Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For The Soldiers

On Friday Paul busted out a badass Drowning Pool tune that fried one of my speakers. Tonight I was emailing back and forth with Lisa Kay and wanted to throw something out to fire her and her boy up with, and this is the first tune that came to my head.

I really think it's great that bands like this play live for our troops and keep their morale as high as Bill Clinton was when he "didn't inhale". Call them the new Bob Hope's of the 21st Century. It's fucking badass that they take the time to entertain those that are serving our country and protecting our freedoms! I wanted to bust out some Kid Rock, 'cause he's up there on the "morale boosting", but this one took pole position.

None of this Peter, Paul and Mary bullshit. None of this fucking hippy anti-war bullshit! This is support for the men and women who are there kicking some ass so that we can sit around and post random shit.

Fuck yeah!

This is for the Soldiers!

And this is for you Lisa Kay and your boy! God bless you both.


Anonymous said...

Right on, CD. Cool post man. God bless our troops!

I see you found the video I was telling you about.

kerrcarto said...

Kick Ass. Cool post brotha'