Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dear Senator Eide

The Washington State Democrats are halfway there. The State Senate has voted to repeal I-960, an initiative by the people that requires all proposed tax increases to pass by a super majority in both houses. The State House is next. Faced with a $2.2 billion state deficit, the Democrats are once again proving that they know one thing and one thing only; raise taxes. One proposal, among many, is to increase our sales tax by another point, which would then make Washington the highest sales tax state in the Union.

I called Senator Eide's office yesterday. Senator Eide is the Floor Majority Leader and I live in her district. Her office hung up on me while I was voicing my opinion and rightfully so after I said, "America is turning on the Democrat Party because of the shit you are pulling in Olympia right now." I am embarrassed that I said that. While we can rant and curse and launch nasty insults on blogs like this all day long, it is important that we as proactive citizens maintain civil discourse when communicating with our elected officials. I will not make this mistake ever again. To redeem myself, I submitted the following letter to her office.

Dear Senator Eide

Your attempt to repeal I-960 is not only contemptible but grossly misguided. Washington state government must solve the deficit by reduced spending, together with tax and regulatory incentives to stimulate this economy. The last thing the citizens need right now is a tax increase, especially considering unemployment levels and the fact that we are taxed enough. We are very aware as to what kind of money and benefits government employees enjoy, and it is patently unfair that we have to tighten our belts here in the private sector just so you can continue feeding your grossly overpaid employees. We are also very aware as to how inefficient and ineffective our government is at just about every level. So much money is wasted in a bureaucracy that appears to exist simply to exist. What a shame. Government spending from federal to local is absolutely and without a doubt unsustainable. Every economic indicator is flashing the warning sign, and you continue to ignore it. The more you raise our taxes, the worse it will become. In the end, we all will lose. I seriously doubt you have the courage or the intelligence to solve these problems and, in all fairness, we the electorate are to blame for electing and reelecting you losers in office.

Senator Eide, my family has respected you for a long time but you have lost not only our respect but also our trust. We will not be supporting your reelection.

While I have not heard from her office, today I received responses from both State Representative Mark Miloscia, who also represents my district (and one of two Democrats I have voted for here, the other being US House Rep. Adam Smith whom I am embarrassed to have voted for now), and State Representative Skip Priest, a Republican.

I am ashamed of our government here in Washington State and in Washington, DC.


Fukitol said...

Good letter, dude. But it's not just the Dimocrats, it's the 'reach across the aisle' Republicans that are to blame. Many of them with 'R' after their last name have merely used it for 'Reelection' and not Party principals.

Witchy Woman said...

so what did the ones who responded say?

PeggyU said...

Today, the husband became a precinct delegate. Tired of complaining, time to kick some butt in person.

ray said...

So Paul, I'm curious. If I read your post correctly, Eide is a dim/lib/socialist correct? If so, then how, where when was "my family has respected you for a long time " ever truly correct. Are you saying she was a moderate dim/lib/socialist at one time, or were you just trying to be polite in your letter due to the phone rant you went on? Either way, since I have no respect for the entire lib/dim/socialist party, I'm not sure that one sentence would ever pass my keyboard if writing to them.

Anonymous said...

ray, it's called drama. Besides, I had to sound halfway civilized because she lives in my neighborhood.

ray said...

Ouch, that has to hurt living so close to a lib that controls so much of what goes on around you. How's her house fare on say goosy/mischief night (Halloween eve)? I'd suspect there's more than one egg on it with some TP in the trees as well, no?