Monday, January 18, 2010

FOD: By the Numbers

Saw this article linked on Drudge this morning. I am disappointed at all the other numbers not included in the article, but that's OK. It is my duty to complete the story (and yes I ripped off some of these).

0 = birth certificates released
0 = health care debates aired on CSPAN
2 = number of bows to foreign leaders
3 = number of douche bag commie czars exposed by Glenn Beck
3 = number of years left for Obama Administration
-20 = presidential index change since inauguration

And I don't think we can count the number of times this shitback has blamed Bush or how many times he has said the word, "crisis." The "crisis" is you, Obama! It's really pathetic that after 1 year of Bush leaving office and four years of congressional control by Democrats that all Obama and his mindless minions of ignorant zombies can do is spend more borrowed money on absolutely nothing and blame Bush.

Fuck Obama!

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