Wednesday, January 13, 2010

16 Hours

That is how long it has taken The Chocolate Jebus to respond to the earthquake in Haiti, 3 days for an attempted terrorist attack on the United States 16 hours for a Haitian earthquake.

I have been watching Fox waiting for TCJ to speak. Fox was given the two minute warning about fifteen minutes ago. Ya' notice how this president is NEVER on time? GW was johnny on the spot. If they said 8:30 he was at the podium at 8:29:58. This jackass we have now just shows up when he wants to.

Anyway, I just find it appalling that this fuckwit sits on his ass in Hawaii on vacation after an attempted attack on the United States but some third world shitpile gets rocked by an earthquake and by god he is right on top of it.

Maybe he should go over there personally and heal the wounded and dying himself.


Paul said...

Dude, that is fucked up! Imagine if that earthquake hit a major American city, Hussein would probably never show up. Asshole.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear how the Oba-messiah is gonna blame this on George Bush...or global warming...or Sarah Palin...or Tea Baggers...or....

CharlieDelta said...

It's night and day......

......Pun intended!

BG said...

He's not late, he is just on BPT.

And BPT(Black People Time) is a real thing. I see it demonstrated almost daily.

We attend classes/training occasionally and everyone is there on time except the People of African Descent. They straggle in anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes late all week.

Haiti is such a shithole, how can even tell if something happened?

The Dominican Republic is on the same island, they felt no effects?