Wednesday, November 25, 2009

GGDF War Strategy

I read this story over on Fox this morning and I cannot take it anymore. What the fuck is wrong with this country? We are going to prosecute 3 Navy SEALs for assault because they gave a terrorist shitbag a bloody lip!!! I guess you are not supposed to punch anyone in the face during war. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! I'm going to lose my fucking mind! Like my brother in law said in one of the comments the other day, WE TULY ARE IN BIZARO WORLD.

So I sat down and thought up a war strategy to prevent any terrorist high value targets from ever getting physically abused by our troops again. Here it is. WATER BOARD THEM. THEN SHOOT THEM IN THE HEAD! See problem solved. No messy trial to deal with just a messy terrorist to shovel into a garbage can or let the wild dogs eat. Either way.


Anonymous said...

No capture. No transporting. No detention. No interrogation. No water boarding. No trial. No lawyers. No bullshit. Just shoot the fuckers on sight. All of them. Dead.

labcat said...

again quoting clint..."birds gotta eat same as the worms."

this whole situation is pathetic.

CharlieDelta said...

Yeah! What Anonymous said!

Claudia said...

I don't understand either what's going on. What I said on the GOC. This is a war. In a war, you shoot the enemy. You don't ask him his ID. You don't bring him to court. You shoot him. Bang. Gone.

Exactly what Anonymous said. If you don't do that, the war is lost.
I'm afraid America is losing the war. And the whole world will suffer. I hate to see this, and not be able to speak to your stupid President. Sometimes, I suspect that he wants the war to be lost.