Monday, February 8, 2010


As a devout professional football fan I would just like to extend my congratulations to all you New Orleans Saints fans out there!!! What is so cool about their victory is the fact that they capitalized on every single opportunity. They kicked three field goals from 40+ yards (a Super Bowl record). They made the gutsiest onside kick I've ever seen in football; got the football, and then scored a touchdown! They also made a two-point conversion late in the 4th quarter, and then came the Pick-6 to put it away! I told my son that this was a good lesson in life....when the opportunity presents itself...GO FOR IT!!! Who dat??!!! I'm happy for New Orleans! How sweet it is!!


lisakay said...

I loved it!! They played with alot of heart and it was just plain fun to watch! Who Dat? Well Done!

kerrcarto said...

Great game...fucking shittiest pre-game ever!!