Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I am so stoked that the 60th vote has been stripped from the Communists. Massachusetts handed Congress a good old fashioned American beat-down last night! The Wednesday morning quarterbacking was too funny to watch. These sorry Commies just don't get it do they?

Just when we thought liberal shit holes were doomed to eternity, our brothers and sisters on the east coast stepped up to the plate and took care of business! Hopefully, this will doom the current health care bill and allow Congress to start over. We absolutely need health care reform but nothing like that piece of trash moving through Congress right now.

Get to work, Scott Brown. And don't even think about running for President. You haven't accomplished jack squat, yet.

This is a great day here in America! Just like that, we won a major victory over tyranny. And it happened in the voting booth! I wonder if Michelle Obama is proud to be an American, who the hell am I kidding?

James Brown anybody? R.I.P.

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red collar said...

This is a great day, Paul. I'm so happy for you guys! God bless Scott Brown and to hell with Obamacare.

I really think the Tea Parties did their job, they found an audiance in the silent majority.

And I say God bless the U.S. Constitution which brings about elections like this because given enough time, THE PEOPLE get out and vote the right way.


Also, here's a video from BOB. It's right up your alley...