Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fucked By The Mile

I heard this on the news between Beck and Rush and caught myself screaming at my computer. Tax me by the MILE!? Uuuummm...I don't fucking think so.

After years of discussing the possibility, 1200 WOAI news has learned that the State of Texas is now seriously considering charging you for every mile your drive your personal vehicle on the state's public highways.

Fine, eliminate registration fees, inspection fees, drivers license fees and all other forms of hidden taxes and I might think about considering it.

The idea is to replace gasoline tax revenue which is dwindling due to more fuel efficient cars, and a slow but constant trend toward less driving, according to Ginger Gooden of the Texas Transportation Institute of Texas A&M University.

Hmmm, I wonder why tax revenues are down? Could it be that maybe the fucking bozos in Washington have caused it? Progressives and their unintended consequences, I swear to god you pepole are fucking bufoons. First they decry oil as filthy. CO2 is now a poison. They are pushing this bullshit "green" movement and the government wants you cut back on your "carbon footprint". What do they expect is going to happen? You want people to drive less but you want the tax revenue to stay the same? Typical government math.

She is conducting the first ever serious study of the pay-by-mile concept for state officials.
I can conclude that study for you right now Ginger. You and the government can go fuck yourselves. Seriously.

"One national study estimates a 20% decrease in fuel consumption in fifteen years," Gooden said.
The failure of the state gasoline tax to provide enough money for construction of new roads and maintenance of existing ones is at the heart of the current debate over toll roads. The amount of money the state has to fix and construction highways has started to decline, at the same time a population surge has led to the need for more highways and an increase in congestion around the state.

How bout this. GUT TxDot. I have worked at the main TxDot headquarters and let me tell you. That place is overflowing with useless dumbfucks. Slash salaries (They are some really overpaid useless dumbfucks) and get spending under control.

Gooden stresses that no conclusions about whether to proceed with the idea have been made.
he Institute’s report will be delivered to the Senate Transportation Committee later this year. The issue is expected to be debate when the Legislature meets in January 0f 2011.

Other states have also discussed the idea of charging motorists per mile driven, and the states of Oregon and Iowa have gone so far as to institute pilot programs to research how the miles driven would be calculated and how the tax would be collected.

One proposal calls for GPS readers to be installed at gas stations to determine how much the car as driven since it's last fill-up and the tax to be collected at that time.
Other factors which have yet to be considered include how much the tax would be, which state agency would collect it, whether any new 'per mile' tax would be collected in addition to the current 20 cent a gallon gasoline tax, and whether the federal gasoline tax would also switch to a per-mile system.

What the fuck do you mean "in addition to" I though the whole point of this was to get rid of the "per gallon tax". Shit, I forgot taxes never go away, they just get re-named. And as far as this going to the federal level. I think that might be a bit crazy. I don't think the federal government could start charging you by the mile for driving. They would have to get every car fitted with GPS tracking systems that could track your car and levy a tax on you by the mile. That is a pretty big task. Hmmmm...I wonder how they could accomplish that....Oh wait...they own OnStar.

We are so FUCKED.


Anonymous said...

No we're not fucked. It is time to resist. Resist with everything we've got! Fuck this fucking government! I threw my census envelope away for starters. First bureaucrat who steps foot on my property won't leave without several injuries. I've had it! It's time.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

Excellent rant, sir.

Note to Paul....If you live in a left wing area, yeah, throw away your census form. If not, fill out two or three of them.

S said...

One thing you can be sure about, if this tax happens, is people living in border towns (Texarkana comes to mind) will never fill up their tanks in Texas again. Anyone taking a trip over the state line will wait until they cross the border to fill up. If you don't stop for gas in Texas, they won't know what you've driven.

And if they base it on mileage you've driven annually (on your state taxes), they'll have a problem determining how many of those miles you drove in Texas.

Leave it to the government to screw everything up.

Anonymous said...

The govt is bitching because people are driving more fuel efficient vehicles, which results in less gasoline tax collected. Yet in the same fucking paragraph they mention a population surge which requires more highways (obviously due to the increased number of vehicles on the roads). What the fuck does the govt think the internal combustion engines in all these "population surge" vehicles burn - bullshit??

CharlieDelta said...


Witchy Woman said...

the problem i see is in commercial vehicles. all your semi and other company vehicles are just gonna pass that tax along to the consumer, so cost of everything will skyrocket. even people who don't drive much and think this will help them are still gonna feel it.

Patriot Gretchen said...

Im thinking I need a horse or two