Saturday, February 6, 2010

Compare and Contrast...

Compare this:

To this:

Obama, you are a fucking tool. Without your teleprompter you are useless. Oh, wait... You are a useless fucking tool even with your teleprompter. Do us all a favor and go fuck yourself asshole. Corpsman? Corpsman? You don't even know how it's pronounced douchebag!

Your ignorance shines brighter every time you speak, and those that voted for you are some of the biggest retards to ever walk the earth.


Fuck you!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ya know...

Every once in a while giving Obama another Fuck You seems a little too much, but not this time, not at all. Man, you nailed it, a useless fucking tool even with his TelePrompTer.

What a worthless piece of shit.

The only smart thing I've seen him do is pick Biden as a VP. Having that Asshole as the replacement Prez cuts the chances of getting whacked way down.

At least I learned one thing from teh Won. I learned that no matter haw racist I may become as I get old and crotchety, I can never hope to equal the level of racism of all these damned niggers that continue to support this worthless prick even as his failures pile up.

Fuck You Obama and the Wookie you rode in on.


CharlieDelta said...

"Fuck You Obama and the Wookie you rode in on."

Right on Brad. You'll never equal the level of rhetorical "racism" unless you like being called a "racist". The ACLU is gonna be crawlin' up yer ass dude!

JHE is a piece of shit and a scumbag Socialist. Fuck, he's a Marxist for cryin' out loud!

I suppose the "fuck you obama" is getting old, but FUCK YOU OBAMA is where I'm at right now. FUCK YOU OBAMA!

I'm gonna enjoy watching the Obama failures. Extra butter please...

Anonymous said...

all the more reason to vote out the problem and regain our country, nuff said!

CharlieDelta said...

That's a great video clip. It needs to be broken down to the nuts and bolts though.

Anonymous said...

I must respectfully disagree with the first posting above. Those are three words that cannot be said enough. Therefore:
Fuck you Obama. Fuck you Obama. Fuck you Obama. Fuck you Obama. Fuck you Obama. Fuck you Obama. Fuck you Obama. Fuck you Obama. Fuck you Obama. Fuck you Obama. Fuck you Obama. Fuck you Obama. Fuck you Obama. Fuck you Obama. Fuck you Obama. Fuck you Obama.
And, if that wasn't clear enough, FUCK YOU OBAMA!

Irish3 said...

I have to admit that first video of Ollie made me cry. I have a 17 year old who wants to join the military after highschool, seeing that first video makes it a little easier to understand and support his decision.
As for the second video.. I'm with you guys.. F Obama, today and everyday.

kerrcarto said...

irish3 Godspeed to your son.

Patriot Gretchen said...

I am trying to steer my boy to JROTC, he starts HS next year.
please email me anytime,

Ill keep your son in prayers!