Monday, February 1, 2010

FOD: Fuck the unions, too

I've been getting a kick out of those UPS Whiteboard spoof videos on Youtube. The most frequent ones are about the battle brewing between UPS and FedEx. Background information here; status of the FAA Reauthorization Act here.

In short, UPS has been lobbying Congress to enact legislation that will make it easier for FedEx employees to unionize. FedEx and UPS fall under a different set of labor regulations because UPS started on the ground and FedEx started in the air. As a consequence, UPS has a significantly larger and more expensive unionized labor force than does FedEx because UPS labor regulations allow for local unionization, whereas FedEx labor regulations require a company-wide vote for unionization.

Now UPS wants to utilize the heavy hand of government to level the playing field. Instead of lobbying for regulations that apply to FedEx which would obviously make the most sense, UPS has lobbied the opposite; bring FedEx under the same labor regulations that apply to UPS. Geee! Ya think big labor has UPS by the nutsack?

You can probably guess my position on this matter: BULLSHIT!! Labor unions and their filthy Democrat pals in Congress are together slowly destroying the most powerful industrial nation in the history of the world in an effort to bring their Communist agenda to fruition. They hate America.

I have worked in both union and non-unionized manufacturing facilities. In my experience and analysis, non-unionized workers are happier, more productive, and produce higher quality products. Non-unionized labor is concentrated in right-to-work states, most of which have lower costs of living, which balances relatively lower non-union compensation. Yet, you take a non-union Texan versus a unionized Washingtonian or Michigan, the Texan has a much higher quality standard of living. You know what that's called? Freedom!

There is a reason why right-to-work states are in much better economic condition than unionized states. Take my state, Washington, for example. Last year, a major labor union went on strike against Boeing for whatever the greedy flavor of the day was. The two sides eventually reached an agreement but, ultimately, labor lost. Why? Instead of building two Boeing 787 assembly lines in Everett, WA, Boeing decided that the second assembly line will be located in Charleston, South Carolina, a right-to-work state. It is also a foreshadow of things to come. That is, unionized labor is effectively ridding Washington of its manufacturing base. PACCAR shut down its Seattle Kenworth facility in 2000 and shut down its Renton Kenworth facility in 2009. Most of the production has moved to its non-unionized Kenworth and Peterbilt facilities in Chillicothe, OH and Denton, TX. All that is left of PACCAR is its Bellevue headquarters as big labor has effectively forced PACCAR to relocate out of its state of origin. Boeing will follow suit. Those of you who don't think Boeing has plans to expand its South Carolina presence are sorrowfully misguided and ignorant. Boeing has already moved its headquarters from Seattle to Chicago; now the second 787 assembly line to South Carolina. Once Boeing retires aging commercial products like the 737, 747, and 777, you actually think Boeing will replace them with new planes built in Washington? BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Hello South Carolina. Lucky for Washington, most of these planes are safe for now.

Washington, of course, is a miniature example compared to what has happened to Michigan; same concept just on a much grander scale. Like Washington, Michigan voters continue to vote in the same old populist Democrat thugs. Meanwhile, both states continue a long painful decline courtesy of oblivious and ignorant voters who simply will not wake the fuck up. The plane has left the gate, yet big labor is still checking in baggage.

As for the rest of the unionized states in America, labor needs to take a long hard look in the mirror. Businesses will continue to either outsource offshore or move operations to right-to-work states. And then, ultimately, we really will have two Americas: the unionized third-world America and the innovative, productive, rich America.

Will America's blue collar worker take the courageous step forward and push for nationwide right-to-work laws, or slowly watch their futures outsourced instead? The clock is ticking. I will admit that it has been a pleasure watching America's labor unions, these spawns of satan, slowly burn.

Fuck labor unions. Fuck Democrats. And seriously, FUCK OBAMA.

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kerrcarto said...

The unions have helped do more to the financial destruction of this nation and I hate them for that.