Monday, December 21, 2009


Sorry it's so late. I didn't have time to post anything at work today and apparently Paul and kerrcarto are major slackers.

Happy Fuck Obama Day!


Patriot Gretchen said...

yeah... where WERE you guys...
CD email
or 6 6 80 47 0
I know it was a hard weekend , but if we cant bitch all together WTAT the fucking fuck

keep yer fucking powder dry... its getting ugly and Im counting on you


CharlieDelta said...

Sorry PG-
My CD account is my secondary account and I get a lot of garbage from Prospussy and that silly cunt Silly so I rarely check it. Rolex's and Viagra don't do much for me...

I check in now and again though. You'll have to come to the range with us one of these days!

kerrcarto said...

Yeah, sorry bout that, been out of pocket. Honey do's before the family gets here.