Monday, August 31, 2009

Fuck Harry Reid

Don't forget to read the Nevada Review Journal smack down on Harry Reid. Here. Harry Reid, you are such a fucking asshole. You no longer serve the best interests of the people, only those who line your pockets with filthy money. Fuck you asshole. And you know what, not only can I kick your ass now, but I could have kicked your sorry ass even when you were boxing decades ago ya fuckin' arrogant jerk. You liberals make me fucking sick. Enemies of Freedom & Liberty. Fuck the Democrat Party! Hypocrites to the core! Damn I hate Mondays!


If you want to take apart liberal idiots about 9/11. Turn on National Geographic Channel RIGHT NOW.


Today we look at the Green Jobs Czar. Van Jones (google him, it is scary) a self-avowed black radical communist. I would go into more detail but Glenn does a much better job than I could.

What other black radical does Obama know? Oh yeah.

But he never heard any of this shit over the 20 year period he sat in this assclowns "church". And we wonder why we have racial problems in the inner cities.

So here is to you Mr. Peeresident. You fucking communist mother fucker.
Are you lefties starting to "see" or are the blinders still on?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Camping Report

Well, so long Summer 2009. Our weekend camping trip capped a most excellent summer. I know, Labor Day is next weekend but the kids are starting school this week, and I have a date with a chainsaw and a bunch of alder oak for the winter wood inventory. I also have to clean my roof and gutters and get all that crap ready for what will most likely be one wet fucking fall and winter up here in the Pacific Northwest.

So this camping trip took us to Ike Kinswa State Park, a choice little spot on Mayfield Lake, about 30 minutes east of Chehalis, WA. We went with my good friends Scott, Jeanine, and their daughter. Jeanine and I became friends on a vanpool we rode together during the early 2000s after we found out that we grew up 15 minutes from each other in Dallas. And didn't even know it!!! Anyway, these friends aren't nearly as wild as me and some of my other friends so I didn't get crazy, but Scott and I did polish off a bottle of Jack Daniels. Besides, there wasn't a church nearby anyway (inside joke there that some of you know about now. heh).

So here are some random pictures below for your enjoyment. BTW, after watching the Blue Angels show over Lake Washington earlier this summer (must have been at least 1,000 boats on Lake Washington I'm not fucking kidding!) and camping next to Mayfield Lake this weekend, I promised my kids, and now to the entire world, THAT I WILL BE BUYING ANOTHER SKI BOAT THIS WINTER! I am now financially ready. For those who don't know, I lost my Sea Ray in my nasty divorce during 2004 and haven't been on the water since. It's time. The water beckons me, and I do live in the boating capital of the world. I know how to have some seriously outrageous fun on Washington lakes, Puget Sound, and the San Juans. And I can't wait to get back to it. My kids can't wait either. Summer 2010 is gonna rule.

This last picture is a long-exposure shot without the flash and on a tripod, so the kids were doing the ghost dance.

Hope everybody had a kick-ass Summer 2009. I know I certainly did. Holy shit!!! My liver probably looks like a raisin!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


The boy is in band for his first time this year. He elected to play the Trumpet. My dad let him use his Trumpet he played in the Tivy High School marching band. His Uncle passed it down to him and the tradition goes on. It is a Frank Holton & Co 1926 silver trumpet. I picked it up today and it felt like an old friend. I played the Sesame Street tune on it when I was 7. My mom said I picked it up and mimicked the tune after a couple of days of trying. Now The Boy has his turn with it. My dad never let me use it in band , they bought me a coronet. But The Boy has been held to an oath to take care of it. We will see how he does. If some asshole hadn't stolen our camera I would post some pictures.

Here are the only pictures that I could find of one.

Shuttin It Down

I'm shutting down the computer for the move and don't know when I'll be back online so keep on drinkin', fuckin' and punchin' hippies. See ya when I'm back online folks. Have a great weekend!

Texas is goin' down!

CharlieDelta out...

Friday, August 28, 2009

I['m Fitsha';fshed

Friday Night Fuck You Taliban... BOOM!!!

I didn't know the taliban could fly. BWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Still Right!

I heard this today on Glenn's Radio program. Truer words have never been spoken.

That man needs to be re-animated. I would take Ronald Reagan with Alzheimer's than the current fuckwits any day.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fender Bender

Ran into an ex today and this one is dedicated to her...

You were only in my way you materialistic whore!

I'll never be just like you...

It's On!

Bring it Cal(i). Saturday it is on! I got my green, how's a bout you?

Mexifornia vs Mexas

We were only a minute apart talkin' shit dude. That was a great game to say the least. Sorry Denny, but the Mexifornians were a step ahead of Georgia this round.

The wager is on kerrcarto! Care to double it???

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Whoop(in)ed That Ass!

Texas is in the middle of kickin some NY ass! 14 more outs and we get to whoop up on either GA or CA. Bring it on Denny and CD! Wanna make a wager? $20 says Texas takes it.

WHOOOT!! Go Big Mac! Bring it, whomever.

In Memory of Ted Kennedy

For those of you who don't know, here is the only thing you need to remember about Senator Ted Kennedy.

Seems Appropriate

Gasoline Underwear

I hope Ted had 'em on. Mary Jo can finally rest in peace.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Little League Even Knows

Texas kicked y'alls asses CD! Good game though. Except for the last inning.
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Have fun in the secondary bracket!

I wonder if he likes his parents

I was reading the local rag on-line just now and this advertisement popped up. He is a local broker here in town.
I think I would have my name changed!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Marine For Congress

I love this! I'm gonna donate some cash to this Combat Veteran badass! He needs our help getting his name out there. Jesse Kelly for Congress 2010. You folks in Arizona, pay attention to this man and spread the word!

Story here.

Just a thought.

In my many years I have come to a conclusion, that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a congress.
John Adams (1735 - 1826)

Call of Duty Sadness

Breaks My Heart.

Touching? Whether a man and his son enjoy kicking a football or playing a video game together, who's to judge. But there is a helpless irony in seeing Call of Duty left on the grave of a fallen soldier.

In Wales, the 200th U.K. soldier to die in the Afghanistan conflict was memorialized this weekend. Pvt. Richard Hunt would have been 22 today, Hundreds came to pay their respects.

His father Phillip, enjoyed playing Call of Duty: World at War with his son. He left a copy of the game at his grave (along with a wreath and many other memorials). It bore the note: "Happy Birthday 'Hunty'. Play you again one day. Dad."

Hey Keith Uberdouche what is the body count to date in TWAT®? Huh? I cunt hair you. I must have an ear infucktion. Oh never mind I forgot, I can't hear you because you are fucking silent! Cocksucker. Destroy GW with that number everyday but your "messiah" gets a pass. Figures. I can't wait until the house of cards you mother fuckers have built comes crashing down on top of you, GE and the other fuckheads in the media (and all of us for that matter) and the country sees you for what you really are. A bunch of power hungry lying cocksuckers that will report blatant lies from politicians and tell us it is the God's honest truth and then defend them when they get busted. Your days are numbered dickholes.


My uncle sent me this.


This pretty much sums up the 8/24/09 FOD for me...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A good laugh to start your week

I've got the audio of the one where he prank calls the pharmacy because his Dachsund got into a bottle of viagra. I never laughed so hard in my life!!! I'd post it but blogspot doesn't like my .wma file for some reason.

Burned Out

Saturday morning was a productive one as far as moving more stuff goes. Up early, loaded early, and loaded up early. My buddy Dave called me at 6:30 Saturday morning to get my ass out of bed so we could get shit done in time for him to get some surfin' in before he had to take his kid to football practice. I was up late Friday night poundin' beers, crankin some tunes, boxing things up and patching holes in the walls from the zillions of nail-holes that used to hold my zillions of picture frames. I didn't realize how many frames I had hangin until it came time to patch the holes.

6:30 is too damn early to wake up on the weekends in my book, but I'm glad he called me when he did because he got me motivated to start getting things done.

Right on Dave! Thanks man. I owe you one...

I have a week to get out of here and then I'm officially out of here! FUCK YEAH! Before I knew it, we were unloaded, Dave was going about his day, I was in and out of Home Depot with the new drip pans and back home ready to grill some steak and watch the Charger (Choker) game.

My new "landlord" calls me when I'm at the grocery store buying Saturday night steaks and tells me that he's on his way over to help me move my gun safe. At first I was bummed because it was a long day already and I was ready for a few beers, dinner and bed. After I realized how easy it was to move from the old to the new the weight of the world was off my shoulders. I don't remember it being that easy to get into my place, much less out and then into the new place.

That gave me time today to do some seriously cleaning. I want my fuggin' deposit back! This place was dirty, but not thrashed. I bought a new vacuum yesterday and a boat load of cleaning crap and today was the day to get shit done. My folks offered to help me clean the place and I'm glad I took them up on the offer. We kicked some serious ass! Well, I should say Mom kicked this place's ass! She knows all the cool tricks for cleaning blinds, ovens, floors and the whole shabang! Dad was tappin' into my 18-pack and kickin' the carpet's ass with Dirt Devil and havin' fun so I let him go to town with it. My folks fucking rule! Thank you Mom and Dad!

This whole month I was stressin' out about getting this place presentable to get my deposit back but all that stress disappeared this afternoon. I won't get it all back, but if I get 75%, I'm good to go.

This was Friday night hammered sitting on the floor and laughing as Wheelie and Bunker didn't know what to make of the situation until Bunker saw something move on the mirror and went into 'attack mode'. She's still wondering WTF is going on. Wheelie is the mellow one who just lays around and watches.

I'll be here for another week cleaning and moving all the small bullshit. Tonight I bought the week's TV dinners. The grill is getting tossed into the dumpster and I don't want to dirty up the stove, so it's TV dinners until I'm finally in the new place. Check out my current "Entertainment Center" until I'm outta here...

Pretty snazzy huh?

Wheelie and Bunker are going to scramble quicker than wetbacks at the sight of the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps on the border when I open that door to the carrier. Their only problem is that when that door opens, they will have nothing to hide behind or hide under. BWAAAAAHAHAHHA! Poor bastards.

They have no idea how much they will like the new place over this place...

Thank you again Mom and Dad. Thank you Dave. Thank you Kelly and Bill for all the help.

What deposit I get back is going to the move-in party and you're all invited!

This tune is dedicated to the dishonor of our current cocksucking POTUS who takes great pleasure in destroying this great country one piece at a time...

Fuck YOU Obama! Your time is gonna come asshole!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

No Kids

The Boy and Girl are at dads tonight. So why don't we get drunk and screw?

Thank all of you for your kind words and thoughts. I had to get some shit out of my system. Last nights water works is just what I needed!

Resume weekend mode.

I used to get up on stage and sing this song with The Wife's cousins when they came and played at The Inn Of The Hills. I have partied with this dude and let me tell you. His baby must LOVE him!

Friday, August 21, 2009

One Year

Damn I miss you. The kids missed you this summer. I just cried like a baby.
Fly on past the speed of sound mom!


The Wife's aunt sent me this today. Just think 75 years ago our grandparents had to put up with this same shit. You see, the progressives have been at this shit for a long time and they are trying to deal the death blow with Obama.

Sound familiar?

You Americans are so gullible. No you won’t accept Communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and you find you already have Communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you fall like over-ripe fruit into our hands. - Nikita Khrushchev

Now tell me liberal/progressives are not rat communist fucks. We need to get every single one of them out of government and purge the filth that they have filled it with.
You want change America? Put real fiscal conservatives back into power and watch what happens.

Another Friday Morning Fug It...

Since CharlieDelta is going old's some Fugazi. I can't even begin to count the number of hours over the years I have drunkenly and stoningly (that a word?) enjoyed listening to these guys. A-FUCKING-MAZING!

Friday Morning Fug It....

The weekend is here and I'm moving more shit. Have I ever told you how much I fucking hate moving?

On my way home from the new place to the old place tonight, this came on the radio and it got me fired upp! I hadn't heard this one in a long fuggin time. Flashbacks from highschool to say the least...

Billy Duffy (after his pretty boy years) fucking rips.

I wonder how much my Southern Death Cult albums are worth...

Rock the fuck on Billy!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Love Michele Bachmann

Stand up and preach it, sister! I'm behind you all the way. Bitch slap Franken for us would ya?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rick Sanchez Is A Whiney Little Bitch

This is something that has got my attention as much as I hope it gets your attention...

Rick Sanchez is another liberal puppet who doesn't have a fucking clue about the Second Amendment and fears law abiding gun owning Americans. I hope this grabs you by the short hairs and tugs real hard. This is a perfect example of liberal emotional bullshit and trying to paint the law-abiding gun-owning American citizen as some Rightwing racist redneck gun toting Nazi who wants to kill our Socialist POTUS. Yeah, you'll use black against white like you assholes always do Dick, but you don't have a fucking clue what the FUCK you're talking about. You cocksuckers never do.

Far from the truth and reality Dick! If you actually did some research (and your homework for once), you would realize a majority of gun crimes are committed by criminals and felons who either stole them (which happens to make them criminals), traded them for drugs (which happens to make them criminals), and/or bought them illegally (which happens to make them criminals).

Criminals. (A.K.A. Animals).

You assholes will never realize that the law-abiding American Patriot is none of the above. He and she shoots for sport, hunts game and for the most part would protect your ignorant dumbass if you were being assaulted by a criminal thug. Personally, I would laugh and watch you call 911 and wait for Police Officers to show up when you were bleeding out...

Rick Sanchez-
You would be the first one crying out to one of us responsible law-abiding gun owners to save your ass if you were being assaulted. I would do my best to help your family, but you? NO.

Personally, I would take great pleasure in seeing you shit your pants and cry like the little pussy that you are while calling your local police officers. Lemme know how that works out.

Let's read what Dick Sanchez has to say about our Second Amendment:

Title block:

Man carries assault rifle outside Obama protest because "He could"

Yup. Because he can. That's in our Constitution Dick.

In Arizona, you are allowed to “open carry” a firearm, except under certain circumstances, for example you’re not allowed to bring your assault weapon (liberal key word) into a polling place when you vote.

Yup. And have you noticed that the crime rate is significantly less than the non-open-carry states Dick? Hmmmmm. Might that be because the fucking criminals realize that it's not shooting fish in a barrel when someone might just shoot back Dick?

At least one man, who wished to remain unidentified, legally carried an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle over his shoulder, because “he could” and as he stated, “in Arizona, I still have some freedoms.” Oh Sweet Liberty!

That's right asshole! It's funny how you didn't notice that he happened to be a black dude. He's an American who happens to be black. Where's your outrage Dick? What's your problem with semi-auto's?

He sure did! He understands that he has rights under the Constitution. He has the right to protect and defend his family. He also happens to love his Freedoms and Liberty. Apparently, you don't give two cents about yours. That's okay, but don't impose your lack of appreciation of Freedom and Liberty on me or him. We happen to appreciate the sacrifice of those before us and would like to continue the Freedom and Liberty they granted us.

Second Amendment proponents rightly contend that it is every American’s constitutional right to “bear arms.” Some would even argue that it is your duty as a patriot to always be armed. These are peace-loving people who simply want to protect America from the tyranny of a socialist despot who cheated his way into power by “talking” people into voting for him with his dangerous and venomous eloquence, just like a certain guy named Adolf did.

Typical liberal. Equate a conservative law-abiding gun-owning American to a Nazi. Dick, you are one ignorant fuck! Hey asshole... Take some history classes. It was Adolph who confiscated firearms from "the people". Do you even know what NAZI stands for? Read some history Dick!

Here's where he goes off the deep end:

The Second Amendment says that my constitutional right allows me to bear arms and the NRA and gun rights defenders contend that any form of gun control, regulation or limitation is abhorrent and unconstitutional. Maybe they’re right, especially when we get down to the nitty-gritty of talking health insurance reform.

I guess Dick believes that the Second Amendment says that my Constitutional RIGHT allows me to only bear arms and the gun "control" defenders contend that any form of "control" is somehow 'Constitutional' because us law-abiding gun owners are obviously going on rampages at town hall meetings and schools. Maybe they're right, especially when we get down to the brass tacks of talking self-defense. Afterall, the law-abiding firearm owners are the ones committing the CRIMES?

After this it just gets silly like libtards tend to do. Ignorant. Ill-informed. Naive. Emotional....

Dick is sure one sarcastic ignorant dipshit:

So praise be to God, that we live in the free and well-armed United States of America, where lots of guns, in the hands of every armed citizen, and a lifetime supply of untaxed ammunition equate to the freedom to lower taxes and fight tyranny, even the self-created tyranny and violence within our own minds.

Yeah Dick, some of us praise God to live in the FREE and well-armed United States of America where law-abiding gun owners are FREE to not kill anyone even WHEN were are overly taxed on ammunition for being law-abiding firearms-owners. Yes, we will fight the tyranny (even though it's not self-created dumbass) and we will defend ourselves against the violence from the criminals and felons that you seem to gloss over and continue to suck off.

Will I fight this?

Yes. I will...

God bless Smith & Wesson, God Bless Arizona, and God Bless the United States of America.

Hey Dick, that's the first rational thought you've had all night. Your 'flame thrower' and 'hand grenade' comments show your complete ignorance when it comes to this topic. You're obviously a pussy of major proportions so I'll give you a break on this one, but when your balls drop you're going to be in for a big surprise.

When you experience your first period lemme know. I'll mail you a box of vinegar and water. It's on the house pie boy...

Here's Dick in his finest form if you're interested...

Fuck OFF Dick Sanchez! If I was to meet you in person I would take great pleasure in knocking a few of your teeth out you ignorant fuck!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cowboy Earworms

Cox Cable Can Blow Me!

Better yet, Cox Cable can suck my cock!

I just spent 33 minutes on the phone with these assholes (4 minutes talking, 7 on hold, another 3 talking, another 5 on hold, another 3 talking, another 9 on hold and finally another 2 minutes confirming what I wanted to do in the first fucking place.) before the retard on the other end confirmed what I had told him in the first 4 fucking minutes.

CANCEL MY FUCKING SERVICE as of the 1st of the month asshole! How hard is that? Unplug the plug from the old place and plug it into the new place. I know you assholes are working for minimum wage and really don't know or care about what you're doing but Jebus Rice... Get yer head out of your ass Pedro. It's a simple request. If you're gonna pick up the phone from a long time existing customer, it would be wise of your dumbass not to keep me on hold for more than a few minutes. People move 24/7/365, and I gave you my forwarding address in the first part of our conversation and my mobile number in case you need to get a hold of me right away. Why can't you limp dicks get yer shit together? Habla' English?

I didn't think so!

The call to San Diego Gas & Electric, on the other hand, took under two minutes and the deal was sealed. They got my forwarding address, they will send me my final bill and it will be all said and done. Just like that! Heather was most helpful and pleasant and she sounded hot tah boot! Customer service at it's finest...

The main reason I hate moving is not so much the actual moving part as much as it is dealing with the Magical Negro supporters on the other end of the line. This is precisely why the shit costs as much as it does.

Diversity and Affirmative Action. I guess Cox doesn't know or care too much about overhead, because they are wasting a shitload of it on the retards answering the phones over there.

Props to SDG&E for having an efficient employee answering the phone and serving the customer, and FUCK YOU Cox Cable for hiring fucking retards like Sally to dis-serve the customer.

No wonder why you assholes are losing business...

Fuck you cocks cable!

Weekend Beach Report

We did our annual Ocean Shores throw down this last weekend. The crew: me, Samuel, Cora, my buddy Mark and his son Alex who is 16 and the official vacation babysitter. Ocean Shores is on the Pacific coast about halfway between Seattle and Portland. It's a very wide beach so you can drive on it and play all day.

On this trip we decided to stay at the Quinault Casino & Resort. We partied at this joint last year and decided this year we would grab a hotel room. Very nice accommodations but overpriced. We probably won't stay there again but it is a cool place to party, except for the fat chick who wouldn't stop hitting on me Friday night. Fuck!!! I'm at the bar ordering yet another mojito and she stumbles over to me, "You're really cute. I'm buying you a drink." "No, that's OK here I'll buy you one." "No. This one's on me. Cmon, let's dance." "Oh God no!" Every time I went to the bar that evening I would have to deal with this. Finally, by the end of the night she scratched her cheek with her middle finger. Took her that long to take the hint. Wow. Finally, some other dude started feeling her up while she was falling out of her bar stool. Hope you put a helmet on that soldier bro.

Anyway, me and my buddy played blackjack until about four in the morning. He lost his ass but I broke even. We played with a really cool couple down there from Kirkland. We were rowdy and even made table rules. Whenever a new player wanted in, Marcella (the wife), would shout out, "Only fun people at this table!!" Good times, and the dealers and pit bosses were very nice. I made the mistake of taking a picture inside the casino. Within ten seconds I had three security guards on my ass. I apologized profusely and told them that it was just a party picture. They let me go and walked away. Whoops.

Next morning, me and Mark scraped up the kids, ate breakfast, and headed right back to the beach. All day!! Beer, sand castles, kites, picnic, good music, lots of people on the beach, and the sun finally burned through the clouds so we had sunshine for most of the afternoon. Around 3:00, Mark and I decided that we didn't want to go home and officially declared one more night in Ocean Shores was in order. The kids went nuts as you can probably imagine. So we partied hard for a few more hours, then found a motel room (a total dive but it served its purpose), took the kids to McDonalds and Subway, and then drove back to the beach. Some really cool people had an awesome bonfire going and shared it with us for a while. We played until about 9:00. It was dark and getting cold.

Drove back to the motel. The kids all ran over to the indoor swimming pool, and Mark and I parked our ass at a pub where we proceeded to drink whiskey. And a lot of it!! We met a cool couple there named John and Peggy. After a while, the four of us started bar hopping. By 2:00 in the morning, John and Peggy had already found a cab but me and Mark weren't ready to call it a night, yet. This is where it gets embarrassing. Somehow I woke up in a church. Let's just end it here.

Anyway, never a dull moment with me. Until next year...

Here are some miscellaneous pictures.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Megyn Kelly shouldn't judge other people!!

Greetings. Hope everyone is having a great summer. I haven't been online much these last couple of weeks because me and the kids have been camping, hiking, and beach bumming. School starts in two weeks so we're getting it all out of our system. I've got cool pics I'll share with you tonight or tomorrow.

Anyway, I was watching Fox News this morning and the Michael Vick story came up. If you don't know, he signed a one-year (maybe two-year) contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Here is my opinion (and I know it is an unpopular one). Michael Vick has served his time. He has paid his debt to society. He got fucked hard by losing a $135 million contract with the Falcons, all of his endorsements, fines, and two years in prison. He lost everything. Pedophiles have gotten off lighter than this dude. OK? So leave him the fuck alone!! And Megyn Kelly just goes off this morning while debating the topic with a woman who shares my viewpoint and a public defender who disagrees with the NFL and accused it of being low-class since they reinstated Vick. The woman called Vick's actions a "mistake" and I thought Megyn was gonna jump through the camera and slap that woman. From what I could tell, I guess Megyn thinks what Vick did was like the holocaust or something because clearly Megyn thought that the term "mistake" was not descriptive enough of Vick's crimes. You know what? After a man pays his debt to society, leave him alone!

Give him another chance. He has apologized and, quite honestly, I believe him. He talks different. He looks respectable, and I sincerely believe he has crossed over to a good path. I hope I don't eat those words but I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. While what he did was absolutely sick to the bone, he has been punished for it. Let him go for fucks sake. Now if he was some pedophile or rapist or murderer (of people) then I would hold a very different position. But I don't think what he did is deserving of lifetime banishment from society. He is a tremendous athlete and I wish him well in Philadelphia. Stay out of trouble bro!!

I've got some news for you Megyn Kelly, you're human just like the rest of us. Why don't you get off your arrogant pedestal and stop judging other people.


Thanks Mr. President, you fuck.

P.S. have y'all seen this one yet?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy 40th Brother...

I know it's a few days late and lot's of dollars short but this weekend was simply kickass hanging out with everyone! I'm glad you decided to throw a party and celebrate it! What a good time dude! I can't remember the last time all of us were fitshaced like that at the same time and laughing like little kids. Well, maybe that was a decade ago when we were in Vegas? Yup, that was it.

Thanks for putting up with my drunken bullshit dude! The double cheesburger was awesome, the shrimp was awesome, the corn on the cob was awesome, the horse shoes were awesome, the company/hospitality was awesome and the cards were awesome!

Good times brother! Damn good times. I'm glad you decided to throw a shindig. It was good to hang with everyone!

Great times!

Scratch Krash behind the ears for me would ya?

Scary Sunday

Dad called me about 3:00 this afternoon and told me he had EMS on the way. He was having some rapid heart rates along with high blood pressure. EMS checked him out and everything looked normal. I took him to the emergency room anyway. They ran blood work and an EKG. Everything looked kosher but I know that he has been feeling puny for the last week and that is one sign of heart problems. He is going to see the cardiologist Tuesday. They will put him on an events monitor and try and catch one of the episodes so they can better diagnose the problem. He had by-pass surgery about 14 years ago and this really fucking scares me. Hopefully they can nip this shit in the bud! With the 1 year anniversary of mom dying coming up next Saturday I am a nervous wreck about dad. If I lost him I would not know what to do.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Don't tell me you wouldn't

Friday, August 14, 2009


I have to say I agree with the political message. The Injuns got fucked over by the US Government. If you want to see how government anything works. Just look at the Indians.
American Brother. Did you forget your name?


So we are the ones who are not "real" we are "AstroTurf" no real grass roots, organized by Rush, Beck , Hannity, Fox News and hell let's throw Jesus in for good measure. The elitist pigs in Washington have degraded our outrage at the big government power-grab by calling us un-patriotic mobs, too well dressed to be real Americans, when just a few years ago dissent was the highest form of patriotism.

Now we have proof that it is all true. Only it is the Democrats who are the "AstroTurf " with planted supporters made to look like ordinary run of the mill people. Obama had a little girl read him a question at his town hall the other day. Guess who her mom is. Now we have Sheila Jackson Lee (D)umbass), Texas (God help us) with a lady pretending to be a doctor praising health care coverage accompanied by Che Guevara loving Maria Isabel who ran an Obama campaign office here in Texas with a Che flag hanging above her desk.

Well Mr. Peeresident, you, Barack "Ears" Obama, Nancy "Blinky" Pelosi and Harry "The Fairy" Reid (nice mob names huh?) should have taken the advise I gave y'all a few months back. It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt. Well, it is obvious that y'all are incapable of doing that and that is why your party is going down in flames. Hell you yourself made the best case against your health care plan when you sighted FedEx and UPS vs The Post Office.

Bunch of fucking dolts. Did you really think we would not figure this stuff out? Nice try Democrats. But the American people are not idiots. Most of those are concentrated inside the halls of government and you prove it most every day of the week.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Les Paul, June 9, 1915- August 13, 2009

What a complete badass guitarist/innovator Les Paul was. What a legend! What a badass! The Gibson Les Paul is my favorite and the best sounding electric guitar I have ever played! The sound is so crystal clear and sharp for a solid-body electric.

You were, are, and always be a badass Les! I'm ashamed to say that I remember your music but at the time didn't know it was you jammin'. It sucks that it took your dying to get me a little more fired up about yer jams. On a good note, it has me pretty stoked about picking up the guitar again and putting down the sticks for a while...

If it wasn't for you, rock and roll as we know it wouldn't exist.

Rock In Peace Les! The first time I played one of your guitars I was hooked!

What's That Smell

Have fun with it. E-mail me yours or post a link in the comments. Paul, CD and I will pick the one we deem best.

Winner will receive....well nothing, just high praise.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

70's Wisdom/Goodies

I know it is kind of an oxymoron. But damn if we aren't living it again. Politically at least.

This morning we showed up at dads and he had a bag full of Robert Earl Keen goodies for us. T-shirts, hats, a CD, bumper sticker, sunglasses and a beach towel. We take care of his Mac's for him and he takes care of my kids love for his music.
So that made me want to post this.

P.S. I would post pictures of the goodies, but some asshole stole our camera out of my Trooper. That or I misplaced it, which is highly doubtful.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Workin At The Carwash


You Asked For It

My wife's aunt sent me this. Her sister took the president seriously and went ahead and snitched herself out.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Little Buddies........Gabe and Stan

These two somehow put my life into perspective. Sometimes I'm nothing but a stress case with the bullshit surrounding me, and then my Uncle CharlieB sends me something like this and I mellow out again and know that everything is going to be alright.

Thanks Uncle Jim!

Uncle CharlieB... You help keep me sane dude!


From my buddy Eddie, Captain USAF. Believe me, these guys know what this bullshit is all about.


Linda Douglas (former ABC newswomen that covered Obama during the campaign and white house shill) admits that the White House is breaking the law with his stupid snitch site. Freedom is under assault here folks. When the leaders of the people willingly ignore the laws of the land and we do nothing about it. We deserve what we get.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Go Joe

The boy and I watched G.I. Joe today. I have to say, it was a good movie. Kinda hokey in some spots but all in all it was worth the $10 (for both of us) I think I counted 5 shits and a couple of son of a bitches other than that no lewd scenes or major cuss words. Oh yea, Scarlet was HOT! Just like the action figure I used to...well nevermind. I will definitely be adding it to my dvd collection next summer. Not just for Scarlet either.

The wife and girl watched Aliens In The Attic and The Girl liked it. The Wife is not much of a movie reviewer so take it from the kid. She liked it.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I know....I know....Hippies

But I can relate, somewhat.

Look Closely

Yeah, you can call me a racist if you will but this is just fuckin' funny...

One of my vendors sent me this one, and he happens to be a black dude with a sense of humor. Suck on that you pathetic fucking "offended" assholes!

Friday, August 7, 2009

No Grats For Grunts

Get ready. If they want to try it on the soldiers, once socialized medicine Health Insurance Reform is passed what do you think they will say to us serfs.
No Smoking
No Drinking
No Butter
No Salt
No Sodas
No Bacon
No Coffee
No Tea and god knows what else they would think up.

Don't think they won't try it.

Do not be intimidated!!!

Do not let these Democrat Union operatives intimidate you! Men, look up your district and show up to your town hall meeting. Exercise your right to peaceful assembly and free speech. Tell your Congressmen and Senators your concerns. Write them letters, too. Exercise your rights, NOW!!!

We need to make sure our brave soldiers have a free country to return home to. Stand up and fight people!!! If you get a black eye, wear it with pride. Our liberty is under full assault. It is worth fighting for!! Democrats have unleashed their hounds to intimidate us and physically prevent us from exercising our rights. I say fight back!! Use whatever self-defense techniques you practice. Fuck 'em all!! If I sound like I'm mad as hell it's because I am! The President and his minions of mindless Democrats have insulted me on a very fundamental level.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Whoops That Backfired

Here is candidate Obama telling us to do exactly what we are doing. When communities organize, the head community organizer in chief should not complain.

Stand up!!!

It's time my fellow Americans. It is time to stand up for freedom and liberty. Take notes from our retirees...

I'll be going to our townhall meeting here in Washington's 9th District on the 27th of this month. I will be peaceful but I will make my voice heard. Congressman Adam Smith, you will not cram your Communist agenda down my throat! And Obama, go ahead and mobilize all your Brown Shirt snitches. That's right. We heard about your little snitch post on your stupid blog. You will not interfere with our right to free assembly. You will not ignore us. You will not intimidate us with your thugs. We are taking this country back. Your health care reform has nothing to do with reform and everything to do with massive government control over our lives. Well not this American life and not my children either. Go fuck yourself alien!!! You got a problem with what I just said? Send me an email, and I'll reply with my home address. Send your thugs on over and we'll discuss it like men! You hear me Brown Shirts??!! BRING IT ON SHITBAGS!!!!! BRING!!! IT!!!! ON!!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cleanin' House

Did I ever tell you that I fucking hate moving? Hate it! This is the longest time I've ever spent in one place (because I love it here) but where did all this crap come from? When does it end? Do I sell it, give it away or throw it away? How did I accumulate this much shit in a measly six years? My last move took all but a week and that included time to clean the carpet, the kitchen and the bathroom. I'm fucking screwed! At least I have a full month to get the fuck out of here. Two weeks to move and another two weeks to clean is my plan. I seriously don't know how I accumulated all this crap and let this place go to shit like I did.

Well, yes I do...

I've been helping work on the new place for 3+ years now. After a month or so, Kelly and his wife offered to rent me the 'old place' for the same rent I was paying at this shitty small apartment. Only a fucking dumbass would turn that deal down! 600 sq. ft. compared to 2,500 sq. ft. for the same rent? Duh!

The new neighborhood doesn't smell like roses, but I'm gonna have a yard to mow (I'm pretty happy about that), a garden to grow (yes, us Kalifornia white boys know how to grow stuff too), a ready-room with safe, MRE's, ammo., water and all the essentials (I'm REALLY happy about that), an office and spare bedroom for guests, and a bitchen stage set-up somewhere! I don't know where just yet but I'll find one.

I was supposed to be in the new place two years ago, and then a year and 1/2 ago, then a year ago and finally 6 months ago before it turned into "two months from now". Needless to say, I've let this place go to shit! Why do a deep cleaning twice when I'll only have to do it once when I move out in "six months?"

I'm happy to be getting out of here, but at the same time I'm really gonna miss this place! I have the best neighbors I've ever had, Lake Murray is still a mellow area, I love the sounds of the fighters flying around Miramar AFB, the manager is a cool fucking dude, and the tramp-stamp SDSU girls on roller blades cruising around the lake is a nice little bonus.

Sometimes it's really good to turn the page and start a new chapter in life, change things up a little bit and start fresh. I guess I'm in one of those phases...

Call it Chapter 7...

Must See

I just finished watching The Watchmen. I must say, Watch This Movie! Rorschach has to be the best goodguy/badguy in history!
The prison lunch line scene is classic!

Without the kiddos of course.

Just Because I Can

Here is a picture of Adrianne Curry in a bikini because, well..just because I can.

That is all.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Cool Song

Yup, I like this dude.

FOD (Busted)

Naaaah Obama wants nothing to do with Government Run Healthcare. He just wants to fix a broken system. Just like he wants nothing to do with running the automobile industry and he's not going to raise taxes on 90% of Americans either, in fact your going to get a tax CUT. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!
Fuck me! Do you Obama voters still lap this shit up like a dog at a toilet? Jebus! Pull your heads out of your asses wake up and smell the concrete, or I swear to god, I am going to start ramming you into the ditch when I see that fucking sticker on your car.

Well there they are. Bald Faced lies straight from their mouths to your eyes and ears. Do you still believe him?
If you do your either a fucking idiot or a weasel.


Fuck Obama! What a slimy piece of TOTUS! Zeig Heil!

You ask and you shall receive...

That was the first time I have ever seen a dog climb a tree. I couldn't stop laughing!

What a great send-off...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

This One Time At Camp

We shipped The Boy off to summer camp at Camp La Junta in Hunt. It is a part of his schools DREAMS program. He kept his shit in one sock the whole year and a teacher nominated him for a free week at camp. He has a week of shooting guns, bows and arrows, horse back riding, swimming, canoeing, fishing, bible study and general kids stuff.

We dropped him off at 4:00 and I thought "Thank Jebus a week off" but it only took me two hours to ask where he was.

I hope he has a blast. I know I did at camp. So many memories made.
But damn. You don't know what you got till it's gone (insert teardrop here).

Saturday, August 1, 2009

More From Texas

Keep it rollin brothers!!!

Screw You, We're from Texas!

Out here drinking beer by the golf course and watching all the drunk fucks tag that poor bastard's house across the fairway!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

So just thinking about all my friends down in Texas. You know who you are! This one's for you.

Enjoy the Saturday. Cheers!

Happy Birthday To Me

I guess the dude that owns the trailer house next to us knew today is my birfday because it looks like my asshole, white trash, shitbag, wife beater wearing, drug dealing, saggy pants, ex-con, fuckface, cocksucking, 5 pit bull owning, loud ass, sideways hat wearing motherfucking whiggers for neighbors are moving.

Thank jebus! I have gone through pure hell with these dickheads for the last year. Between their fucking loud ass cars and music bass the pit bulls and the drug traffic I was at my fucking wits end. I have complained to the dude that owns the place a fucking hundred times but to no avail. Apparently they finally trashed his house enough for him to get pissed. That or they have not paid the rent in a month or two. Either way, I am just glad that they are GONE!!

Bye Bye whiggers. You will not be missed.