Monday, December 7, 2009


Just before I left from work tonight I checked out and couldn't fucking believe what I was reading! This shit is beyond out of control, it's a gotdamn living nightmare!

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Several Missouri schools are complaining about notebooks and pencils with designs similar to the logos from President Barack Obama's campaign.

At least one notebook and pencil with the design have been purchased from a school supply machine at a Columbia elementary school. Two families have complained about the design, and Principal Mary Sue Gibson said she planned to complain to the supply company.

- It's gotdamn blatent indoctrination. If I was one of those parents I'd be fucking livid! I'm surprised that it was the school's who actually complained.

Greg Jones, a sales representative with Pencil Wholesale, said the design was an accident.

Jones, who delivers supplies to about 800 schools, said he remembers seeing the design but didn't think anything about it. He said the supplies were designed by a different company and that "the art department was trying to be cutesy."

- An accident? BWAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA! Okay. Sure. Whatever you say there, pal. I tried finding the name of the "different company" so I could write them a letter and rip 'em a new one but no luck. I got tired of looking because Monday Night Football is on, and I have beer to drink so I said, "fuck it"!

"It's turned out to be really ugly. We're trying to get them out of the schools as fast as we can," said Jones, who identified himself as a registered Republican who voted for John McCain in 2008.

- I think Greg Jones is completely full of shit! He claims to be a registered Republican but he didn't think anything about it when he saw it? C'mon! WTF!

Anyways, I guess this is more a 'FUCK YOU' post to Pencil Wholesale, but I'd also like to say "Fuck You" to Obama, the assholes who voted for him and the cocksuckers who still think he's the second coming of Christ. Oh, and Fuck You too Greg Jones, you lying sack of shit mole...

Here's the picture of the notebook. I got it from here.

You assholes deserve nothing less than a flaming bag of poo...


Anonymous said...

Dude, can you fucking believe that? I had the same reaction when I read that.

kerrcarto said...

I'm wondering if it is not a message against the Chocolate Jebus. We have all seen the bumper stickers of "Change That Is All Your Gonna Have Left". Kinda looks like that to me.

labcat said...

my girl would laugh in the faces of the kids who bought these from the school bookstore. Thank God.

Patriot Gretchen said...

In our school ( church school) nothing is supplied and there is no school store. Your family is expected to provide what you need.

I think my oldest would buy all of it and burn it, and my daughter... she would tell Fr Smith on the "bookstore"

What a laugh, Thank Frickin God the Church scholarships us, I would be in deep trouble with my opinions, attitude and computer access as a parent if we were in Public Schools..


CharlieDelta said...

I would like to think so, but my spaceship hasn't left yet...