Monday, January 4, 2010

Pat Buchanan can suck on a Shutupsicle

Drudge Report links to an article written by Pat Buchanan last week.

I have mixed feelings about his guy. Sometimes he really nails it. Other times he's just flat out wrong, and this article is living proof. He correctly summarizes how dramatically we have declined since 2000, but he really fucks up the whole cause and effect routine. He fucks it up so badly that it really pisses me off. This guy is supposed to be smart. Well he's about to get bitch slapped by me.

We sold ourselves a lot of snake oil about the Global Economy, interdependence, free trade and "it doesn't make any difference where goods are produced." The George W. Bush Republicans ran up the deficit with tax cuts, two wars and a splurge in social spending to rival the guns-and-butter of the Great Society.

Wrong asshole. Tax cuts had absolutely NOTHING to do with the deficit. In order for that argument to work, you have to demonstrate a decline in tax revenue. Tax revenue hit multiple records during the Bush Administration. I am so sick and fucking tired of that argument. It's a false argument, and anybody who falls for that can come visit me so I can kick your ignorant ass. Tax cuts stimulate economic activity, thereby providing the means to generate additional tax revenues, as evidenced by the facts during Bush's first term, the Reagan Administration, and the Kennedy Administration.

Pat is right about all the snake oil we purchased. Unfortunately, that toxic soup started cooking during the Carter Administration with the Community Reinvestment Act. The soup got really tasty after we repealed the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999. And then when the feds dropped rates to historic lows, the soup started to boil. Too much free money and too much government spending, Pat. You want to blame something on the deficit? How about the prescription drug entitlement Bush pushed through. How about pork? How about all the growth in government bureaucracies during Bush? How about the fact that Medicare and Medicaid liabilities have been surging across the past decade? No, Pat, tax cuts had nothing to do with it. It's all spending!

So Pat doesn't like our two wars. And this is where Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, and the others in that group really lose me. What would these people have us do? We had to engage the enemy following September 11. Whether or not Iraq had WMD was irrelevant to me. The country needed to be stabilized, and I was sick and tired of watching Hussein thumb his nose at every UN resolution directed his way while we wasted resources patrolling the joint for more than 10 years. We kicked that mother fucker's ass, and that was the right thing to do. You don't hear much about Iraq today because we fucking WON!!! And at a price worth paying!! We cannot defend ourselves without engaging in some kind of foreign campaign. Period.

Our wars are costly. Pat is right about that. But these are expenses worth paying. All this other crap in government like prescription drugs and all the other entitlement programs and massive bureaucratic growth are the real enemies here. Not tax cuts. Not wars.

This government is out of control. We need to educate the populace, but people like Pat Buchanan need to correctly identify the problems in the marketplace of ideas. So for today, Pat Buchanan can sip a steaming hot cup of Shut the Fuck Up!


kerrcarto said...

Build roads and kill bad peeps. That is all.

Anonymous said...

You'll never convince a brain dead liberal that the country was growing full blast until someone put Crazy Harry and Dirty Nancy in charge of congress. It's been all down hill since Jan 07.
Va Firefighter

The Whited Sepulchre said...

What Kerrcarto said, but modified to "Build roads, enforce contracts, and defend the borders."

Full Disclosure: Waaaay back in 1996, Pat Buchanan was the first political candidate I ever contributed $$$ to. His bio "Right From The Beginning" converted me.

I've grown a little since then. I think.

Omnibus Driver said...

My only issue is that we didn't nuke Torra Borra into glass before we took up with Saddam Hussein. We should have finished more definitively in Afghanistan before we turned our eyes to Baghdad.