Monday, February 22, 2010


So your still gonna try to jam health care down our throats huh. Well good luck with that, cause it ain't gonna happen. If you mother fuckers try and use reconciliation and shady parliamentary tricks to backdoor this thing you can bet your asses that you will have them handed to you in November. You had better take your heads out of your asses and listen to us. YOUR BOSSES! (Off topic here but does anyone else find it apalling that we pay our representatives over three times what the average public sector job pays?) I am sick and damn tired of this slide into socialism. Another thing that really gets my goat is this "bi-partisan" commission you created the other day by executive order to help you get a hold on our debt. Hey dumbfuck, I can tell you how to get the debt under control. QUIT SPENDING MONEY!!!! You really need a bunch of other people to tell you how to get out of debt? Well that just goes to show that we were right to say that you are too inexperienced to run a toy train much less this country.

So fuck you Obama and your little gigantic health care bill too.

And if you have an hour to kill. Watch Glenn's speech at CPAC. Just. Fucking. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

You're wasting your time bro. These sorry fucks don't listen to the people.

kerrcarto said...

I know. But I have to vent this shit or I'm gonna go postal.

Fukitol said...

There is no way,...and I mean NO WAY! I could ever, and I mean EVER stick my dick in an inflatable ObaMAO. Not even an inflatable Blackie O.

Beyond FOD!!!!!!!!

Carmen? Yep!

CharlieDelta said...

Fuck yeah kerrcarto! My brother sent me the link to the Beck speech and there were many times this watery substance was dripping from my eyes. That was fucking beautiful!