Monday, February 1, 2010

FUCK Obama Day!

First I'd like to cordially say FUCK YOU OBAMA!

The American People have had it up to here with you left wing nuts on the lunatic fringe. You assholes are done! Stick a fork in ya! 2010 is gonna be a slaughter of the left wing Dimocrap party. 2012 is gonna be a massacre! Enjoy it while you can assholes, 'cause The People are sick and fucking tired of your bullshit! Your time is gonna come and I'll be smiling the whole road...

Lunatic Fringe, we all know you're out there...

I know you assholes are sucked up in the fetal position right now and that brings a huge smile to my face. The People aren't as fuckin' stupid as you think they are, or as you think I am. We're organizing and we're gonna put a stop to this Socialist bullshit you're trying to cram down out throats. You assholes ever hear of Liberty? Freedom? Prosperity? Freedom? We're onto you motherfuckers and you better believe it!

Try us...


kerrcarto said...

Amen brother!

Patriot Gretchen said...

Oh Hell yeah
Im stealing this sign to go with the 3 I already have;

1) Dont tax me bro! ( for City council meetings)

2) How does it feel when you have lost touch with your constituents?

3) knee capped and B-traded

alongside my GIANT AMERICAN FLAG on a saguaro rib, its gonna pretty badass

OH, should we re submit FOD photos to match our level of outrage, or yearly or something?

sincerely, Patriot Dr Acula