Afterwards we fished the lower Owens and got skunked. I didn't catch any fish, but I did catch a seriously major buzz. When we were driving back to camp Dad said that I was swervin' all over the road so I hopped in the extra cab and let him take the wheel. Dad was swervin' too, but I kept my mouth shut. He was having a great time and so were we! Let's leave it at that.

By the time we got back to camp it was almost completely dark. This was the last picture I took that night because I was ready to grub and I was fitshaced. When I looked at those clouds I thought I was on shrooms or something. How bad ass is that sky?

People were launching fireworks Friday night but I put my camera away because I knew I would destroy it in my destroyed state. We had burgers Friday night, played a little guitar, pounded more beers and crashed out early. It was a full day and I was sloshy...

Speaking of American Girls

Fuck Michael Jackson. This is who I really care about that died yesterday.
Look who we have for the next 30 years now. Paris "vaginal warts" Hilton? Britney Spears? Lady Gaga? A Bunch of cooter flashing whores for our daughters to model themselves after. Well that is just fucking perfect. I am sick of these sluts getting all the media that they do. Why the fuck does the MSM promote these sluts and then trash the likes of Carrie Prejean, Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Sara Palin? Because they are scared of them that's why. The later mentioned women have class and self-respect. Kinda hard to brainwash a woman who thinks for herself. All the other twits would believe you if you told them that you could shit a christmas tree if you ate a pinecone. That and they are skanks. Thanks alot MTV you really did change the world.I hope you are proud of yourself. Farrah, you will be sorely missed.

P.S. CALL YOU REPRESENTATIVE!!! Tell them NO on Cap and Trade (your freedom)!! We have to stop this bill!!! 202-225-3121
If this bill goes through you will watch your energy bills skyrocket and that will effect everything. Henry Waxman added 300 pages to it last night. No one knows what is in this bill because, you guessed it NO ONE HAS READ IT!! They will probably hire another speed reader to mock us on the floor of congress. Mother Fuckers.

American Girls

Hammer posted something that got me seriously pumped up! Women and firearms. That's the conservative edge. Women and firearms.

How many girls do you know that shoot? How many girls do you know that know someone who knows someone that knows how to shoot? None?

That's the problem.

Women by nature are afraid of guns because it's automatically related to death by the LSM and planted in their heads. It's all emotional bullshit fed by the liberal media with bullshit "statistics" and the rest of the lib garbage that comes along with it.

How many women do you know that shoot for sport or for fun? Not enough, but those girls are out there and they're increasing in numbers...

The anti-gun movement plays on the emotions and the ignorance of women leading them to believe that all guns and people who legally own them are either paranoid or conservative "gun nuts" and guns are bad.

WRONG AGAIN you anti-gun assholes!

The only thing that is going to save this country is women who are sick and fucking tired of the usual bull shit and shut the anit-gun movement down in one swoop.

If you wanna really save your country, teach your women and children gun safety. Teach them that firearms aren't about killing people, but about defense. Teach them that plinking can be fun, is fun and might help defend a family one day.

Girls that shoot fucking rock!

C'mon ladies! Save this country!

The only thing I don't like is that chick blindly shooting into the water. Everything else is just fucking HOT!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day Fishing- Day Two, Thursday 6/18

I stayed up pretty late the first night going on 1 hour of sleep and was too drunk to set up my tent so I passed out in the cab of my truck (which is pretty damn comfortable when completely shitfaced I might add). I don't even know what time I woke up Thursday morning but I slept through breakfast and the morning bull shitting session.

By the time I had a beer in my hand my brother's buddies were getting ready to head out and try the canoe in the river for some fly fishing. The Owens River isn't gushing or anything, but there are some pretty crazy spots that I wouldn't try in an innertube much less a fuckin' canoe. Whatever float's your boat I guess. (insert rim shot)

Fuckin' psycho drunken bastards...

After they were on their way, my brother and I drove back to camp to hang with Dad and give him his Father's Day present. We were hoping he would open it the first day, but I think my dad wanted it to be just us three for the opening.

He knew it was a rifle before he even got it out of the wrapping but he didn't know what rifle. When he got the box open you could just tell right away that he was stoked! Apparently my brother knew (but I didn't) that this was the same octagonal barrel Henry rifle that Dad got from his dad when he passed away in '53, and to the day had been kicking himself in the ass for trading it for a sawed off shotgun back in '62. Fucking stoked! I think this has to be the best Father's Day present we have ever given Dad. As I predicted, he made a comment about us spending the money on him, but I told him, "well Dad, you can't return this one!" He just laughed.

After we fucked around with the rifle for a while we decided it was time for Dad to get some fishing time in. Us three loaded up the gear in my truck and headed out to find a good spot for Dad to get his line wet. I told Dad to tell me when to stop and he said, "lemme have another beer and I'll find a spot". Well he found a pretty killer spot so I stopped and sat back and enjoyed watching him fish. I have so many good pictures of all three of us, but my brother isn't a fan of his face being on the internet so I have to respect that. My dad and I don't give a flying fuck so it was really hard to find some descent pictures without my brother's face in them. I wonder if it has anything to do with being associated with my drunk-ass on this blog? BWAHAHAHAHA!

After many beers later the three of us headed back to camp to make sure Steve and Jeff survived their canoe mission and they had just got done grinding down on lunch and were ready to give it another go. We headed down to the meadows and pulled up a nice spot right next to The Owens.

I fucking love hanging out in the meadows! When we were kids camping here with Dad back in high school we would tell the "old dudes" that we were going fishing and we would fire up a doob or two and fuck with the local steer while they were back at camp probably doing the same thing. This spot brought back all kinds of memories...

My brother my Dad and I fished for a little while, but it was really cool just sitting back and watching Steve and Jeff with their fly rods. I think I prolly spent more time taking pictures this trip than I did fishing. I was really cool just hanging out with my brother and Pops. It's been a while.

There's nothing better than hanging out with Dad on a trip like this and shootin' the shit over a couple beers and enjoying some good memories.

Yeah, I know I'm long winded. Tell me something I don't fucking know.

More drunken drivel after tomorrow night's drunken beer festivities...

The Child Molester Is Dead- Good Riddance Asshole!

So Michael Jackoff is dead. Big. Fucking. Deal!!! I hope he rots in hell as he is molested by Satan's little helpers.

This asshole's death is all everyone was talking about at work today what seemed like ALL FUCKING DAY! I couldn't escape it on the radio on the drive home. I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some beer and dinner and I swear to God, I am not fucking kidding, when I got out of my car to walk in the store some lady in her fifties was cranking "Beat It" and singing along in the parking lot. And as if it couldn't get any worse there must have been 3 or 4 people on their cell phones talking at the top of their voices about the dead douchebag when I was standing in line to check out. I wanted to start punching people!

He's dead! Who fucking cares? His music sucked, he was a major freak show and he molested children. Why are people so wrapped up in this loser's death? Isn't there more important things going on in this world to talk about right now like what the ideal temperature is for you favorite beer? Get a life you fucking morons!

Now for the next two months I'm going to have to stay away from the news, and try to escape all the bullshit tributes and worthless idiocy on TV. I'm afraid I'm going to go fucking postal if I hear much more about this asshole and it hasn't even been 24 hours. FUCK!!

Child molester dead! Good riddance you fuckin' cocksucking freak!!

Seattle weather update for kerrcarto

Current: Partly cloudy
Temperature: 65
Wind: SW 7 mph
Humidity: 59%

You Texans enjoy frying your ass off. I'm headed to downtown Seattle to enjoy some hard beverages by the bay with some friends. FUCK WORK!! Hey kerrcarto, with friends like me, who needs enemies, right? MWAHAHAHA!!!

Sign It

Remember the letter that Janet penned last week?

Well now you can go sign a petition and let them know we mean business.


What makes it worse is my outdoor sensor is in the shade!

Father's Day Fishing- Day One, Wednesday 6/17

I cut out of work a half hour early on Tuesday, had to pick up some block ice and get home to in time to get my good buddy Dave my key on his way home from work so he could feed my critters while I was gone. Tuesday fucking sucked! I can't remember a day that went by so gotdamn slow. I need to leave my watch at home and break every clock in the office on those days 'cause I can't stop watching the fucking time!

I got home with the ice, beer for Dave, food and litter for the critters and was still stressin' out. I suppose I should change my name to stress, 'cause that's all I fucking do!

Dave helped me load my truck, tie it down and make sure the critter instructions were in order. Luckily for him, all he had to do was come by once a day and make sure the box was clean and the food and water were good to go. He could've hauled ass after getting the key, but he's a good bro and he stuck around for a few more beers and got my truck loaded. I hope I didn't get him in trouble for getting him loaded before he got home. His ol' lady doesn't like me much. I wonder why...?

My truck was loaded up and ready to go by 2100 but I wasn't supposed to meet my brother and Dad until 03:45 in North County. What the fuck do I do with all this time on my hands? I know. Make one last pass though the place, take a shower and have a few beers until 02:45. Yup. That's what I did. AMC was showing the original Dirty Harry that night again so I stayed up watching that until I had an hour to go before I had to leave.

Anticipation of a trip is better than any drug I have ever tried. It's a natural high that I can't explain unless you've been there yourself.

Anyways, we met up north of Escondido around 0345 and were on the road at 0400. Once we were heading north on I-15, the adrelalin was really pumpin and there was no way I wanted to stop unless it was for gas or to kick some asshole's ass for driving 65mph in the fast lane! Traffic was pretty mellow at that time of the morning for the most part but the Cajon Pass was riddled with fucking idiots from Riverside and L.A. Counties. Those idiots think they own the road.

I wonder who they voted for...?

After a few stops and stretch breaks we finally arrived in Bishop around 0930. Dad wanted to stop a Culvers and get some tackle and stop and get some of his favorite bread. After that, we were on a mission to find a good spot at the campgrounds. We were sure that we would score a choice spot or two next to the river arriving that time of week/time of year but we were wrong.

We ended up with a good spot but we couldn't believe how packed this place was.

This is the first pic of the trip after we had a few beers, set up camp and relaxed for a few... After we settled in, paid our camp dues and checked our surroundings I had to snap another one. Dad was gettin' restless and wanted to fish for a few so I drove him down the road with a few beers and let him have at it. Nothing makes me smile more than pops enjoying what he enjoys the most.
After we were good and buzzed the rain was threatening and we really didn't give a shit. The rain poured on us that night and it was killer. I put my camera away because I was hammered and didn't want to destroy this one like I did last year but there's nothing better to me than mother nature giving me her best when I'm campin' with people who aren't afraid of the elements. I love the rain...

I guess I just made a long story longer as usual. More drunken drivel after tomorrow night's beers...