Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kick their ass San Diego!!!

The Vikings defensive line and Brett Favre to Sidney Rice were just too much for the Cowboys. Vikings move on to the NFC Championship game against New Orleans and the Cowboys go home. It was a good season. The Cowboys won one playoff game last week, which was their first post-season victory since 1996. That gives us some hope for next year.

We here at GGDF include two Cowboys fans and one Chargers fan. Since we Cowboys fans are to STFU now until next season, I guess that makes us all Chargers fans!!! Go San Diego!!! Kick-off here in 10 minutes! Kick those fucking Jets in the teeth!!!

I love football! Not too sure what Creedence Clearwater has to do with football but this song was playing on my stereo while I was writin'. And I love it!


kerrcarto said...

Assfuck finished and done. GO CHARGERS!!!

kerrcarto said...

It's a Neil Diamond Sunday here at the Kerrcarto house.

Steve in Greensboro said...

What happened to music like this?