Thursday, February 4, 2010

Narcissist In Chief

Does this really suprise anyone?

Ed Schultz talks about his visit to the White House on his radio program.

SCHULTZ: First of all you walk into the White House, in the West Wing, and there are pictures all over, I mean everywhere! Of President Obama! I mean, of his life in the first year as president of the United States. Now I don't know if that's the way it is with every president, but it was almost a shrine. I mean, well, here's a picture of Obama the president with his kids over here. There he is getting on Air Force One. Here he is with some military people. Here he is on the line working the line at one of his campaign stops. I mean, just, it was just one picture after another!

Read the whole story here

I knew from day one that the peeresident was full of himself. So this comes as no surprise to me, but this fucker is REALLY making me sick.
Paul posted on this subject about a year ago.

Remind you of anyone?



Paul said...

This Obama guy is an absolute freakshow! I seriously don't think I could sit down and have a beer with him without me crawling out of my skin. This guy gives me the fucking creeps!

Anonymous said...

But the shrine is not HIS fault. He inherited it from the Bush administration.

Harper said...

Classless. And really, who directs the printing, framing and placement of the photos? Is it some staff member? Hell, no. It is the president and his vulgar wife. They probably have them re-touched to make his ears and her ass appear smaller.

Anonymous said...

And if we needed another example of how brilliant this fucking retard is, check out this video clip from today's Prayer Breakfast. Unfuckin' believable.

kerrcarto said...

Anon, yeah I heard that on Rush today. What a fucking nimrod. People really need start to push his buttons and make fun of him. You want to see a narcissist go nutzo...make fun of them. It drives them insane.

Paul said...

yeah it does. Remember how Jug Hussein Ears got started?

Patriot Gretchen said...

hey Paul, how awesome is it to be fucking psychic?

bas-ass, seriously

Paul said...

Great minds think alike!

Patriot Gretchen said...

you were seeing the future though, thats a fucking brilliant superpower.
think of the do-gooding you could be doing!!!
just think of it!
you could pre-empt the evil do-oers with future thinking,
I dub you the Czar of thinking into the future!

Paul said...

Hello bartender...I'll have what Gretchen's about to have...Grey Goose with lime on the rocks...let's have more Goose and less rocks this time, ya?

PeggyU said...

Called myself up on the phone,
just to hear my golden tone,
Asked myself out for a date,
Said be ready 'bout half past eight ...

Took myself to the picture show,
sat myself in the very first row,
wrapped my arm around my waist,
got so fresh I slapped my face ...

I'm a nut, I'm a nut (I'm an Obamanut)

SandraV said...

Narcissist YES!

Pictures of the current POTUS from the last week and a half in that hall of the White House is NOT NEW.

Got a friend that worked for the secret service IN the White House for the past administration. He took me and some friends on a "special" tour. And yes there were poster sized pictures of Bush there in frames that were only 2-7 days old. So as I do HATE this asshole with every part of my being... the pictures are nothing new.

kerrcarto said...

Pictures from the campaign trail??? That means they go back a least. BUt if Bush did it, it must be his fault also.

Claudia said...

I think it would be a good idea to send our FOD Poster to the White House for Valentine Day, with the inscription, "New faces for the West Wing wall."