Monday, November 30, 2009

Can You Spare Some 'Change'?

Late FOD...

If this alone doesn't make you sick I don't know WTF will! Here we are turning the FLOTUS into some kind of gutter slut in the hood. What the FUCK happened to the dignity of FLOTUS? Did it all of a sudden get yo-yo on us when were weren't looking?

What happened to the respect of Office and FLOTUS? WTF is this garbage? Cheese and rice! WTF is this abortion of a FLOTUS and when is she gonna be proud in her life to be an American?

What a disgrace!

How to step off Air Force One and how not to:

FUCK YOU OBAMA! and fuck your slob of a wife too! She is a fucking disgrace!! An Embarassment! A joke...

Party on Michelle Obama you fucking ignorant MTV slut!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


My wife was watching a show on the Disney christmas decorations at Disney World and referred to a LED light show they put on as a LSD light show. When I corrected her she said "Well it looked like you were on LSD"...classic

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Family Freakshow

Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving! The kids and I spent the day with the ex-wife's family. Even though she lives in another state, I've managed to somewhat keep those connections open for the kids' sake.

Always a little uncomfortable going over there. I have to watch what I say because it all ends up with you-know-fuckin'-who. For example, my daughter had her first sleep-over at her best friend's house last Saturday. Now mind you I know her friend's parents very well and would never put her in a situation that I haven't covered completely. Anyway, their grandpa wanted to have dinner at our house last Saturday and I told him that Cora was going to a sleep-over and Samuel and I were gonna paint the living room and play Risk all night. I guess gramps may not have liked my decision and forwarded because this last Monday I received the most foul-mouthed, vulgar, mean-spirited email from the winch. She was hysterical and literally out of her fucking mind. She told me how stupid of a parent I am. How I'm setting up our daughter for molestation and all that. Oh and get this. I need to take a parenting class. This from the last person in the world who should be lecturing anybody on how to be a parent!! Can you believe this insanity? I didn't bother replying. In fact, my parents told me to destroy the email completely which I did promptly. I was fuming out the ears because I knew exactly what had happened.

So gramps called me up on Wednesday inviting us over for Thanksgiving. Talk about sitting between a rock and a hard place. I accepted. He then asked how Cora did in a persistent tone of voice. Obviously, I played down that action.

Needless to say, I kept the guard up all day on Thursday. And note to self, never offer any information regarding the kids' agenda under any circumstances from here forward. If gramps wants to know what the fuck, then he can pump the kids for information on his own time.

This is the shit I have to put up with. Remember my ex-wife stayed here at my house with the kids for a week earlier this month while I was in Oregon. Since that went smoothly, I thought we had finally managed to construct a peaceful relationship. BZZZZZZZZZ!!! Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. What an unstable absolutely insane bitch. Hope her turkey was tainted!

Some days I wonder why in the hell I choose to stay up here.

So tonight I'm kicking back with a couple of beers and will probably turn it in here pretty soon. I think I've about had it with the family freakshow for one week.

Mellow Saturday

It's been raining pretty good here since I woke up this morning and it's put me in one of those mellow moods. I changed the battery in my truck in a pretty good downpour and am soakin' wet and ready for some ice cold beer. Guess I'll hang some pictures and crank this for a while...

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving with good family and friends and has a great Saturday.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

President or Jihad?

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. - Call it Freedom of Speech. A billboard recently erected in Wheat Ridge compares President Barack Obama to a terrorist and questions his U.S. citizenship.

-Yup! We'll call that the Freedom of Speech thingy you libs love to tote when it serves your purpose, but ignore that Constitutional Right (and all others) when it doesn't serve your pre-meditated purpose. You know the one don't ya? I thought "dissent is patriotic"?????

"Since Fort Hood, I've had it," owner Phil Wolf told FOX 31 News Friday. "You can't suggest things. You can't profile. You gotta call a spade a spade."

Uh oh! Phil used the word 'spade' so this will turn into another fucking circus of a race-card game where the righty-whitey is always to blame.

The Anti-Defamation League condemned the sign...

-I'm shocked! Just shocked! The ADL? What an unprecedented shocker! I refuse to believe the ADL condemned this sign.

"It's out of control," Sirota said. "This conservative hatred of Barack Obama is out of contol, and this brings together all those strands of it: the racism, the anti-Muslim fervor. It's one thing to criticise the president on health care, or Wall Street reform, or immigration. But this is outrageous. And I think it's a fair question to ask why these questions about religion and ancestry are being directed so viciously at the first African-American President of the United States."

-Out of control sirota? More out of control than your crew's hatred of Dubya? It's only "out of control" now because the dissent is aimed at your pacifist pussy man-child-of-choice.

And I think it's a fair question to ask why these questions about religion and ancestry are being directed so viciously at the first African-American President of the United States

-And I think it's a fair request to see proof of his supposed 'Citizenship' as to qualify for the office of POTUS? Is that too much to ask? WTF? If you're a legal Citizen of The United States of America, that shouldn't be hard to produce. It's been 10 months and I still haven't seen a legit Birth Certificate! This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with Citizenship. Way to throw the race card in there sirota, you fucking tool!

Sirota is an unabashed liberal, but not all self-identified conservatives who drove past the sign Friday disagree with him

No shit! sirota is an unabashed liberal? I'm shocked! Those self-identified "conservatives" who drove past the sign and were offended by it are the truly unabashed liberals. They just put an (R) behind their name to keep their jobs. What a fucking joke! Conservative my ass!

Supporters of the birth certificate theory, known as 'Birthers,' believe the Certification of Live Birth produced by the state of Hawaii is a forgery.

-Hey asshole! It's a pre-req to hold the Office of POTUS. "birth certificate theory"???? Theory? Theory? Is that too much to ask? I hate you tell you little guy, but it's not a fucking 'theory'. It's in our Constitution...

If I ever make it to Wheat Ridge, CO I'm gonna buy a truck from that lot!!! It's not about RACE, it's about CITIZENSHIP and QUALIFICATION of office. His RACE doesn't have a fucking thing to do about it...


Prove you're a American Citizen obama. Can you at least do that? It's been 10 months and you can't produce a legitimate birth certificate to save yer life. It has nothing to do with the color of your skin, but has everything to do with yer CITIZENSHIP. Prove it motherfucker!

You and that dumb bitch Linda are at least good for a laugh. What color is the sun in your world?

I'm Out The Door.

We are headed out for Thanksgiving. No TV, No Internet, No Cell Phones(for the most part) nothing but hills and rivers. See that little red dot(click the picture)? That is where I am parking my ass and drinking some beer for the next three days.

Y'all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving and don't forget you Gotta Get Drunk First!

GGDF War Strategy

I read this story over on Fox this morning and I cannot take it anymore. What the fuck is wrong with this country? We are going to prosecute 3 Navy SEALs for assault because they gave a terrorist shitbag a bloody lip!!! I guess you are not supposed to punch anyone in the face during war. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! I'm going to lose my fucking mind! Like my brother in law said in one of the comments the other day, WE TULY ARE IN BIZARO WORLD.

So I sat down and thought up a war strategy to prevent any terrorist high value targets from ever getting physically abused by our troops again. Here it is. WATER BOARD THEM. THEN SHOOT THEM IN THE HEAD! See problem solved. No messy trial to deal with just a messy terrorist to shovel into a garbage can or let the wild dogs eat. Either way.

Life Summarized In Four Bottles

Shit! I'm already on my third one!

My mom just sent this one to me, and I can guess her mindset already; "he's probably already on his 13th one..."

Right you are! I love you Mom!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Right on Roy Warden!!!

This video apparently dates back to May 2006, but I just saw it today and had to post it! It's none the less relevant at the present date and time I guarantee that.

Roy Warden is the dude from Tuscon who burned the Mexican flag during one of those great anti-ILLEGAL immigration rallies in 2006. Fucking right on Roy!!!!

This dude means bidness you fucking lame pacifist politicians! He's not alone...

Spin My Dreidel

For Ms. Sherman...wherever you are.

The Boy has learned pretty well (he has only been playing for about a month). The trumpet he is playing is a Frank Holton Trumpet (Circa 1926) passed down from my dad's uncle to my dad in the late 50's and from my dad to my son in 2009. I could not be more proud!

Oh no not again!!!!!!!

Just saw this posted on Drudge a few minutes ago. What the hell is wrong with this man??!! Normally I would just keep laughing at this man but now it seems his behavior is simply dangerous. What a wuss!! Check out the gray in his hair. That wasn't there a few months ago. It's stressful being a Communist fucking loser and perpetual hater of your own country.

Looking back at our posts over these last couple of months I've concluded that kerrcarto, CharlieDelta, and myself suffer from ODS. I mean, seriously, fuck this guy.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I Win

I have been bitching about the road conditions on the county road I live on to the road and bridge department for months and was told that the drainage was my problem. When it rains here our front yard resembles Lake Jackson from blownstar fame. Last Wednesday we had a couple of inches of rain and I popped a few pictures and sent an e-mail to the CRBD and my county commissioner also. Well I rolled in from work today and loe and behold they were out shooting grade on the road. I talked to the guys for a while and they told me that the road was in need of major repair. No shit batman! I've been telling you for a year! Just goes to show. You bitch enough and things get done. make a long story short. I WIN!!!

This is what we have to deal with when it rains (looking out my front door).

No more flooding..hopefully. We shall see. But like I told the dude that came out. I have lots of time to e-mail the commissioner and write letters to the editor so do what you will, but I know the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and I can squeak pretty loud.

FOD for PeggyU

I have so much I want to talk about but no time because I have too much work. Maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, here is a new FOD poster. The Whited Sepulchre contributed to this madness.

Hey Obama! Fuck you, too, asshole.

And here's one just for you, PeggyU.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random Thoughts

The Earth is younger than the amount of money the United States federal government spent this year.

Just Sayin'

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday Funnies: How Punkin Pies Are Made.

Connecticut 2010 Senate race

Here we are one year from the 2010 mid-term elections and Peter Schiff has been steadily gaining ground on Chris Dodd. As of Nov. 12, Schiff is within 5 points of Dodd in the polls. That's quite an accomplishment for somebody who has never been in the political spotlight. What's even more impressive is the fact that a Conservative is this close in the liberal shitsville that is Connecticut. Maybe there is some hope that millions of zombie liberals are starting to wake the hell up. I just hope that we have a country left by the time the elections get here.

Just A Warning

I woke up in a shitty mood today and into my third cup of joe it hit me.

You all know we love and adore our brothers and sisters in the armed forces both military and civilian, but if you come to arrest me because I refuse to participate in this sham called healthcare. You better send a bunch of mother fuckers. Cause I'm taking at least 10 of you with me, as that is as many rounds as my .40 holds. Well maybe 11.

You have been warned.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Night Anarchy!!

Fuck yeah!! Friday!! I'm getting really super fucking pissed off at Washington, DC and I'm sure you are, too. No better way to release the pressure than with Dropkick Murphys!!

I'm doing a double shot here. I had to slap this clip together because there are no online videos of these two songs with decent sound quality. So leave it to Action Jackson here to make sure the online waves are adequately stocked with kick-ass fuckin' riot tunes. Suck on this.

"Fortunes of War" and "Citizen CIA"

Peter Schiff update

This sort of goes with one of my prior posts from this week. For those of you who don't know, Peter Schiff will be challenging Chris Dodd next year in Connecticut. Support Peter Schiff for Senate. He is a good man, a strict interpreter of the US Constitution, very smart and a successful businessman, and has been dead on right about economic events. He has solutions and some of them ain't very pretty yet necessary. He predicted the subprime crash and was laughed at by numerous economists. He got the last laugh. Anyway, here is his latest vlog post. Health insurance explained.

Yes, he is Jewish. Look at that huge fuggin' nose! BWAHAHAHA!!! You da man, Peter!!

Christmas bong for CharlieDelta

Dude, I'm still laughing at that post of yours. I don't know why that shit was so funny to me. I just wish I was there to see the look on those damn agents' faces when they cracked open that crate.

Friday FOD

Every day that ends in "y" is a FOD day for me. What a joke! 'Cept it's not funny.

WTF is this?

Nevermind, we all know what it is.

Notice his dueling teleprompters so he can easily and “intellectually” read his lines…?

Did I say lines? I’m sorry. I meant, “lies”.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

What I would do

Make no mistake. The train has not yet wrecked but derailment is imminent. As kerrcarto pointed out a few posts ago with our national debt, we're fucked. Our debt now exceeds $12 trillion. Our fiscal 2009 federal deficit topped $1.4 trillion, and the 2010 federal budget passed by Congress earlier this year blows the roof off with over $3.5 trillion budgeted. Absolute insanity.

Nobody seems to have the courage to declare the real intention behind the health care travesty bill. You want to know why the taxes are to kick in now with "benefits" implementation to start in 2014? For two reasons: 1) so the government can start sucking our blood now to feed their unsustainable appetite and 2) to deceive us over the true cost of the health care bill. America's vast underclass does not understand this, and the Democrats know it. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers. Ah yes, the Democrats' "bread & butter" voting bloc.

For those of you who think that the Democrat Party is economically inept, I have some news for you. They are not. They know exactly what they are doing. Their agenda is to destroy Capitalism and create a totalitarian government, perhaps a global government on a single currency. The United States Constitution be damned. If you think I am full of partisan rhetoric, then perhaps you should take a closer look at Obama's czars.

But I digress. There are five economic policies that could have been implemented at the outset of the Obama administration. Policies that would have likely hurt us in the short-run but could have set us up for long-term prosperity. And long-term mentality is key to solving really shitty problems like what we have today. If I were the President, these are the first five policies I would have pushed.

1) One-year moratorium on corporate taxes followed by a 10% decrease in the corporate tax rate.

Our corporate tax rate is the second highest in the world behind Japan. Fuck. China's corporate tax rate is lower than ours.

This would have enticed domestic corporations to at least maintain or grow domestic facilities and would have also enticed foreign corporations to move operations to the United States. This creates and, yes, saves jobs. Most corporations require a middle- to high-skilled work force; therefore, tax incentives help fortify our country's middle class. A growing middle class contributes far greater tax revenues to government coffers than high corporate tax rates. History proves this.

2) Deploy the National Guard along the United States/Mexican border. Increase domestic raids against known companies employing illegal aliens.

This policy should be self-evident.

3) Expedite all pending permits for nuclear plant construction. Open ANWR. Open coastal drilling opportunities. Create significant renewable energy research & development tax credits.

Various energy companies have repeatedly declared that domestic energy production would create over 1,000,000 jobs within one year following approved permits. Nuclear energy is a good thing, especially with our technology. Ask France of all fucking places, which produces over 80% of its energy from nuclear resources. How embarrassing. Domestic energy production not only benefits our trade deficit but also reduces the amount of capital flowing from the United States to foreign entities, many of which are our enemies. And don't give me this dirty environmental crap. We have the cleanest energy production technology in the world. Until renewable energy resources become economically viable, we can at least support ourselves during the interim.

4) Commence with an across-the-board layoff of 20% of the federal work force not related to protective services, military, and intelligence.

Contrary to popular belief, Federal employment does not contribute to the gross domestic product (GDP) by any statistically significant amount because the government produces ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! Because of this, federal employment instead consumes our economic resources. Millions upon millions of people simply do not understand this concept.

Private sector growth will eventually absorb displaced government employees. The result is a short-term spike in the national unemployment rate followed by long-term employment rate stability. Federal layoffs would also reduce government labor expenditures, something we desperately need right now.

5) Dissolve the Internal Revenue Service and begin implementation of a flat tax.

Roughly half of our society pays federal income taxes. And you people at the bottom of the food chain wonder why you have absolutely no voice in government. Sure, they throw you bones but if you look closely, those bones are broken and with very little meat; intended to shut you the fuck up and keep you coming back for more. Today's tax policy has been written by the rich and for the rich. Wake the hell up, people. I should expand on this topic but this post is getting too long. Save for next time.

The Soviet Union collapse resulted from massive growth in the public sector, private sector collapse, coupled with a near total annihilation of their middle class. Ronald Reagan understood that if he could start an arm's race, the Soviets would eventually consume themselves under their Communist economic model and collapse. Unfortunately, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrat Party live for one purpose and one purpose only; to make Communism a working economic model. It never has worked and never will. Fuck you, Obama. You fail!

If you have read my post here to the end, then you might be a nerd like me. Cheers!

$8.22 Glass "Ornaments"???

Damn, the price has come WAY down since I used to buy these ornaments... I wish I could've intercepted this shipment, well, at least a portion of it.

I'd be rich by now...

Talk About Getting Your Teeth Kicked In

FOXNEWS BECK 2,512,000
FOXNEWS SHEP 1,980,000
CNNHN GRACE 1,036,000
CNN KING 835,000
CNN COOPER 611,000


U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time

You think the debt clock on the sidebar is scary. Check out the numbers at the lower right. That is what we have promised to pay out in medicare, medicaid and so on. That is fucking scary!
U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time

Teleprompter Problems

Obama's Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner

You Gotta Love Frankj

Stolen From IMAO

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Here are the instructions.
Go Here. Scroll down to page 29.
See anything troubling?

I wonder who else was on that advisory team.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Evening FOD

In case you still had any doubts, this should clear everything up for you:


FOD Redux

Obama is like the fodder king. Never, except for maybe Peanut Carter, has a President provided so many tasty morsels of stupidity for us to consume. If we survive this disastrous administration, we'll look back on these years and laugh our asses off. Obama is a fucking retard. He's the kid at school we all laughed at.

As someone pointed out on youtube:

A. It is respectful to bow when bowed to.

B. The Japanese Emperor never bows to anyone, nor did he bow to Obama before or after.

C. When bowing always look the other in the eye, not at their fucking shoes.

The President should never bow to someone unless they bow to him, and out of respect return the offering. If he is so keen on traditions, then why in the hell did his skank wife touch the Queen of England, a serious no no in the world of traditions?

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Welcome Home

Watch this. Now tell me dogs aren't a man's best friend.

This is ours. Lucy.

Bad on Sunday

Who's got the record player? I still have this on vinyl and I'm back in the punk phase again. How Could Hell Be Any Worse?

Good question.

Early Greg Graffin...

Sublime did a pretty good job covering this tune, but it's nowhere near the caliber of these guys and there's nothing like seeing Bad Religion live....

Friday, November 13, 2009

"The" Friday Jams

Some headphone music for you.

Friday Night Anarchy!!

Need jobs? Call a summit.
Need propaganda? Call MSNBCABCCBSCNN.
Protect America? Call a lawyer.
Win a war? Don't.
Need money? Steal it from our children and print more.
Wanna fuck the American people over for good? Take their health care.

Does that about sum up the Obama Administration so far? Hey Obama, this song is for you. Lucifer welcomes you to his kingdom.

While the Democrats waddle in their filth this weekend, I'm gonna have a good time. Hope you do the same. Cheers!

Are you kidding me??!!

Now I've defended Prejean in debates but she is so completely immature here. Unfuckingbelievable. There are other ways to handle this situation, and she could have answered the question or at least tried to discuss the matter in very general terms. I'm not a fan of Larry King but he asked nothing inappropriate here.

Carrie, I'll tell you what's inappropriate; me slapping your face with my cock. Now that's inappropriate. BWAHAHAHAH!!!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eye Test

It's kinda funny that my Mom sent this to me tonight (she knows I'm a pervert) and just yesterday I had my first eye examination in over 20 years.

Need glasses? Look carefully at the picture.

Did you see that nice ass?

If yes,

Then go to an optometrist immediately because this is the shoulder of the girl taking the picture!!!

I've been holding out on the eye exam for 20+ years because I didn't want to accept the fact that the time has come. My cousin and I are a week apart in age and we are the last in our family to wear corrective gear, and his wife is a fucking Optometrist of all things! I haven't called him yet to tell him because I know he's gonna give me a bunch of shit. Not for needing corrective gear, but for having my eyes checked in the first place. For all these years I've been telling myself that I can see fine, I still have 20/20, etc.

Try again...

I'm not blind as a (moon)bat or a frenchman, but it's definitely not anywhere near as good as I thought. I couldn't believe how much better I could see when the doctor dude tweaked the dials on the machine. What have I been missing all these years? Is this why my marksmanship isn't where I think it should be? How many nice asses have I been missing out on? WTF?

So yeah, the day finally came where I had to realize that I'm pushing 40 and shit's starting to break down. Time for glasses.

Note to self:
Fuck the liver exam!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Compare and Contrast

The "reverend" Wright

Rush Hudson "Mmmm..Mmmm..Mmmm" Limbaugh

I think I will stick with Rush.


What CD said. If it was not for the United States armed forces there is no telling what this world would look like. To all of you who have served to defend this country and our way of life you have my eternal gratitude. I will buy any of you a beer at any time.

Welcome Home Vet's.

Happy Veteran's Day!

This day is for you! As far as I'm concerned every day in The United States should be dedicated to you! Words cannot express my appreciation for what you and those before you have sacrificed to protect and defend our FREEDOMS!

This day is for you! Enjoy it! You've earned it!

As I wipe this mist from my eyes, I raise my glass to those of you who have a bigger pair than I do or ever did! You are the backbone of this country! Thank you for your bravery and thank you for your service and sacrifice. Thank you!

At the same time, I want to be angry. I know that I've posted this multiple times but this is definitely deserving of Veteran's Day. Turn it up loud!

Happy Veteran's Day, Veterans! The United States would be nothing without you!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I knew it!

40 Years Old

No not me. Sesame Street. I used to like that show when I was a kid, but now as an adult...well Dave Chappelle says it best.

The video is NSFW, but if you are reading this blog, you already know this.

Speaker Blinky: The San Fransicko Reptilian

It may be too late by the time the 2010 elections get here, but we still have to fight. Last week's election results show some sign of hope.

What an atrocity this government has become. Nancy Pelosi has morphed into a complete monster. I like what Dennis Miller said about her last week:

Look at those eyes. Look how empty that is. This woman could lose a game of tic-tac-toe to an amoeba for God's sakes. It'll show you the holes in the system we have that this is the most powerful woman in the United States of America, and look at her. She's sub-reptilian. You usually see a face like that on a lizard laying on a hot rock. Empty. Vapid. Nobody home.

BWAHAHAH!! Leave it to Dennis Miller to tell it like it really is.

Ahead Of His Time...

One of the best stand-up bits ever! Sam, you were ahead of your time...


Monday, November 9, 2009

More Muzzzzzak

Should this be our theme song or what!


I've got a few more days of down time from work because the economy sucks so bad. But that's OK, my income so far and savings are high enough that I could feasibly just not work anymore this year. But then I would probably go absolutely nucking futs. A few more days away from work is just fine with me though. So time to catch up on partying after the hellish class I just finished.

Work?! What work?! BWAHAHAH!! Here's some Widespread Panic live from Austin. Gonna be loud around my house for the next few days while the kids are at school. Beer me! All y'all have fun at work and you can kiss my ass! Heh heh.

Pablo Here!

Hello gottagetdrunkfirst peeps. Been a while. First and prayers are with the Ft. Hood families. My heart sank and the anger swelled when this happened. This one hit too close to home as I am a Dallas native and have had many friends stationed there over the years. I'm going to keep the editorial to myself but those who know me know exactly how I feel about this fucking thing and Obama's all too telling reaction to it. God bless our men and women in uniform.

I just got back from Oregon. I had to take a class and a very important one at that. I'm about two years away from achieving my industry designation (been at it for five years now), and this class was part of the program. The course was called Advanced Income Capitalization and the challenge ranked right up there with my graduate school work. An absolute beast. 8 to 5 every day with mass homework each night. I was shacked up in the Shiloh Inn with one thing and one thing only on my mind; total domination. I kicked that fucking exam in the teeth. It took me three hours to complete (47 questions) and I walked out of there feeling pretty damn good.

Meanwhile, my ex-wife stayed here at the house with the kids. When I returned home, this is what was left of my property.
BWAHAHAHAHAH!!! Nah, just kidding. There's actually a pretty sad story about this picture. The site is located in West Seattle. Whole Foods proposed a new grocery store and other retail suites along with apartments on the upper floors. Shortly after they finished digging the hole, the site fell into litigation and the owners into bankruptcy. Now it sits idle and the angry residents of West Seattle now call it the "Hole" Foods site. Get it? Get it? It is just another example of the dire straits our nation's commercial real estate markets are in today.

Anyway, I had to pick her up at the airport and that was rather awkward but I had the kids with me so they provided the necessary buffer zone between the two of us. When we got home I parked the truck in the garage, grabbed my bags, hugged the kids, gave her an envelope stuffed with cash, and bolted. I didn't even see her when I returned home because she had to catch an early flight so grandpa took the kids for a few hours. Nice. But to my surprise, my ex-wife took care of the place. She cleaned the hell out of it, rearranged furniture, organized closets and overhauled the kids' wardrobes. She even made lunches for the kids, ate with them at school, and met their teachers. Shocking.

So that's that. The experiment worked. Now I have a new option for when I have to go on trips but I won't be making a habit of this. It was weird inviting her into my home in the first place. But at least I know that we can at the very least work together after the hell she has put us through these last few years. Who knows. Maybe she is starting to mature now. About fucking time. After all, she'll have 43 years this December.

FOD: Snub

So here we are , another shitty Monday. It is drizzling and cold here in the Texas Hill Country so it makes it especially crummy.

Well anyone who was alive 20 years ago today knows how important to world history today is, except our peeresident. You see 20 years ago today the Berlin Wall fell. One of the most historic events of the last century. I remember Reagan's speech and the now infamous "Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall" quote.

What does this have to do with The Chocolate Jebus you ask?

Last week he had the Chancellor of Germany at The White House, while she was there she invited The Bamster to come and speak at the 20th anniversary celebration but it seems he is too busy to. Ya know with all the parties at the White House and with the important work he is doing on the economy he is just swamped.

Not to swamped to go New York on a date or fly overseas to try and get Chicago the Olympics or to appear on late night talk shows or campaign for losing candidates or record an ad spot for the George Lopez show (I can't stand that racist Mexican) or have more prime time news conferences and more joint sessions of congress than any other president up to this point in their presidency or stick his gigantic ears on the television every chance he gets. I guess the Chancellor of Germany's invitation, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the freedom of millions of people just isn't important enough.

I bet if they were putting the wall back up his ass would be over there in a second.

Running Eastern Germany.

So Happy Anniversary on your freedom Germany and FUCK YOU Obama.

UPDATE: He gave a speech via satellite hookup. He mentioned Kennedy, Himself and the current chancelor. Not one word about Renaldus Magnus. What an asshole.

Hat Trick

Three weekends in a row with three successful desert trips. This was probably my last one before the first of the year (unless I make it out Thanksgiving weekend) and it was a good trip.

We got to our usual shooting spot when no sooner did this Border Patrol agent come cruisin' up the road to check us out. This is nothing out of the ordinary because we go to where apparently lots of illegal shit goes down. We've been coming to the same spot for a good six years or so and have run across a Border Patrol agent every time. Usually they ask us if we've seen any "citizens of Mehico", gloss over our weapons and go on there way.

Yesterday, a Border Patrol dude came up draggin' the road and asked us to move along because there were "immigrants" roaming around in the hills. Immigrants? How about Illegal Aliens? What's this fucking "immigrant" bullshit? Call them what they are. Illegal!

I was kinda pissed at first that the dude was asking us to move along and deviate from our itinerary because some dumbass Illegal Alien might walk into our line of fire but it worked out for the better. I've been shooting the last couple weekends and need to start conserving ammo. From here on out, I'm conserving everything except .22LR. I have shitload of that stuff and it's just as fun to plink.

We went to where Agent Sanchez told us it was cool to shoot, popped off a few rounds and decided that it would be more fun to head to Superstition, find a spot up on a hill, drink some brews and watch people ride.

We found a nice spot up on a hill with a great view, turned on some tunes, watched the desert rats roll by and caught a great beer buzz. Before we hit the road to go home, Brett was urkin' to blast some 12 gauge so we found a spot and blasted a few. Damn that was fun!

For once I didn't have to drive so the beer buzz was a little bigger than usual, but I did get a pretty badass sunset pic in my stupor.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Health Scare

Well Speaker Spring In Her Ass passed health care last night. It is on to the senate now. Where it will more than likely die. Let's hope. Why does health care require one-thousand-nine-hundred-ninety pages but the founding of the greatest nation of the face of the earth only took one. takes your freedoms away and one grants them to you. Take a guess which one is which.

Just in case anyone forgot.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Jams

WARNING!! Only watch the last two if you have a libertarian stomach of steel!

New Workout For The Ladies

Ladies, your husbands/boyfriends can thank me later. Or if they would like to repay me instantly, please have them ship the beer and/or booze to my house.

Crime & Punishment

The more I watch about the atrocity at Ft. Hood the more I get pissed off and the cleaner my weapons get. It's time to spend some time at the range and sharpen up on the skills folks! WTF? A sleeper cell infiltrated The United States Military? We all know they've already infiltrated the White House but the United States Military?

What. The. Fuck?

When I heard that this mooselimb motherfucker was still alive, I had a brief thought in my head that said, "at least there will be some justice and some punishment" and then reality instantly hit me... Bullshit! There wont be any justice, there wont be any punishment besides this goat fucker getting three squares a day on the American tax payer's dime. That's it!

In the midst of my anger I cruised over to the Kansas Redneck and he mellowed me out a little with a fantasy of being the MC at the Al Jizzera Pay-Per-View event of the decade. I like the way this Kansas Redneck thinks...

What we need to do though is take scum like Nidal Malik Hasan and execute them in a way that is against islam. Take this scum bucket, tie him to a post inside of a pen. Turn hogs into the pen. slaughter the hogs, and pour the blood over him. Force morsels cut from the hogs down his throat. Then take bullets, dip them in the pig blood and shoot him with them. Finally, dig a pit, toss half of the hog parts in, toss him in, then the rest of the hogs. Then let wild dogs consume the pile.
Film the entire thing, and broadcast the vids on Al Jazeeras frequency all over the arab world. As far as I'm concerned, do the same thing to every prisoner at GITMO as well.

When are we as a Nation going to say, "ENOUGH"? When are we as a Nation going to realize that islam is not compatible with Western Civilization? When are we as a Nation going to band together and stop this politically incorrect bullshit? More than that, when are we as a Nation going to elect a POTUS with a pair to bomb these bastards back to the stone age where they belong? When are we gonna fuck these animals up? Not soon enough!

When are you so-called 'moderate' Muslims going to step up to the plate and curb your radical animal bretheren? When the fuck are you going to denounce any of their acts of random violence? Not just in the United States, but across the gotdamn globe? Until you do, you are on the same shit-list as far as I am concerned. You're one in the same!

There are millions of us Americans who love our freedoms and our way of life. There are millions of us who are not afraid of your "jihad'. In fact, there are millions of us who invite it and welcome it. Bring it on! Intimidation of the mooselimb kind doesn't work here. We're Americans and we'll step into the ring ready to throw down with you fucking swines! Anytime. Anywhere.

Bring it on!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

To close to home.

FORT HOOD?!?!?!?! Dude! That shit is too close. Our condolences to the families of the murdered. One shooter is dead and the other two suspected accomplises are in custody, soldiers at that. I hope to God they are not muslims I really do. No matter what they turn out to be, bury the fuckers to their heads in the sand and let the army ants take care of them then in a couple months put their sun bleached skulls on pikes. At the front gate. Just as a warning.

I had a buddy there fixing to ship out. I hope he is not one of the dead or wounded.

UPDATE: Well, well, well a lone muslim shooter. You un-crazy muslims need to speak out LOUD!

The New Oprah

The New York Times has a story today stating that Glenn Beck is the conservative Oprah as far as books go. I personally have read two of his books (Common Sense and An Inconvenient Book) and one that he has recommended (The 5000 Year Leap) and I learned a hell of a lot that I did not know. "The 5000 Year Leap A Miracle That Changed The Word",was the most informative book on government that I have ever read, if you still have not read that book, get your ass in gear and read it!

The point of this post was to tell you MSNBC has a poll up. Who's book recomendation you would take more often Glenn or Oprah. Go have fun. Lets show MSNBC who's boss.


Where's Pablo?

Paul...WTF? Where you be at krackah? I'm hoping you saw this and are headed south to San Diego to see the show. It's gonna be total anarchy and complete madness! You'll fit right in.

Sprung Monkey opening for 'em is gonna be good too. Stoney music. This is gonna be a good fucking show!

The drummer and bass player both look like they're late for 3rd period and those dudes both rip! What's up with that?

Mini Me

Uncle Dave sent me this picture today with the subject, "Imagine the mischief lurking behind that sweet, angelic face...". BWAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA! He's right. There was all kinds of mischief rolling around in my head back then just as it is today. It had me in stitches!

This was taken circa 1980. Damn, life was so simple back then.

Check out those groovy drapes, my sideburns and comb-over. That was back when Mom used to cut our hair and it was the same for all three of us. I can't stop laughing...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not Racists

I got this one from my mom. Her email said that it was taken in Texas. Kerrcarto must have called in sick to work today and had a little fun.

Chip Shot

With all the people implanting chips in their pets so they can find them if they get lost. I figured it would work well with terrorists also. Here is how it goes.

THE PATRIOT MICRO CHIP is intended to be implanted in terrorists.

The implant is specifically designed to be installed in the cranium.

When properly installed, it will allow the terrorist who was implanted to be found within seconds.

It comes in various sizes:

The exact size of the implant will be selected by a well-trained and highly skilled technician.

The implant may or may not be painless. Side
effects, like headaches and nausea, are temporary.
Some bleeding or swelling may occur at the injection site.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I guess Hammer gave it up. I have tried to go over to his blog a few times this week and it is gone. Which really sucks cause I liked reading Hammer. He is a funny sum bitch and even more so in person. I will never be able to eat another Arby's Roast Beef with cheese for the rest of my life without cracking up.

You still there Hammer?

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

Mostly when they come from my keyboard they turn to drivel or they become worth a million words of drivel. I think pictures lay it out better and one can come from their own conclusion rather than me trying to narrate.

Long story short, this was one of those trips that I'll never forget. Shit, in a few years, I'll be looking forward to camping with my new nephew! I can't wait for that!

Monday, November 2, 2009

If Obama Was A Forklift Driver

EMBED-Bringing Down The Warehouse - Watch more free videos

FOD Election Troubles

So Mr. Peeresident, this is turning out to be not such a good day for your party. We have NY 23 where a conservative party candidate is about to trounce the liberal democrat (and your sending Biden up there today? Yea that's gonna help.), we have the Virginia gubernatorial race where the conservative republican will win and the N.J race that you have spent a lot of political capital on and your boy is still gonna lose. BWAHAHAHAHA! You are an albatross around the neck of the democrats. A majority of the American people are on to you. Look for a new job come 2012 you fuck.

Oh yeah, and in case you didn't know. The election is over in Afghanistan. The other dude dropped out. So you can make a decision now. Unless of course George Soros hasn't told you what to do yet.

Now all we need is for your health care plan to go down in flames (which I think it will) and we will have a trifecta.

So here's to you and your failing presidency. Keep it up and 2010 is going to be a great year!