Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Friday!

Blackberry camera quality still leaves much to be desired. But, you get the idea. It was a beautiful day up here in the Pacific Northwest. I slept in today, then met a client up on Capital Hill shortly after lunch hour and then met up with a friend at Anthony's on Pier 66 for beers and seafood. Afterwards I headed over to Silver Platters, the most bad-ass record shop in the universe, and splurged on four CDs including yet another James McMurtry album. Damn I love that mother fucker!!!

My kids left for Utah for the summer last week so it has been real quiet around here. I need the break, but it does get lonely without the rugrats. I've been very productive workwise though and extremely productive with beer consumption and tune cranking. Ahhh yeah!!!! So, happy Friday! I'm on my way over to a buddy's house for more beer consumption. Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn I'm headed to the Tacoma Narrows for some salt water fly fishing. I finally caught my first fish on the fly (a 13" rainbow) a few weeks ago on the Yakima River. That was an exciting moment! It has taken me almost six months to finally catch a fish on the fly rod. And while we were drifting the Yakima, I decided to switch hands after about five hours of casting. I started casting with my left and stripping with my right and....boom....FISH!!! So, I'm anxious to get out again tomorrow to try my new technique. If I catch, I'll post a picture (CharlieDelta bitched me out a few weeks ago for not sending him a picture of my first fish).

Just a couple of weeks till Blownstar!! I can't wait to see all you guys and gals coming this year!


CharlieDelta said...

"I finally caught my first fish on the fly (a 13" rainbow) a few weeks ago on the Yakima River."

And I'll bitch again! What the fuck dude? You don't have to post 'em, just send 'em. I love that shit!

kerrcarto said...

Fuckin Right on Paul! You gonna ride up and snatch CD with me?

Paul said...
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Paul said...

Hell yeah I am!

Anna said...

Hey Paul I buy all my albums at the Easy Street Shop, but maybe I'll check out the one you mentioned.