Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Riddle Me This

This is an actual question from the boys homework. Can someone please explain to me how this teaches math.

Mr. Badilla is building a rectangular fence around his back yard. He needs to buy enough fencing material to cover two lengths and one width. Mr. Badilla knows that his stride is about one half meter long. Describe a way that Mr. Badilla could estimate the amount of fencing material he will need.

Am I just stupid, or is this a fucking un-answerable question?


Anonymous said...

Walk the perimeter. Count your strides. Multiply number of strides X 0.5 meters = approx. length of material needed. Yeah beeeeeeeeotch..

Anonymous said...

Of course, depends on the style of fence. Likely, he would then have to multiply by 2 because each fence section usually has two crossbars.

He would then need to take the length of the perimeter and divide that by the width of the slats which gives you the number of slats you have to buy.

Assuming 1 post per 6 meters, he would also have to take the perimeter length and divide by 6 which would give him the number of posts needed.

Fuck what the hell is wrong with me.

kerrcarto said...

Thank you!!!!!!!!! (My wife).

I know all that but how would you know what to measure if there is not a definite number to figure?

I asked the boy "If Mr. Badilla had a yard that he needed to fence that was 20'x20'x60' how much linear footage of fencing would he need". He came back with 100' in about ten seconds. (Me)

Why can't we have questions like that?

Paul, you live to close to Canada, the metric system is osmosing into your head.

CharlieDelta said...

Seriously kerrcarto. My question is why is the fucking question in meters and not feet? I have to do a lot of converting meters to feet in estimating CA DOT projects (which pisses me the fuck off too) but why should a kid have to get that in an AMERICAN school at his age??

If I was Mr. Badildo, I would just have some of my zillions of kin that snuck North across the border figure it out, and build it for $1.25/hr.

Patriot Gretchen said...

Gees I thought they wanted him to COVER the yard in fencing, and I just thought they were fucking insane.

I is not so good at the new math

* CharlieDelta* please check your yahoo mail, hilarity awaits you my friend


Phillip said...

It looks more like a critical thinking exercise and a test of knowing the process than one of getting a specific answer. Which I think is a good idea. I've known a lot of people who could get an answer for a specific set of questions, but turn them loose with a tape measure and tell them to give you an estimate of board feet for a project, will look at you with a dumb look.

Witchy Woman said...

Mr Badilla needs to move somewhere that his neighbors have already put fences up. Then all he has to do is complete the fence from the property line to his house.

red collar said...

CD, I know how you feel, man. It's like questioning English as the first language in the US.

As for me, I learned meters in school but worked in feet.

Then later I worked with a digital machine where I had to enter metric readings which would punch out imperial measurements. The plans were made in feet but the only sheet metal punching machines come in metric.

What's 7" and 7/8th in metric? Who the fuck knows. You can't mix and match.