Monday, December 7, 2009


If you are not watching Glenn Beck, stop what you are doing and turn on Fox NOW! Obama had two people "crash" the White House last week and that has been the focus of who was there. There was another person there that no one is talking about. His name is Robert Creamer (I bet they loved that last name in prison). He is a convicted felon and husband of a Senator from Illinois. While in prison he wrote a book called Listen To Your Mother: Stand Up Straight! How Progressives Can Win the book lays out how to take health care and make it seen as a right not a commodity and the path on how to "fundamentally change America". A convicted felon that wrote a book that lays out the exact plan that Obama is implementing must just be a coincidence. Right? If you believe that, my rocket ship to Mars leaves in about an hour, if you want a ride you better get here quick.

Here are the bulleted points of the book.

  • “We must create a national consensus that health care is a right, not a commodity; and that government must guarantee that right.”
  • “We must create a national consensus that the health care system is in crisis.”
  • “Our messaging program over the next two years should focus heavily on reducing the credibility of the health insurance industry and focusing on the failure of private health insurance.”
  • “We need to systematically forge relationships with large sectors of the business/employer community.”
  • “We need to convince political leaders that they owe their elections, at least in part, to the groundswell of support of [sic] universal health care, and that they face political peril if they fail to deliver on universal health care in 2009.”
  • “We need not agree in advance on the components of a plan, but we must foster a process that can ultimately yield consensus.”
  • “Over the next two years, we must design and organize a massive national field program.”
  • “We must focus especially on the mobilization of the labor movement and the faith community.”
  • “We must systematically leverage the connections and resources of a massive array of institutions and organizations of all types.”
  • “To be successful, we must put in place commitments for hundreds of millions of dollars to be used to finance paid communications and mobilization once the battle is joined.”

  • Obama has now surrounded himself with communists, Chairman Mao lovers, convicted felons, radical leftists, union thugs and only God knows who else.

    Don't believe me? Go here and read it for yourself.


    Cactus Mark said...

    Yup, I watch GB daily. I really like the radio show as it is more light-hearted.

    kerrcarto said...

    I like the radio show more than the television myself. When Glenn, Stu and now Pat "brainstorm" with each other, it is some of the best radio around.

    Patriot Gretchen said...

    Didnt get to watch today, Hopefully its recorded

    For about 5 seconds, I thought this jack ass was the Ex-con Parents of Chelsea's fiance... I think they are Ed Mezvinsky & Rep. Marjorie Mezvinksy from Iowa possibly.

    anyhow, my skins done crawling... not like this is much better but what can you do?

    kerrcarto - I concure!
    when they were talking about H Clinton bashing India/Ghandi/Gas station owners.." but she said it with tollerance!"