Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bizzaro World!

I'm watching the Texas gubernatorial debate right now (for the second time) and I might have to vote for the under dog. Perry and Hutchison are sniping at each other and Medina is laying out good conservative ideas, plus she packs heat and as far as I can tell is on my side of the page on most things.

UPDATE: CenTexTim corrected me.. bad. I've had a few too many. I still like Medina over the other two. Career politicians can suck a fat one.


Anonymous said...

Bring back Ann Richards!!!!

CenTexTim said...

As I understand it, Debra Medina is a Repub, not a dem. She is past chair of the Wharton County Republican party and supported Ron Paul for Pres. So you can vote for her with a clear conscience.

Harper said...

Medina confuses me. Wharton Co Republican Party Chairman, (Ron Paul's) Campaign for Liberty state coordinator, yet wavers between the ideologies of the two.

Texas Shooter said...

Medina is quite clear on where she stands. She has got my vote in March.

As far as ideologies are concerned, anyone searching for a candidate with ideological purity (regardless of affiliation)is on a fools mission.

Career politicians caused this mess. We need fresh people with no special interest ties (other than those associated with the Constitution).