Monday, February 8, 2010


Thanks for ruining the pre-game show dick. Why do you have to have your giant fucking ears on every aspect of our media all the fucking time?? don't you get enough looking at yourself in the West Wing? How much you wanna bet he tivoed that shit and watched his interview gums flap instead of the game. And was that not the stupidest interview ever. Maybe CBS should have a teleprompter installed in Katie's forehead next time. He stuttered and stumbled more than GW.

Then he says he wants the republicans to join the debate now (that they have 41 votes) and get health care done. Well I hope the repugs don't fall for that shit. Y'all should all know by now how that will turn out. It will be a total cluster fuck and the demotards (thanks Rom) will blame you. Don't get fooled. Tear that pile of shit bill into shreds and start COMPLETELY from scratch.

I noticed that Obama also promised to televise the all important health care debate, again, for one day!! He really must think we are that stooopid. Ooooh one day of the debate on tv. Well that settles it for me. I guess I can go back to being trusting of you guys.

Ummm, yeah, not so much.

Tear it up, start over, or filibuster that pile of shit.

Oh and FUCK YOU Obama you narcissistic, big eared, giant mole havin' marxist assclown.


PeggyU said...

May I be the first to wish you a happy FOD! I didn't watch the game ... and I thought they were joking about Obama having a pregame interview. WTF? I'm sure that was an unwelcome sight, even to his athletic supporters.

Paul said...

Damn kerrcarto. I had no idea he did a pregame interview. What the fuck kind of man wants to do something like that? What a sorry mother fucker.

Claudia said...

He would do a pre-time appearance even if it's announced that a televised Christ is returning on Earth to speak to us. He wants to be the focus of attention on ANYTHING that happens ANYWHERE. His name is: "ME-ME-ME-FIRST". FOD all week!