Saturday, December 5, 2009

Time to ditch Comcast

I have been a cable broadband user since the very beginning when Excite ran the network back in the early-2000s. Cable broadband is without a doubt the fastest and most efficient Internet connection for residential use. In fact, I just ran my bandwidth meter utility and my download speed here on Saturday morning is pushing 20 mbps. During early morning hours when there is little traffic I've measured 35 mbps. So this service is screamin' fast.

I think it is time to ditch Comcast. All the corporate pandering across these last two years has forced me to inject politics into my business and consumer decisions. I have generally kept my political views separate from my daily consumer decisions but no more. I am now a full-fledged boycotter of several financial firms; I boycott both General Motors and Chrysler for obvious reasons; GE and NBC can suck a dick; and now it is time to boycott Comcast. While Comcast has a monopoly within my service area, I am willing to sacrifice speed in the name of principle.

Now understand that I don't mind corporations managed by professionals with liberal ideology. In my neck of the woods for example, local companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Costco all have a rather liberal management team, but they don't inject themselves into polarizing public issues in the form of pandering. Pandering is what pisses me off more than anything because not only is it disingenuous, but it's also dangerous and smacks of pure unadulterated greed. After what we have witnessed across these last 18 months from TARP to the automotive bail-outs, Pandora's Box is officially open for business. And we can thank big corporate for handing over the keys.

This morning we learn that Comcast has endorsed the Democrat health care destruction bill. The endorsement has come one day after announcing the proposed Comcast/NBC merger. It's bad enough having my Internet service provider now affiliated with NBC. But the Comcast CEO's decision to publicly endorse the health care destruction bill was the last straw. I won't bother summarizing the article. Read it for yourself.

It's amazing what prominent business professionals will do these days to secure business deals. Sickening. I almost destroyed my TV watching the Big Three CEOs bow to Congress for some bail-out cash. Need a buck? Sell your soul to the devil.

Back in the day, corporations operated with a sense of balance between community service and business profit, and were always weary of getting too cuddly with government bureaucracy. Now, the heavy hands of government regulation, organized labor, and greed have destroyed the public's perception of corporate America. And rightfully so because corporations could give a flying fuck about the community so long as next quarter's profit exceeds expectations. Outsource overseas? Check. Cook the books? You betcha. Suck some government cock? Yummy. The effect of course is greater short-term profit, but the long-term ramifications are dire. No need to look any further than the current health of our domestic automotive and financial institutions to prove my point, which we are now paying for in the form of massive bail-out money. Here we are working hard in the trenches while big government and big corporate executives fondle each other at the country clubs with my fucking money; propping up failed and inefficient business models. Instead of solving problems with real solutions, corporate America and big government decide to marry and borrow our future generations into oblivion. Fuck you all.

Smart business leaders should understand that the massive growth in government will only lead to a steady decline in our standards of living, which will ultimately impact profit potential. So pandering to government initiatives designed to grow the public sector would prove counter-productive. Oh wait a minute, there I go thinking long-term again. Silly me. I guess I would make a shitty business leader in today's world stocked up with pandering pussies and greedy politicians.

Note to big business: pander and I'm out. cya Comcast. Fuck you.


PeggyU said...

They are the only cable provider we have access to here. Maybe it's time to look into getting a satellite dish ...

Paul said...

Satellite service providers like DirecTV and Dish Network have service agreements in place with DSL network providers like Qwest. DSL is slower than cable broadband but still acceptable. That's the route I'm taking this next week.

Paul said...

Oh and Peggy. The cost per channel for satellite is way lower compared to cable. Much better value. Switch to satellite TV. Just do it. You won't be sorry. We did last year to DirecTV, leaving only our Internet connection.

kerrcarto said...

Well said brother.

PeggyU said...

Besides all of which, their damned logo looks like a Muslim crescent!

Harper said...

I am still wondering what Costco hoped to gain with its in-house magazine cover story about Al Gore and his new book, which was even prefaced by a justification that all was fair and balanced because they allowed Glenn Beck to buy advertising in the same issue. They certainly seem to be back-pedaling now with two pages of Gore bashing editorials in the current issue.

CharlieDelta said...

Good move dude. I'm all about boycotting every last motherfucker who is on the wrong side of logic. Fuck YOU Comcast!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Ah, This is awesome! Puts to bed
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