Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dinner Time

I read this story in one of our local rags and it really made me laugh at first. Then it got me thinking

Woman arrested for repeated calls to 911

A Kerrville woman was arrested Friday because she called 911 twice and told dispatch “her husband would not eat his dinner.”

Kerrville police officer Shalethea Makin responded to the 300 block of Blanks Street for a possible disturbance after 911 received two calls from the residence; the first was a hang-up, and on the second call, the operator could hear a woman screaming in the background.

When officers arrived, they found a 53-year-old woman screaming “about things that happened two weeks ago,” according to police report.

Officers reported that the woman smelled strongly of alcohol. She told officers she called 911 because her husband would not eat his dinner.

According to 911 dispatchers, the woman has a history of calling 911 for non-emergency situations when she drank.

“She has been warned many times to call the non-emergency number for the Kerrville Police Department when it’s not a life-threatening emergency,” said KPD public information officer Paul Gonzales.

This was the second time the woman was arrested for silent/abusive calls to 911 service.

She was taken into custody, and the case has been forwarded to the county attorney’s office

What the fuck is wrong with people anymore? Call the cops because your husband won't eat his dinner? What ever happened to just not giving him any pussy? And then there is this one on Drudge. Your kid won't stop playing his video games. So what do you do? A:Yank the controller out of the little fuckers hand, maybe kick the console across the room then turn the circuit breaker off. Or B: Call 911. I vote A. I see the increasing numbers of stories like this in the news and I am amazed on how much people rely on "Big Brother" to fix their problems. Fewer and fewer people have the balls anymore to confront their problems themselves. Nope, just call the government and they can fix it all. Just another sign of the times I guess. No wonder we have a complete waste of oxygen in the White House right now. These kind of people are his voting base. We are becoming a world full of nanny state pussies. Fucking pathetic.

UPDATE: She made the national news


Witchy Woman said...

yeah, i saw the video game one. i don't understand the mentality. when my lil brother was playing zelda and wouldn't take his bath my dad paid him (yeah cash for baths) to do it. when dad was out and i was in charge i just hid the controllers.

and a few months ago some idiot called 911 because mcdonalds ran out of french fries. wtf?? this is the kind of crap that's being called in and tying up lines while people are being robbed or killed. nice.

when i take over the world smart people will be given a license to shoot the morons.

Anonymous said...

I propose such behavior be called the "New Orleans Syndrome" in honor of the thousands of third generation welfare fucks that were either too fucking lazy or too fucking stupid to move their sorry asses out of the way of a fucking hurricane. The recent heavy snowfall in the Washington, DC metro area is another example of this syndrome. Government agencies were swamped with irate callers complaining that the snow had not been removed from all the streets, sidewalks and parking lots (which was apparently causing a negative impact to their drive-by and walk-up drug business). Put down the tv remote, put down the crack pipe and get your fucking, lazy ass off the couch. Pick up a goddamn shovel and clean off your own fucking sidewalk.

Denny said...

Kerrcarto - BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I saw that story and wondered if you knew that stupid bitch.