Friday, January 22, 2010

Arlen Sphincter Shows He Is Truly A Jackass.

"Prosperity was not a bill" No shit Arlen WE knew that. Thanks for clarifying it for the rest of America. Don't you just love it when progressives insert their foot so deep into their mouths that the truth can't help but spill out.?

Then Michelle comes back with the classic kick in the nuts.
"Well why don't we make it one"

All The Sphincter could do after that is interrupt her.

A couple of phrases come to mind Arlen.
If you do not like my answers, cease asking me questions and When you are losing the argument, shut up.
Way to hand that two faced prick his ass Michele.


Anonymous said...

Diarrhea of the mouth is a malady that plagues many multiple-term elected officials. In this clip Arlen Sphincter displays a classic example. It is time to vote this asshole out.

Paul said...

Michelle is hot.

Barry said...

After the embarassing Coleman/Franken turdshow, I'm very proud to say this MILF is my Congressperson. She'll be helped out by Pallin in April & my dreams would be to be the meat in that sandwich.

CharlieDelta said...

AMEN brother!

Patriot Gretchen said...

theres the ticket to ride motherfuckers

seriously, how could they loose? HOW

good day Ladies

Lisa Kay said...

If only I lived a few miles north she would be my CongressLADY too :)