Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lookin' for a fight?

Send some hate mail to these sorry Communist fucks...theteapartyisover

The Tea Party's just getting started ya fuckin' freakshows! Let's get it on I'm ready! Fuck these rat bastard Communists!


Patriot Gretchen said...

Its spreading so fast its infiltrating the campus. I had some customers/friends borrow my GIANT AMERICAN FLAG mounted to a saguaro rib, "freedom is not free" blanket, and Tucson Tea Party shirts to wear up to PHX last weekend. Oh yeah, they flew that flag and were making others pledge and recite the preamble.

I have pictures

kerrcarto said...

Fucking nimrods. "a radical rightwing form of state’s rights". That shows right there they are constitutional illiterates.

CharlieDelta said...

Buncha fucking retards! I'm gonna get good and liquored up tonight and compose a lengthy email to these ignorant pricks. They don't have a fucking clue how much speed the tea parties are picking up!

Patriot Gretchen said...

me too.
find me online nd lets compose a wave of profanity that will burn the mark of the beast on to the fucking Mac they are blogging/changing the world on.

fucking asshat twatsticas;
ducheclod dipping taint stains

( Ok I can do better, I just made that up real fast, and sorry to the more lady like among you. it just comes so naturally... )

Fukitol said...

The site is operated by SEIU and AFSCME fucks.

"According to Opensecrets.org, the top two financial backers of the American Public Policy Committee this year are Patriot Majority West and Patriot Majority, largely funded by union dollars.

During the 2008 election cycle, the AFSCME contributed $5.8 million and the SEIU donated $770,000 to Patriot Majority. Teamsters Union also donated $250,000, United Food & Commercial Workers Union gave $125,000 and the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO donated $6,500 to the group.

Attempts to contact the American Public Policy Committee and Patriot Majority were not successful."


PeggyU said...

Hultgren, Friedman, and McAloon must be doing something right. :) I think I'll donate to their efforts.