Friday, January 15, 2010

Giving thanks

The images coming out of Haiti are disturbing, and I don't think the media will be able to adequately portray just how significant this human tragedy is. I am reminded as to how truly blessed we are here in America. We take our great country for advantage sometimes I think. It would only take a moment for God to completely wipe us out. I want you all to take a long hard look at what has happened in Haiti and thank God for America.


Patriot Gretchen said...

When I look at the Haiti images I see New Orleans.

It can happen anywhere

red collar said...

I'd like to give thanks for "Government imposed standards in construction" which prevent such events from happening in Canada.

Canadians feel a real connection with Haiti because of the language and we love to take vacations there. Also, many Montreal cab drivers were born in Haiti, they work hard and they send money back to their families. I've met a lot of good people from Haiti.

But Haiti is a shithole. And of all those who immigrate to Canada, some will invariably feel "victimised and oppressed" and join street gangs. The "Beaux Gars" are/were a haitian street gang in Montreal. The "cycle of poverty" feeds those gangs here.

So before I start sending money over there, I'm going to remind myself that we think we're all the same, that Democracy is universal, that we're all trying to make this a better world...but it's not the case. Haiti is a hole with poop in it. Few natural ressources, no economy and they're coming out from decades of oppression.

Helping human suffering is a good project, I totally approve. But changing Haiti from the OUTSIDE into a modern country is a waste of money. THEY need to fight for themselves (after this crisis is over).

Somebody might want to keep Obama's spending in check over there. It's a bottomless pit and they do love handouts.

kerrcarto said...

I feel for the people but we do NOT need to be sending government money to them. Let the private sector or the U.N do that. Just another "crisis" for Obama to use as an excuse to bankrupt America. BTW. I am against ALL forms of foreign aid. Fuck 'em all. My give a damn is busted.

Anonymous said...

I've been to a lot of shitholes in sub-Saharan Africa, but a trip to Haiti knocked Africa right out of the shithole competition. The entire country is a pus-filled boil on the ass of the world. They contribute nothing positive to the world. Haitians depend on a continual influx of foreign aid just to breath. The best way to help Haiti would be to line up bulldozers on the Dominican Republic's border, point them West, drop the blades and don't stop until you hit the Caribbean Sea.

Claudia said...

WOW! Really...Well, as a RN, I'm a volunteer with Doctors Without Borders. At 80, too old to go but not too old to gather supplies and give money. I'm working nearly 12 hours a day. From Canada, we're sending makeshift hospitals. People, I repeat PEOPLE, are dying in that place. Lots of children...Children are not gangsters when they're born. Time now to save them and educate them. As soon as the crisis is settled, we'll send makeshift schools and teachers.

Anonymous - Glad I don't know you. I hope your bulldozers do not destroy the Haiti we're trying to help. We're talking of human beings here.

Paul said...

I was actually on the verge of agreeing with Anonymous until Claudia brought me back to humanity. Thanks Claudia and bless you for your hard service during this crisis. Wish this world were filled with more people like you. :)

Claudia said...

Paul - I'll transmit your kind words to Doctors Without Borders. They're incredible people. They did the samething during Katrina. We never call it "Foreign Aid". We go by what Plato said, many years BC. "I am a man. No human being is a stranger to me."

John said...

I have to agree with Kerrcato, I think we have done more than enough for Haiti--it's time other countries stepped up! We gave $100 million (so far--and that's just the taxpayer money!), China gave, let's see--$1 million--oh, sorry, they got embarrassed so upped it to $4.4 million! Give me a F*g break! China has a sh*load of OUR MONEY and they can't do better than that? WTF!!! And what did Russia give--anything? Anybody hear anything from the European Union? We always lead these humanitarian efforts, when are these other countries going to join us? We are still in a recession here, damn near a depression thanks to that a-hole Obama and his cohorts spending us down the river! We just can't afford to bail everybody and everything out--we need more help from the international community! Isn't that what "The Messiah" keeps talking about--worldwide cooperation? I disagree with destroying Haiti though--I think we should sell it. Have Donald Trump buy it and develop it into a tourist trap with casinos, golf courses, beach hotels, etc. It could be done, and it would provide a livelihood for the islanders, instead of everyone living off of welfare or looting other people.