Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Love CO2

Lisa Kay turned me on to this site and I can't wait to send this to the few idiots I still correspond with who actually buy into this bullshit farce/hoax/joke/lie.

The fact that Boxer wants to kill the messenger instead if the bullshit fabrication of a message should boil it all down. Even for you 'tards on the left...

Tell ya what... my truck is going to warm up for about fifteen minutes (even though it's fuel injected and doesn't need to "warm up"), I just exhaled some CO2 and some heffer named Michelle Obama just farted in the Oval Office. Write the ticket already and let's get this over with.

...but before you do, can you please tell me how many of you fucking hypocrits took private jets to Carbonhagen?

Oh, you're exempt? I'm sorry. Fuck you!

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