Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bush Billboards

BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! This is so fuckin' funny and I hear they're popping up all over the place.

For the record, I don't miss this dude one fucking bit, and I know I'm in the minority here. On economic and fiscal policy, there is very little difference between Bush and the niggerhonkey. Both run up deficits and debt. Both love entitlement programs. Both support the same failed Fed monetary policy, and Freddie & Fannie are just as out of control now as they were under Bush. Both hand out foreign aid like candy to babies. While Obama has been taking over the private sector, both Obama and Bush bailed out their fat ass banker pals on Wall Street with money that we don't have. And we can thank Bush for the colossal waste that is the TSA, the most infuriating and incompetent bureaucracy I have ever ever known. And if that's not enough, we still have absolutely no control over our borders.

Granted, President Bush was beloved by the military and rightfully so, and he did kick some serious ass following September 11. I felt safer under President Bush than I do now I will admit that. And at least President Bush is an American citizen. But, seriously, in the grand scheme of it all, New World Order douchebags the both of them. There is very little difference between them.

Feel free to bitch slap me I don't care. I was not a Bush supporter, and I certainly don't support Obama. Mind you I voted for Bush proudly in 2000 but held my nose when I voted for him in 2004. You're probably thinking that it is much worse under Obama. Fucking please. The Democrats have been in charge since 2006, and if we had McCain the RINO in the White House you honestly believe Massachusetts would have voted in Scott Brown? A RINO in the White House would not have stimulated America's great awakening. Obama may very well be America's greatest ever blessing in disguise. After all, Jimmy Carter gave us Ronald Reagan.


kerrcarto said...

Amen! They should have Reagan on that billboard.

Witchy Woman said...

you nailed it Paul!

and yes, bring back Reagan.

PeggyU said...

That pretty much says it. I held my nose and voted for him, but was glad of the choice on 9/11.

But he ran up the debt, did not secure the borders, and essentially gave us Obama. What a parting gift.

kerrcarto said...

I will never forget. "I have to betray my free market principles to save the free market" I remember thinking "wtf is that supposed to mean?" Now I know.

CharlieDelta said...

I love this billboard because it really pisses off the libtards and niggerhonkey minions out there.

Rick Roberts, our local AM conservative morning talk show host is taking donations so he can put one up on the I-5 as you come into San Diego and one on the I-8 coming into San Diego. Hopefully he'll put one up on I-15 southbound too. I love it!

kevin said...

Yes Minnesota did it !!

CharlieDelta said...

Fuck yeah! Minnesota had the balls to pay for it and post it and I raise my double-Crown to them! Badass!

It has the libtards squiriming in their wet diapers and I love it.

Libtards only love "dissent" when it's aimed towards conservatives.

Suck it up and EAT ME libs...