Friday, February 19, 2010

Wrong Line!

Stolen from The GGDF Times.

November 5, 2008
Inner City, USA

Jamal, an aspiring young black man from the inner city, stood in line for three and a half hours to get some of dat "free shit" Obama be handin' out before realizing he was in the wrong one...

He was in line for a job opportunity.

BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, I know. Call me a racist. But that's some funny shit right there and for the most part true. If that was a picture of white trash I would find it equally as funny so cram your 'racist' label of me up your ass, and while you're at it...


labcat said...

funny, CD. i never understood how stating a fact could be considered racist.

Fukitol said...

Oh, bullshit on you being a racist CD. I come from the negroid and moo-slime capitol of America known as Michigan. If the motherfuckers don't want to be called out for what they do, then they need to change their behavior.

That fucking cackle @ 0:35 tells it all. Racist bitch.