Thursday, October 8, 2009

20 Inches Of Happiness

Noooo...not my penis. I got my new work computer today!

Whoot!!! I love it! I've had this model at home for a year or so and dad needed to spend some money so viola.
I get's me a new work 'puter. I started migrating my old iMac over to the new one (for those not familiar, when you get a new mac all you do is hook up a fire wire cable to your old one and it does all the work, your new computer looks like your old one and has all your shit on it) and I will get to jam on it in the morning. Thanks Pops!


Anonymous said...

Apple's alright. Just overpriced.

Anonymous said...
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kerrcarto said...

For graphic design and mapping you cannot beat them. The no virus thing and very rarely having the system crash are a plus but they are overpriced.

Anonymous said...

Put some tits on your fancy new monitor and post that, dude. Then I'll be impressed.